Kurt braced himself as he saw Karofsky come towards him and although he understood the his actions he couldn't help but feel that little pang of fear and hurt that always took hold of him as the jocks footsteps got closer.

More sudden than expected, Kurt's body made contact with the metal lockers behind him. A sharp pain ran down his spine and shoulder. Kurt rubbed his shoulder as he stared after his abuser. Karofsky looked back with a slight frown and just for a second their eyes made contact. That second was all it took, in that look, Kurt saw everything that made his pain worth it. He took a deep breath as he bend down to gather his stuff.

It was that kiss in the locker room that started this. Karofsky's lips on his, kissing him passionately but slowly and carefully, trying to taste every part of his mouth as if that was the only time he would ever get to do so. The shock of Karofsky's actions on that day had been beyond shocking but he could not lie that his body had responded to that kiss. Karofsky had then pulled away and stared him in the eyes for a few seconds. Kurt wasn't sure he knew what Karofsky was looking for in his gaze but whatever it was, didn't seem to matter because he leaned in once more. Kurt had pushed him away after that and didn't manage to snap out of his trance even when Karofsky left the locker room in anguish. That's how it began and it continued when Kurt brought Blaine to school so they could try and…well he doesn't even know what he was trying to accomplish with that, it seemed like the right thing to do at the moment.

After picking up his stuff and rearranging his pea coat, Kurt walks off to class like nothing happened.

Karofsky walks down the hallway, his hand still tingly from its brief contact with Kurt's chest. He shouldn't feel this way, that kid shouldn't affect him so goddamn much but he does and he's done fighting it. He'll do what he has to, to survive McKinley but he wont fight what he is any longer. Karofsky looks at the clock and counts the minutes till lunch time, every day gets longer but he handles it because he has no choice.

The bell finally rings and he rushes out of class before someone can stop him. As he walks down the hall, a couple of his buddies call out to him.

"Karofsky, where you going man? Lunch is this way."

"Toilets man, shit, you're worse than my mother," he replies, hoping they leave him alone, he has somewhere he has to be and he refuses to be late. Luckily the other jocks laugh at his joke and continue towards the cafeteria. Karofsky resumes his long and determined strides towards the library. Once inside he walks through the rows of shelves, every once in a while stopping to look at a book until he makes it to the back of the library. He carefully slides into a hidden storage room behind the last shelf. It's a quiet and abandoned room, small in size, closely resembling a closet. He closes the door behind him quietly and turns to look at the back of the small boy already in there. He could recognize that body anywhere. The slender but slightly muscular figure, the confident and slightly feminine stance, it's all unique to only him. His clothes hug his body and send his imagination into a never ending world of fantasies, these are the attributes guilty for stealing sleep from his nights and concentration from his days.

Kurt does not turn around, instead he closes his eyes as Dave's presence takes over the room. Karofsky takes a step closer, placing his hands on Kurt's shoulders and sliding them down his arms, then slipping them around his waist. The smaller boy's body trembles at the touch mostly from satisfaction but partly from pain. He lets out a small ouch and Karofsky stops.

"What's wrong? Are you hurt?" concern written all over his face.

"No, I'm sorry, it's nothing Dave," says Kurt as he turns to face Karofsky, and swiftly wraps his arms around his neck.

But Karofsky gently unwraps his arms and pushes Kurt's pea coat off, then pulls his white v-neck t-shirt down his shoulder and he sees it. Karofsky's jaw clenches.

"Did I do that?" he utters through clenched teeth, as he stares at the red and slightly purple bruise on Kurt's soft milky white shoulder.

" Its nothing Dave, its ok, it doesn't even hurt," he lifts his shirt back up and takes a step towards Karofsky.

"Like hell it doesn't!" Karofsky backs away from Kurt, anger boiling inside him. Anger at himself for hurting the person he cares for the most, anger for not being brave enough to stand up for Kurt and put a stop to the torment that he endures for Karofsky's sake. Rage taking over, Karofsky turns to a wall and punches it as hard as he can, again and again.

"STOP IT!" Kurt launches himself at Karofsky making him stop, " Dave…stop it."

"I'm sorry…I'm sorry." Karofsky wraps his arms around Kurt and kisses him gently on the lips, then leaves a trail of soft kisses as his lips move down Kurt's neck, tasting and licking the soft flesh until he reaches the bruise. Karofsky lays the most gentle kisses on it, "I'm sorry, " he whispers. Kurt moans at the feel of Karofsky's breath and tongue on his skin, only this man could make an apology feel so good. "I'm sorry because I can't keep doing this, I can't keep pretending to be your Prince Charming and then hurting you at the same time, it's not fair for you, " Karofsky continues as he brings Kurt tighter, taking in his sweet smell.

For a second Kurt doesn't hear what Karofsky is saying, he just lets himself get caught up in his embrace.

Karofsky reluctantly lets his mind pull him away from the comfort of Kurt's touch.

"Goodbye Kurt," Karofsky lets the words leave his mouth as he turns to leave. He avoids Kurt's hurt gaze as he place his hand on the handle.

"No! You are not walking away from us," Kurt say not bothering to hide the pain in his voice as he places his hand on the door to block Karofsky's exit.

"Kurt…" he whispers, " please don't make this harder…"

"We have something Dave…you cant just walk out because its hard"

"If we were meant to be together, it wouldn't be this hard," Karofsky puts his hands on Kurt's shoulders to move him out of the way.

" You're a coward," Kurt hisses, tears building up.

Karofsky squeezes Kurt's shoulders, pressing his face to Kurt's cheeks as he moves him away from the door. "I know," he whispers, "I'm sorry." He inhales his scent in one last time and walks out.