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Charlie practically skipped onto the bridge with Jim trailing behind him reluctantly, "And why did I let you out of the brig again?"

A smile reached the small boy's lips as he laughed at Jim's question ,as if he had just asked something completely ridiculous like, "Can fat people go skinny-dipping? ". Jim realized that he was being ignored but let it slide. What was it about this boy that made him feel like he had no authority what-so-ever?

Spock looked up from his seat raising an eyebrow at the antics of a grown man and a 14 year old boy, Jim caught him looking and flashed him a quick smile before returning to his previous conversation.

Charlie also saw Spock looking so he sent a quick wink towards a blushing Spock, who was not blushing at the wink but was in fact turning a pale green at the captain's playfulness.

"Chekov, Sulu!" the captain looked up from his chair, "What are you two still doing here? Your shift was over 10 minutes."

"We were just leaving Captain," Sulu said.

"If you are going, "he pointed at Charlie, "Take that with you."

Charlie pouted before sticking his tongue out then leaving the bridge in feigned anger.

Jim laughed for someone who is apparently 998 Charlie acted like he was much younger than his physical age of 14.

"Captain," came a familiar voice from behind, "Why is the prisoner out of his cell?"

"Because Spock he doesn't seem hostile and I believe him when he says that he only here to… 'spread the love', was it?"

Spock stared at the captain assessing the situation, "Very well, I hope for all of our sakes that you are right."

Jim sighed knowing that Spock wasn't convinced in the slightest, "Anyway I know that he was sent by someone I trust whole heartedly."

Spock froze, "Trust whole heartedly, captain?" The words more than me left unsaid.

"Yes, with my life." Jim replied smiling however the smile was not directed at Spock it seemed to be more inwards, like reminiscing.

Spock exhaled slowly calming himself, "And who would this be?"

Jim laughed nervously still slightly worried about universe ending paradoxes even if his research had informed him otherwise, "No-one really anyway shouldn't we…"

Then all the lights went out leaving the crew in complete darkness.

Meanwhile somewhere else on the ship Sulu and Chekov were looking for Charlie.

"Where could he have gone?" Chekov asked panicking.

"I don't know Chekov but us walking around in the dark isn't going to help. You know that it's easier to find someone if one party stops moving and I highly doubt Charlie will be the one to stop."

"Well I guess you're right but I feel kind of helpless."

"Then let's retrace our steps and try and work out where Charlie went."

Chekov laughed, "You make it sound like we've lost our keys rather than a person.

Sulu smiled wryly, "That's because it's kind of like that, you know when you leave your keys somewhere then when you need them they're never where you left him…. them.

Charlie just watched this exchange from the darkness; those two had a long way to go.

Back on the bridge something else was happening entirely, Spock felt a soft hand touch his arm and he stared into the darkness to find out who said hand belonged to.

"Spock is that you?" Came the captain's whisper from beside Spock.

"Yes captain, it is me. Are you harmed?" Spock answered as Jim's fingers unconsciously stroked the first officer's arm.

"I'm good. You?"

Spock allowed a small unseen smile slip onto his mouth, "I'm am also uninjured."


The conversation came to a grinding halt as Jim tightened his grip around Spock's arm.

"Captain is there something bothering you?" Spock asked able to tell what Jim was thinking without even looking at him.

"No….well kind of, I mean, what was it that Charlie said in the brig that upset you?"

Spock looked away from the spot he thought Jim was standing, "I was not upset, I was merely-"

"-Spock enough of that I'm Vulcan I don't feel emotion crap, I just want to know why you ran out."

"Captain, I am Vulcan and we do not act rashly due to emotion if that is the "crap" that you are speaking of. I also would like to inform you that I did not run out I simply-"

"-Spock!" Jim interrupted loudly; the bridge ,who had been communicating in hushed voices, was now in complete silence.


"Just tell me and stop avoiding my questions you-"

"Scotty to the bridge. Are you alright?"

"Yeah we're fine, what happened?" Jim replied then seeing that Spock was trying to get away mouthed "We'll talk about this later."

"Well that's the problem captain we're not quite sure. There was a surge of energy that overloaded the circuit board but we don't know where it came from. There no unfamiliar readings, it looks like the energy just came from nowhere. It's okay though because my baby wasn't hurt so we'll be back online soon."

Jim sighed, "I knew I shouldn't have let that little brat out of the brig!"

Spock raised an eyebrow, "You think this is Charlie's doing?"

Jim looked at Spock , "Who else could it be? We don't know anybody else on this ship with the technology to create that much energy."

"Yes, I suppose you are right captain. What do you propose we do?"

"Well first I'm going to find him but what I'm going to do after that I don't know."

"Captain I don't think what you going to do is wise. I suggest you calm down before you do something illogical."

"Illogical?" Jim laughed humourlessly, "I'm way past illogical."

From around the corner Charlie gulped, his self-proclaimed genius plan may not have been the best idea to get Jim and Spock closer.

"I'm going to lock that kid up and throw away the key!"

Maybe not the best idea at all.