"Lux, it's time for you to go home." Fern said to me as we walked up some steps. She held my hand loosely.

I took a deep breath as the door opened. On the other side stood a man with dark hair, he had on a blue t-shirt with music notes going across it and a pair of jeans.

He got down on his knees in front of me. I could tell he was looking for approval. I've seen that face before, by many other people from nurses to other men and women.

But this man was different. This man was my…


"Yeah, Lux, it's me."

I ran over to him, I hit his chest with a large thud then felt his arms wrap around me, and I got lifted of the ground.

"Finally, I finally get to be with my little girl!" he said as he kissed my cheek and crushed in his chest. In a good way.

"I'm happy for you Mr. Bazile." Fern said to him. "And I am so happy for you Lux, I know you'll be happy and safe here."

His grip loosened on me and we looked into each other's eyes.

"You don't know how much I have missed you kid."

"I missed you too Daddy."

"Well I must go Mr. Baz-"

"Please come by any time, and call me Baze."

"I'll be sure to stop by." she told him.

"Bye Fern." I said, "I'll miss you, please come by soon."

"I will sweetheart. Goodbye." she waved and then walked out the door.

"Daddy?" I asked.

"Yes, Lux?"

"Where's Mommy?"

"She might not be around for a while- but I promise that you will meet her someday, okay?"

"Yeah, okay."

Chapter One

Hearing her ask that question really hurt. Not that he didn't expect it from her. Lux is only three, and at three you usually expect that when you get a Daddy you would get a Mommy as well.

Well not in this case.

The only reason it took so long for him to get Lux was because of her Mom. Cate was apprehensive about her you could say. Cate's life was perfect now- as she had described it.

She was now married (it had been arranged but she still loved the man), she had a different child, named Krisalyn Ali Thomas (as in her father is Ryan Thomas) who is now 1, and she just…she didn't want Baze to have Lux because…(in Baze's point of view) she hated him and thought it would ruin her family.

'She's with me now though.' he thought as he looked at his little girl who was watching cartoons on his lap. 'My baby girl is with me now.'

"Daddy?" Lux asked turning toward Baze.

"What Lux?"

"Where am I going to sleep tonight?"

"Oh, I got somewhere for you- you're going to love it." he said, 'I wonder if Cate saw her when they got out of the car.' Yes even though they don't get along Cate actually lives across the street from them.

Just at the moment they were turning to head up the stairs there was knocking at the door.

"Hold on kiddo, let me see who this is." he said, he reached down and picked her up.

"I wanna' see my room, please." she said quietly.

"Hold on babe, we'll get there."

"Baze open the door, I can't believe you!" yelled a man's voice.

"Uh-oh." he said.

"What Daddy? Who is that?" she questioned him, worriedly.

"That, is Grandpa." he said.

"Grampa?" she said. Baze nodded.

"Here," he said sitting her on the ground, "Go watch the TV a bit more."

She did as she was told and went and sat in the living room, but she kept her attention on the doorway, wondering what was about to go on.

Baze opened the door slowly, and saw just whom he expected. His dad, Jack.

"Hey, Pops." he said, trying to smile. "What's happening?"

"What's happening? Is that what you asked?" He had a deep frown on his face. You could clearly tell he was upset.

"You got her back! You had a great life ahead of you and you had to ruin it!" Jack yelled.

"Dad, be quiet, she's in the other room." Baze ordered.

"I could care less where she is! My son just ruined his life! I'm not going to stand by and let you ruin anymore of it!"

"Daddy?" came a voice from behind them.

"Lux." he looked over at her. He could see her eyes watering. Her fists were clenched tight on the edge of her pale green shirt. "Lux sweetheart don't worry, I'll be right there and we can go up to your room, okay?"


"What baby?" he asked.

She mumbled something he didn't understand.

"Please repeat that." he said.

"Am I…" she began mumbling again.

"Lux, are you what?"

"…a bad girl?"

Baze glared at his dad who looked stunned. Jack had not said a word since he noticed the child's entrance. She seemed so real to him now. What surprised him most was her blonde hair.

Once Jack saw Baze's glare he knew his son wouldn't put up with him.

"Lux, no, no you're not a bad girl. You could never be a bad girl. Come on let's go up and see your bedroom okay?"

She nodded. One tear slipped down her cheek, but she smiled. "Okay."

"Dad, you have to go. I can't deal with you at the moment- there are more important things then your opinion."

He quickly picked Lux up, and walked back to the door. "Her." he said. Lux was totally silent- she hid her face in Baze's shoulder. "Bye." with that he shut the door.

Jack stood for a few seconds then turned and walked to his car. He opened his door and got in. He sat for a second, looking at the house across the street in his review mirror, wondering what she thought of Baze getting Lux back. Him? He suddenly found an overwhelming sense of pride from that thought.


They stood in front of her door, it has a sign on it. Which Baze carefully explained that it said it was Lux's room and nobody else unless she wanted to share.

Baze hoped she could forget what just happened down stairs, and forget soon- so she could be happy and have that large smiled she had when she arrived at the house.

"Are you ready to see it?" he asked.

Lux nodded.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"Yes." she said quietly.

He opened the door slowly and carried her in. "What do you think?"

Her smiled was back again.

The whole room was pink. Right across from the door is a book shelf with stuffed animals on it, long with some small picture books and 'I can read' books, a few sets of shoes were also at the bottom of the shelf.

Next to that was a tub full of toys from Barbie Dolls to dress up clothe. In the top right part of the room -next to the tall/wide window- in the corner was a closet, it stuck out from the wall- it was already filled with clothe (shirts, dresses, jackets etc.) and looked like it couldn't contain anymore.

Her bed was just across from it. It was also pick (light pink). It had a canopy like design come out from the corner- it was a lacy fabric, white. It only went around the back side of the bed (the parts by the wall) though. It amazed her.

Across from the end of her bed- against the wall was a white dresser. If you were to open the drawers you would find some underwear, pajamas, jeans, skirts, socks, gloves, and other things.

On the dresser in the corner was a large pink jewelry box, open so you could see some necklaces, bracelets etc..

Baze loved looking at her expression. You could see the wonder in her eyes. She squirmed in his arms, so he placed her on the floor.

As soon as she was down she was rushing from place to place. Going from her closet, to her bed, over to the dolls, back to her bed, to the dresser. In the end he grabbed her as she was looking at the stuffed animals.

He picked her up, as quick as lightning she thought. Baze gave her a peck on the cheek.

"What do you think Lux? Will this do?"

"I love you Daddy!" she yelled and gave him a kiss on his cheek. "I love you soooo much! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"Well, you're my girl, and I want to make sure you'd be happy. I love you Lux." he said hugging her close. "I love you so much."

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