Part 8: Home Sweet Base

Hidan woke up and looked around to notice that he was on his room at the Akatsuki Base and saw his scythe leaning against the wall. Hidan smiled slightly and sat up knowing Kakuzu and Kija had saved him. Someone all the sudden came in the room and lit up with joy

"K-Kakuzu-Sama he's awake!" she said loudly and Kakuzu ran in the room and smiled seeing his boyfriend finally awake.

"I'm going to see Pein-Sama" she mumbled leaving

Kakuzu walked over and sat on the side of the bed and felt Hidan's forehead to see if the fever is going to return

"How are you feeling?" Kakuzu asked and Hidan smiled

"I'm feeling a lot better, how long was I out?" Hidan asked

"About 2 days" Kakuzu said and kissed Hidan on the cheek and Hidan had a confused look

"What?" Kakuzu asked

"How come I cant feel any pain? I mean th-that p-poison was so…"

"I-I know, I asked Sasori to come up with an antidote for the poisons you had to take, because most of the ones you were forced were still in your body" Kakuzu said "and so you are poison and pain free"

"Good" Hidan mumbled and one of Kakuzu's eyebrows rose

"Good? I thought you were a masochist" Kakuzu said in a teasing tone and Hidan hit his arm playfully

"I am a masochist, b-but that pain… it was too unbearable" Hidan said shaking and Kakuzu pulled him into a hug, rubbing his back

"Don't think about it" Kakuzu said softly and Hidan relaxed in his arms

"Thanks Kuzu" Hidan mumbled and Kakuzu nodded

"Hidan, if you're feeling up to it, Pein wants to introduce the new member to everyone" Kakuzu said and that shocked Hidan, but nodded

"Yeah, let's go"

"Ok" Kakuzu helped Hidan out of bed, but outstandingly Hidan was able to walk normally without any help or anything. Kakuzu smiled

"You are very strong willed Hidan" Kakuzu said and Hidan shook his head

"No, if I was, I wouldn't have been tricked into believing him, or give him a damn blow job to get out of pain" Hidan said and Kakuzu looked at him shocked

"No… you are strong, very strong, anyone who is immortal would break down, try to kill themselves, but you lasted until Kija and I saved you" Kakuzu said and Hidan smiled

"What ever happened to her?" Hidan asked and Kakuzu smirked

"You'll see" Kakuzu said confusing Hidan but he let it go and they walked into the living room where everyone is. Kakuzu sat on the couch and Hidan right next to him.

Pein stood in front of the room

"Ok, here is the Akatsuki's new member, come on out" Pein said and a teenage girl came out wearing the Akatsuki cloak

"Hello, I'm Kija Komo" Kija said and Hidan looked to Kakuzu with a grin

"Did you bring her back with us?" Hidan asked and Kakuzu nodded

"I owed her for helping me save you, plus there was nothing there for her" Kakuzu mumbled and Hidan nodded and smiled at Kija who was smiling

"I'm glad you're ok Hidan" Kija said and Hidan nodded

"Thanks for everything" Hidan said and Kakuzu nodded in agreement

"I have to thank you too, for letting me come with you" Kija said and Pein coughed

"Ok, does anyone have any questions?" Pein asked and Deidara and Sasori were mumbling to each other

"Uhm… how old are you un?" Deidara asked

"13" Kija said and Deidara smirked

"Finally, I'm not the youngest member anymore un!" Deidara said and turned to Sasori

"You cant call me brat anymore now~!" Deidara said grinning and Sasori smiled and shook his head

"No you're still a brat" Sasori said and Deidara pouted

"B-but Da—" Deidara started and Sasori looked at him

"But you're my brat" Sasori said before pulling him into a kiss. Kija smiled and answered any other questions. 90% of them were from Tobi, which were actually childish questions

Afterwards Hidan smiled and cuddled to Kakuzu, who held him protectively

"Hidan, I'll protect you; I'll never let anything hurt you that bad again, unless you want it that is" Kakuzu said and Hidan chuckled

"Thanks Kuzu, but I would want most of it" Hidan said and Kakuzu chuckled


"And proud of it" Hidan said

So after a painful beyond belief experience Hidan endured, he is back home with his boyfriend and the Akatsuki found a new member

And they lived happily ever after

Because of Kija helping rescue Hidan