Winchester playground

E/O Drabble Challenge, word: Here.

Set: Season 2

Summary: You wanna mess with Sammy? Then go and try to pass by his big brother, and good luck with that...

A/N: Okay, at first I thought: "Here? Seriously? What the heck?" But fortunately my muse was in a playing mood, hope you like :-) Musketeer word: plane (thanks, BarbaraGer – nice challenge, just as I like it, honey). Happy birthday Naimeria – tried to wrap all your wishes in a neat little drabble, enjoy :x

"Sam", his voice was hoarse with pain and panic, ribs aching from his plunge down the rotten staircase. "Sammy, where're you?"

"Here", it whispered from dark corners,

"here", it cackled behind moldering mattresses,

"here", it cried through the hallways of the deserted orphanage.

"You like playing, friggin little bastards?" he coughed, searching frantically until his gaze was drawn to a slumped figure on the plane soil,

"God, breathe, please", drawing his gun, generously pumping salt rounds into the flickering spirits hovering over his brother.

"I'll show you an new game", growling, ready to enter the ring for the knock-out round.