-Ch. 1 A Foxy New Friend-

It was a peaceful day at the Woo Foo Dojo and Master Yo was about to lecture his two students and children, Yin and Yang. "Alright, kids, today, I want..."he said before he was interrupted. Suddenly, a large purple, mechanical being crashes through the ceiling and crushes Master Yo! "Master Yo!" Yin and Yang cried. "Gah! ... Don't...just...sit...there! Ow...Get this thing off of me!" Master Yo grunted. Yang got excited. "Woo! Action time! Let's thrash this chump!" he said. The robot smacks him and he flies back and hits the wall. "Ha ha ha! Let me handle this!" Yin laughs. Yin charges a Foo orb and tosses it at the robot. "Eat this!" she yells. The robot holds out one of its four hands and knocks the orb back at Yin! "Ahh!" Yin screamed. "Ooo, nice job," Yang said sarcastically. "Shut up!" Yin replied. The robot started to laugh. "You shut up too!" she hissed at the machine. The robot then smacks the two out of the dojo and prepares for another attack. Out of nowhere a figure about the size of Yin and Yang jumps up and smacks the robot in the back of the head with a large, wooden mallet. It was stunned! "Now's our chance!" Yin and Yang exclaimed at same time. The twins leap into the air and attack. "Yincinerate!" Yin screamed. "Fists of fire!" Yang yelled. The robot is assaulted with a fiery blast. It begins to shake then explodes. Yin and Yang land on the ground. "Glad that's over." Yin said with relief. "That stupid thing didn't stand a chance against me!" Yang bellowed with confidence. Yin just rolls her eyes at Yang's stupid comment.

"I wonder who that person was who helped us." Yin thought aloud. "Who cares?" Yang said rudely, "Let's go see if Master Yo's alright." "Oh my gosh! I totally forgot!" Yin gasped. "Um, were you guys talking about me?" a voice from behind asked. The two turn around to see an orange fox with glasses and sky blue eyes. "Yeah, it must be you. Thanks for hitting that robot thing for us, you really helped us out!" Yin thanked the fox. "Yeah, that was pretty cool! Not bad moves. Maybe we could hang out. What's your name, dude?" Yang stated. "That'd be cool! Oh! Uh...my name is Lee! Nice to meet 'cha!" the fox replied. "It's nice to meet you too, Lee. Well, I'm..." Yin began to say before Yang interrupts her by pushing her to the side and taking her place. "I'm Yang!" he says while pointing to himself. Yin then hurls a Foo orb at Yang's face and he flies back! "As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted!" Yin growled. My name is Yin." The fox just stares at the siblings' strange behavior. "Cool...Are you guys always like this? You know hitting each other?" Lee asks, a bit worried. They ignore his question. Yang gets up and walks back to where was standing. "Anyway, hey Yang, why don't we ask Master Yo if Lee can train at the dojo? His skills are impressive!" Yin says before Lee got a chance to ask his question again. "Yeah! You can kick some serious butt, bro!" Yang agreed. "You think I have good hammer skills?" Lee asked, Thanks! Ha! I knew I was good, but not that good! Me, A Woo Foo knight? Awesome!...What's a Woo Foo knight?" Yin and Yang's smiles vanish. "Are you serious! We saved the world before! More times than I can count!" Yang roared, feeling insulted. Yin cut him off so he wouldn't end up beating Lee up, "We'll explain later, for now, let's check up on Master Yo."

Yin, Yang, and Lee enter the dojo to see Master Yo was still on the floor and had taken a nap. He wakes up when they enter the room. The three of them help him up and Yin and Yang explain why they want Lee to stay at the dojo. "...And that's why we want Lee to join us." Yang explained in long detail. "So...Can he?" Yin asked. "Another little twerp...uh, I mean, student running around here? I'll go nuts! Though...It would be nice to have even more assistance in fighting evil...Hmm" Master Yo wondered. "A bigger headache and a safer world, or a milder headache and a less safe world..." He thought to himself. "Hmm... Alright, he can train at the dojo..." Yo declared. Lee, Yang, and Yin begin to celebrate. "Yes!" the trio cheered. "But I don't want to see any slacking from any of you! Or else!" "Yes, sir!" Lee answered respectfully. "So, what do we do around this place anyway, Gramps?" "The name's Master Yo! Call me 'Gramps' again and I'll kick you out and around the world! State your name, fox boy!" " Whoa! Take a chill pill, dude! What a grumpy old geezer!" Lee thought to himself. "I'm Lee!" he replied aloud. "Alright then, 'Lee', you can stay..." Master Yo begins to say. "Yes! Awesome! Thank you, Master Yo!" Lee cheers. "But! You three have to fix the roof! Chop chop!" Yo finishes. The three students' jaws drop in shock. "Aw, pellets!" Yang groans.