Chapter Three:

"No… you can't be," I whispered backing away slightly.

"What do you mean we can't be?" my mother replied laughing.

"I buried you. You were dead for days before I put you in the ground," I hissed.

"Sweetie, to be like us you must be patient. We knew it would be too hard on you if you knew we were like this," my mother started.

"So we pretended," my father interrupted.

"You pretended…you pretended," I repeated.

"Yes sweetie, we pretended," my mother replied. "But now we can be together again."

"So let me get this straight. You pretended to be dead, let your daughter bury you and then came back to life. Then, even though you knew that I hated Vampiers, you sent your…your monsters after me. And now you expect me to just come back to you?" I asked taking a step back towards the trees but I felt a pair of cold hands latch onto my shoulders and push me forward.

Backing out not gonna work…it would be really nice if my "helpers" would step in now…

"Sweetheart, you have to come back to us. Your human population is dying out. Join us, you and Ayden both. Stay with us, you will be safe and free," my father replied.

"I'll be safe and free… we have more freedom than we ever had before," I hissed.

"I can see that," my mother laughed coldly.

"Oh really," I said stepping forward, "you can see the freedom…then why are you trying to change me?"

"It is for your safety… I couldn't bear to see your body in the blood farm," my father replied.

"But hunting me down that's okay right," I replied.

"Sweetie…" my mother started.

"No! Let Ayden go…" I hesitated looking at Ayden before facing my parents again. "Let Ayden go and I'll go with you."

"Ella no!" Ayden yelled, the vamps around me started to chuckle.

"Will you? Really?" my mother asked her expression hopeful.

"If you let Ayden go and you stop hunting him, then yes I'll go with him," I replied.

"Let him go," my father said motioning towards Ayden. I glanced over at him and watched the vamps holding him to the tree as the dropped his arms. I ran towards him and gave him a hug.

"What are you doing?" he whispered in my ear holding me close.

"Trust me… just go," I replied quietly stepping away and kissing him on the cheek. He stared at me his eyes sad.

"You are free to go Ayden," my mother called. A portion of the vamps made a break in the circle they had formed around us.

"Thanks…" he said starting towards the break. I watched him go, I could feel tears welling up even though I knew that I would be with him by the end of the night, if everything followed my plan. I glanced back towards my parents before scanning the trees. I noticed Edward and Audrey in a thicket of bushed behind my parents.

That's my way out…

"Thank you…" I whispered walking towards my parents.

"Anything for my angel," my father replied, I cringed at the old nickname my father had for me. I locked my gaze with Edward through my parents and I nodded slightly. I saw him turn to Audrey before I fixed my gaze on my parents.

I have to buy them time. Just have to figure out how.

My mother ran forward and pulled me into a tight hug. I returned the hug forcing myself to smile than cringe away from her.

"I'm so glad you understand sweetheart," my mother said, "we've missed you so much. Your father and I have been so worried about you."

"I thought you were dead," I replied coldly.

"You'll understand one day. I promise," my father replied.

"Just like you will understand this," I replied stepping away from them as Edward, Audrey, and Ayden stepped out from the trees guns out. I pulled out my gun pointing it at my parents. The vamps around us started to movie forward towards us. "Take one more step and I'll shoot!"

"Estella!" my mother yelled her expression horrified.

"I'll do it I swear! Having you dead is better than knowing that you are vamps," I hissed cocking my gun and holding my aim true at my mother.

"You won't win," my father replied coldly.

"She's not alone," Ayden replied. My parents spun around and backed up several spaces before remembering that I was there and turning back to me.

"Why… what did we do to upset you?" my mother asked.

"You won't win trying to play innocent mother," I hissed. "You know perfectly well what you did. You betrayed me, lied to me and now you expect me to come with you? Are your really that stupid?"

"Estella! You do not talk to your mother like that!" my father yelled.

"My mother is dead to me, and so is my father," I replied. My parents stared at me, their faces a mixture of shock, hurt, and anger.

"Ella…sweetie we were only thinking of you," my mother whispered.

"Yeah? Well don't, she's well taken care of," Ayden hissed walking around my parents and coming around my parents to stand by my side.

"Like you were doing such a good job," my father replied. I started towards them but Ayden grabbed the back of my shirt pulling me back.

"Easy," he muttered.

"You know what you stay with him. But he will never care about you Ella," my mother said.

"You don't know how I feel about Ella. You can't even pretend to know," Ayden hissed. I stepped in front of him keeping him from reacting to what they were saying. I caught Edward's eye and he nodded.

"Go to hell," I hissed shooting off my gun hitting my mother directly in the stomach. She looked at me for a split second before she burst into flames with a scream.

"NO!" my father screamed. Chaos ensued around me with the vamps charging us, Ayden shot off at my father but he had already sprinted out of range. Suddenly Edward was behind me pulling on my arm.

"We can lose them in the trees and get into safety. But not unless we move now!" Edward yelled grabbing my arm and pulling me towards the trees.

"Ayden! Ayden!" I screamed, he turned towards me and ran towards us grabbing my hand and pulling me along. We made it into the trees, the crash of the vamps behind us keeping us running on pure fear of stopping. We ran for what seemed like hours but was probably only mere minutes before the crashing of the following vamps faded. Edward finally stopped running when we reached an opening in the forest. He turned towards us, Audrey behind him, letting us catch our breath for a moment before saying anything.

"Who are you? And how the hell did you find us?"