The pain in my heart grows on

The pain to know one fateful fact

That I cannot go to my rightful home

Without a self-sacrificing act

It pains me so to see what I must do

I must leave my loved ones behind forever

I will not leave this world, oh no

I must give up my cherished sanity to do this endeavor

I will be sent to the asylum, the place I fear most

If I were to be truly happy in my true home

I long to go home, my home, in a place called The Shire

To live in a hill, circle for a door, the roof a dome

To wait in Bag End, for my dear Frodo

He is on a journey to save Middle-Earth, my earth

Although I wish it were all over, darkness gone

And him sitting by my side looking upon the hearth

Telling me the stories of the old times, them I long to hear

Like the time, that fateful day, that Bilbo decided to run away

He knew the old man was up to something, he will tell me

But he couldn't put his finger on it, he will say

He will tell me the tales that Bilbo and Gandolf told him

Remember the time with the dragon? He will ask

Speak of the devil, I will say, as Gandolf enters for a stay

And a talk about Frodo in his brave, brave task

As Gandolf leaves, I ask him one question

What did it feel like when he had fallen into abyss?

But my body in the other world recognized someone

It was my friend who thought me lucky, and to argue, my sis

I knew they wanted me back very badly

And also, I was happy wherever I was

Then the boy I loved came though and said it was my decision

"My preciousss likes where we iss," my body said. "she will stay because she doess."

my family wept for me, but I did not care

I was in The Shire, my true home, and they knew

They knew how much I longed to be there

Yes, they do

As I was sitting with Frodo in Bag End

I asked why he had chosen to take the ring

He said he knew is was his destiny, and he smiled at me

He knew because he was praised by the angels, to him he could hear them sing

He told me that he really had no choice

He told me that in his heart, his soul, it was destiny

He hugged me and cheered me up, but it did not work well

I sighed, and all I said was, "I am impressed by thee."

He smiles as we walked together out of Bag End

We explored the meadows and the woods, he knew them well

We found ourselves in Maggot's garden, by the cliff-like hill

I accidentally tripped, and both happily and entangled we fell

We found the mushrooms they had eaten long ago

Then after they hid from that Rider, Merry, Pippin, Sam, and Frodo

It was the beginning of their journey, the most important one in the world

But they, back then, did not know that, or even where they were to really go

The days continued like this, they went way to fast for my liking

I loved where I was, but some say I didn't belong there, I asked, "So?"

But after what I thought were years, long ones at that

I realized that they were right, I should go

My family needed me and missed me so much

I explained to Frodo, "They need me dearly, can you see?"

He only smiled at me, and told me of the love for me he feels

He said, "When you need me, look inside your heart, for there I will forever be."

I awoke the next morning from the coma I was in

I scared the ones I loved, gave them a start

But form that day forth, I longed for The Shire and Frodo no more

For they are with me always, if I look inside my heart