They say that when you sow the wind, you reap the whirlwind. Well when the reaping is done, the hunted become the hunters. When the Reaping Moon fades it's time for the Hunters Moon.

"Well Hermione it's time to see if Sirius was right." Harry said to his first real friend. Some would have thought that Ron held that spot but Harry had learned too much over the past summer to believe that any longer. The jealousy that Ron held for him and even for Hermione, to a some degree, had become clear. Ron would never understand the price he paid for his fame, the gold in his vaults or that those things can't by happiness.

"I know Harry." Replied Hermione while squeezing his hand tightly before letting it go altogether. "I really hope he is wrong, but after everything else he has told us and shown us before we left for the World Cup I'm afraid he is going to be all too right. Do you remember the plan and what to say if he was right?"

"Sure, and in a strange way I hope he is right." Harry said with a tired smile. "I'm tired of being used and lead around by the nose with no say in my life. Are you still going to slip on my cloak and follow me if he was? I really would like some back up just in case."

"You know I will." She replied, following that up with a tight hug. "Now that I got you I'm not letting you out of my sight if I can help it."

They separated and walked side by side into the Great Hall. The hall was decorated for the Halloween Feast, with huge carved Jack-o-Lanterns, swooping bats and spider webs everywhere. For a brief moment Harry wondered if Aragogs children helped with the decorating, but since he saw the red hair of Ron sitting at the Gryffindor table he doubted it. He and Hermione walked over to sit across from Ron and Neville. As they were sitting he caught the tiny smile and small nod Hermione gave someone across the room. Glancing over he to gave a brief smile and nod to the blonde sitting at the Ravenclaw table.

After the feast the Goblet of Fire was brought forth by Filch to select the names for the Tri-Wizard Tournament. However if Sirius was right then there were going to be four champions instead of three and he was going to be stuck being one of them. They had an easy way for him to get out of it, but agreeing to be in had it's advantages. Advantages that he felt would help in the long run. It was time to see if all their scheming and planning had paid off.

Everyone but Harry and Hermione were surprised when a fourth piece of parchment shot out of the Goblet. Well Dumbledore acted surprised but Harry and Hermione were sure he wasn't. Harry's face showed nothing as he locked his emotions up tight. Hermione's thoughts were plain to see for those that knew her. Shock, anger, fear and loss all ran across her face as each emotion fought for dominance. Her last respect for authority figures was lost like dust in the wind. She had so hoped that Sirius was wrong and that the supposed leader of the light wasn't a manipulative old bastard, but there it was for those who knew what they were looking for, to see.

"Harry Potter!" Boomed Dumbledore's voice. Said young man was busy bouncing his head of the wooden table in front of him with a loud "THUNK, THUNK,THUNK". Knowing he had to give Hermione a distraction to get under the invisibility cloak he leapt to his feet and made his way down the aisle.

"But I didn't enter my name." Harry cried out.

"Sure you didn't Potter. You are an arrogant fool just like your father was. He to would have entered the tournament just to swell that big head of his even further." Said Snape with a sneer.

Seeing a chance to not only give Hermione the distraction she needed but to have a little fun as well, Harry sneered right back at Snape. "Put a sock in it Snivelous. I wasn't speaking to you."

There was a moment of silence before the Great Hall broke out in laughter and the sounds of people cheering. Snape went from a pasty white to an interesting shade of purple in a flash. He was making all kinds of sputtering noises but couldn't seem to get a coherent word out.

"Mr. Potter you will show respect to Professor Snape." Said Dumbledore while giving Harry a look of disappointment.

"He sits there and disrespects my fathers memory and you expect me to treat him with respect?" Harry snapped back. "However as much as I'd love to stand here and talk about Snape disrespecting my fathers memory I believe there is something a little more important happening. Now before we discuss my name coming out of the Goblet there is something I must do."

Raising his wand in his right hand and speaking loud enough for everyone in the Great Hall to hear him he said. "I Haddrian James Potter swear on my life and magic that I did not enter myself into the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Nor did I ask anyone else to enter my name. So I swear, so mote it be!" It seemed as if no one in the hall even breathed as Harry then called out "Expecto Patronum!" with a far away smile on his face. His smile turned to a look of surprise as instead of the stag he was expecting a large Griffon appeared.

Dumbledore was thinking furiously as he saw his plans falling apart. He knew that whomever was masquerading as Mad-Eye had entered Potter into the tournament. Since it fit into his plans perfectly he was more than willing to let the imposter continue on. Now though with Potter swearing an oath that he didn't enter there was a chance he could get out of it. Thinking fast he spoke again. "Be that as it may Harry please join the other champions so that we may discuss this."

"Certainly headmaster." Harry replied as he felt Hermione ghost up behind him. He silently thanked Sirius once again for removing all the charms from his cloak. Those charms had allowed Dumbledore, and probably Mad-Eye, to be able to see through it. Sirius knew from the past that neither one could see through it before and postulated that, that was the reason Dumbledore had borrowed the cloak from James in the first place. During the time he had it, he must have charmed it so he could see through it. After many tests he had found and removed several different charms from him. He hoped that there were all gone and that once again no one was able to see through it.

Harry paused just after opening the door and looked over his shoulder. To everyone else it looked as if he was making sure that he was being followed. But in reality it was to let Hermione brush past him. Entering the room with the other champions Harry took a seat in the corner so only Hermione could be behind him. The other champions were all asking what was going on and Harry said. "Somehow my name has come out of the Goblet as another champion. And even though I have already sworn an oath that I didn't enter myself or have someone else enter me I was told to come in here so we could discuss it."

Everyone could hear the emphasis that he put on the word "discuss" and they all wondered why. Viktor just nodded his head and seemed to take a wait and see approach. Fleur strangely enough looked worried, while Cedric was the only to actually speak.

"Harry you seem to have the worst luck in the world. If even half the rumors around Hogwarts are true you haven't had a quiet year since you started here." The smile in Cedric's voice was easy to make out.

"Well Cedric I've heard those rumors and they aren't true at all." Harry said with a smirk. "The Basilisk was 60 meters not 6, and there were over 100 dementors not just a few."

Everyone was watching him waiting for him to say he was joking. Then they realized he wasn't. Mayhem broke out in three different languages as everyone tried to be heard and to ask questions.

Dumbledore shot a loud firework out of his wand effectively silencing everyone. "Harry's past is not in question here. We are here to decide what to do about his name coming out of the Goblet."

"Yes we don't need to hear anymore fairytales by Saint Potter." Snape said.

"You are right Snape. Except they are not fairytales." Replied Harry. "Fairytales usually have happy endings, which means it would have been you I killed at the end of my first year not Professor Quirrel."

There were quite a few chuckles at that as Snape once again turned a strange puce color. Harry wondered if he could get the man to have a stroke. He never quite pulled it off with his uncle Vernon but there seemed like there might be hope for Snape.

"Everyone please that is enough." said Dumbledore with a sigh. "Barty, Ludo what do the rules say about a persons name coming out of the Goblet and does it matter if there is a fourth name?"

"I'll have to defer to Barty on this one." Said Ludo Bagman with a smile. "He knows the rules front to back, much better than I do."

Barty Crouch Senior stepped out of the shadows cast by the torch light. "The rules clearly state" he said in a bored, monotone voice that reminded those that had taken History at Hogwarts, of the ghost teacher, Professor Binns. "that any person whose name comes out of the Goblet must compete in the tournament or lose their magic." After speaking he stepped back into the shadows.

Bedlam reigned supreme as everyone shouted over each other trying to be heard. Ironically it was the adults doing most of the shouting, though Dumbledore and Mad-Eye were both fairly quiet. Snape was complaining about arrogant Gryffendors who were just like their father. Hermione tried to stop what she knew was coming, she really did. However the only way she would have been able to stop Harry would have been to reveal herself. That would have raised questions that neither she nor Harry wanted to answer.

"Snape!" Harry snapped out. "I will not say this ever again. The next time you insult my parents I will hurt you. Your mouth is going to get you into trouble your silly potions can't get you out of and that time is coming soon."

Everyone could feel the magic rolling off of Harry in waves and the few people in the room who felt they knew what Harry was capable of weren't giving Snape an ice cubes chance in Hell of getting out of there without getting hurt.

Lip curled with a sneer Snape replied. "Wouldn't that just ruin your Golden Boy image, attacking a Professor." The smug grin at the end of his rant didn't last long as Harry shot back.

"I don't know I can see the headline now Greasy Git Smacked Down by The-Boy-Who-Lived for Insulting Deceased Parents. I'm pretty sure that at least ¾ of the population, and I don't just mean here at Hogwarts, would be behind me. Fact is I know a couple of people who would add to the beating I'll give you." Harry's reply was given in a low and cold tone of voice.

Snape paled with anger and took a deep breath to reply when Dumbledore intervened. "Now Harry" he said "you must treat Professor Snape with respect."

"I've treated him with respect for the past 3 years." Harry shot back. "That ends now. From now on I'll treat him the same way he treats me. As something to be wiped off the bottom of my shoe. The only difference is that when I get done that's all that will be left, enough to wipe off the bottom of your shoe."

Harry thought that Snape's color would give his uncle Vernon a run for the deepest purple one could turn without dying. He decided that he better get things back on track as Sirius had called dib's on Snape and if he kept this up a fight was bound to happen. Harry had argued with Sirius about but Padfoot said that since he couldn't kill Pettigrew, as he was his ticket to freedom, then the Death Eater Snape was his next choice. Even Hermione had blown her top when she found out that Snape had been a Death Eater and had escaped even being questioned because Dumbledore said he had turned back to the light and had risked much to spy for him.

"However" Harry said. "we are never going to agree on how Snape and I treat each other so let's move onto why we are here. What are we going to do about my name coming out of the Goblet?"

Had Dumbledore known Harry as well as he thought he did, warning bell's would have been giving him the mother of all migraines right then. Sadly, for him, he didn't really know Harry at all. Professor McGonagall on the other hand, knew not only Harry fairly well, but Hermione as well. And as her feline nose had caught Hermione's scent, much to strong to be transferred onto Harry, she knew something was coming. She wasn't sure what that was, but she knew it was big. By this time she had chosen her side and it wasn't Dumbledore's. For the fourth year in a row one of her Lions was thrown into something that they shouldn't have been. She'd held her tongue for far too long and had decided that enough was enough. She was appalled at the way Severus was behaving, and if Harry could be believed has always behaved, yet Dumbledore was rounding on Harry instead. Her entire house had suffered from not only Snape but from herself. She had let Dumbledore dictate her response to Snape's attacks against her cub's for far too long. It was time for the Professor McGonagall of old to return. The one that even Dumbledore wouldn't push too far.

"Yes Dumbledore what are we going to do?" McGonagall's Scottish brogue was so thick that everyone was looking at her like they were seeing her for the first time.

Dumbledore knew that brogue meant pain in someone's future and hoped it wasn't his. "Well Barty has stated that he must compete. It's either compete or Harry will lose his magic and maybe even his life." Dumbledore replied using his best grandfather voice, blue eyes going full twinkle. "I'm sure that none of us want that." The sharp look he gave Snape telling him to hold his tongue. "We will have to investigate how his name was entered." I already know, he thought to himself. Out loud he said. "Alastor if you would be kind enough to look into this I would appreciate it."

"Of course Albus, I'll get right on it." replied Moody as he stomped his way towards the door.

"Just so I understand." Harry spoke out, while behind him he felt a double tap on his shoulder from Hermione indicating that the two-way mirror she held had been activated. "The Ministry" he said while pointing in the direction of Bagman and Crouch "and Hogwarts" pointing at Dumbledore "both say I must compete in this or lose my magic?"

McGonagall was now sure something was coming. The way Harry had phrased things, the Ministry, Hogwarts, not the people themselves told her something was coming. Bagman was nodding his head enthusiastically as Dumbledore answered slowly. "Yes Harry that is correct." He to had twigged to something going on but had no clue what.

Harry's smile as he replied was hard to describe. It was part happy, part mischievous, and part almost predatory. "I just wanted to make sure I understood correctly." He said as he stood, wand once again in hand. "I Haddrian James Potter, do herby claim Lordship of the Potter Family. Being the son of James Potter and Lily Evans Potter and being the last of the Potter Family. So I say it, so mote it be."

At first nothing happened, then there was a flash of light and a ring appeared on Harry's hand. As soon as the ring appeared Harry dropped to his knee's screaming. Head in his hands as a black mist poured out from between his fingers. His body seemed to grow as his hair changed from a messy black to a black with red highlights while growing to shoulder length. As quickly as it begun it was over. Harry stayed on his knee's a few moments more before rising.

"I'm OK." He rasped out. His voice raw from screaming. "I kind of expected that, just didn't think it would be that bad." He was actually speaking to Hermione, though no one besides Hermione, and maybe Professor McGonagall, knew that.

"Mr. Potter what exactly happened?" Asked McGonagall. It was phrased kindly, but Harry could hear the demand as well. Besides he really wanted to answer her.

"Well Professor" he said. "Since the Tri-Wizard Tournament was restricted to those students of age, and both the Ministry and Hogwarts have stated that I must compete, then it stands to reason that I must be of age to do so. Hogwarts" again pointing at Dumbledore "and the Ministry" pointing at Bagman and Crouch "could have disqualified me because I was underage, yet for some reason did not." The look on his face told a different story however. It was clear he knew why they didn't disqualify him, he just wasn't going to say anything. "Being the last of the Potters means that once I become of age I could claim the Lordship that is my birthright."