Part one: The JITG

Hidan woke up in a different place, and by the looks of it, in a very small room. Hidan sat up and groaned in pain as he felt as he was hit by a semi truck.

'What the hell happened?' Hidan thought and it all flashed back. He and his Akatsuki partner, Kakuzu, were in a big battle and someone had sneaked up on him and used a strong jutsu knocking him unconscious… and now he woke up in an unfamiliar place. Hidan looked around and saw that his leg was chained to the wall on the other side of the room. Hidan growled and started pulling the chain as hard as he could, but ended in no luck breaking free from the stronger than steel chain. Hidan sighed in annoyance as he knew he was beyond exhausted from the previous fight before. Hidan then smirked, remembering his scythe can break through anything, and looked around for it.

"WHERE the FUCK is my scythe!" Hidan yelled out loud and held his head as pain came over. All the sudden the room's door squeaked open and Hidan looked towards the only exit out of the room and saw a man dressed in a suit; a type of suit that you see a boss of a gang wear. Hidan continued to stare as the man smirked evilly

"You're awake I see, good" he said with an evil tone as if he had something planned. Hidan growled and glared slightly

"Who the fuck are you and where the hell am I!" Hidan yelled

"Well, my boy, you're at the JITG, if you don't know what that stand for, it's Jintaijikken Ittai Taishite Genbutsu" (1) the man said shocking Hidan

"What, you mean the place that kills over millions of test subjects to test products for other companies, mostly poison?" Hidan asked and the man nodded

"Then why the fuck am I here chained to the damn wall!"

"That's simple, my boy, you're going to be my new test subject" the man said and before anything came out of the Jashinist's mouth the man snapped his fingers and 4 other men in white coats came in. Hidan's eyes widened as he saw one of them had a white substance in their hands. Hidan froze and then tried to escape even more

"No! I won't be a damn test subject!" Hidan yelled trying hard with what little strength he had left from the previous fight to keep the scientist creeps from getting any closer to him. But no prevail

The men had pinned down the Jashinist to the ground as the other tried to force what he had in his hands in his mouth, but Hidan groaned and clamped his mouth shut.

"You damn brat" he mumbled and forced his mouth opened slightly and Hidan bit down forcefully, biting the man's finger, making him scream in pain

"You are seriously asking for it!" the man said about to punch Hidan in the face before the boss stopped him

"No don't hurt him… yet… test the damn poison first you idiot" he said before using both his hands and forced the Jashinist's mouth open in a way it can't be closed. Hidan groaned before the scientist put the substance in his mouth. The boss then shut Hidan's mouth, forcing him to swallow the white poison.

All the men got up and grinned evilly and left. Hidan sat in the corner, not wanting to be poisoned; he knew it won't kill him, but he knew he wouldn't be able to escape if all of his energy is lost from the poison's affects.

Minutes later, his body was swallowed up in pain, not so much affecting the Jashinist, since he was a masochist. But what did affect him was the darkness eating at him, as if he was falling unconscious

'K-Kaku….zu…. h-hope you're not….here' Hidan thought before falling unconscious, hoping that his boyfriend wasn't in the same predicament, or that Kakuzu was on his way to save him.


1: In order

Jintaijikken – Testing on a living person

Ittai – A company

Taishite – for

Genbutsu – Products

(So basically a company that tests products on living human beings)