-Ch. 30 Confessions-

The next morning, Lee was getting ready for the day. He stretched and let out a big yawn. The fox, with a huge smile on his face and his tail wagging, put on his shirt, and then his glasses. He decided to do a few more stretches, but he was also deep in thought. "This is it! Today's the day!" he cogitated, "Today's the day I'm going to tell Yuki that…I love her!" The excited fox rushes to his door and swings it open. BANG!

Lee, knocked on the floor, rubs his sore head. "Yowch! What the heck was that?!" he groaned. He opened his eyes to see Yuki on the floor, rubbing her head as well! Lee immediately blushed and he began to sweat. "I, um, uh, um, uhhhh…" he started awkwardly. Yuki glances up to see Lee, and she blushes as well. "Oh! Um…uh…I'm s-sorry for b-bumping into you!" she stuttered sheepishly. "W-what?! N-no way! I-it was m-my fault! Honest! I'm sorry!" Lee apologized frantically. The two blush even more. "I-I g-guess w-we b-both sh-should b-be a l-little m-more c-careful…Teehee…" Yuki stammers sweetly. "Oh, man…why did I come again?!...Oh geez, he's looking right at me…Oh, Lee…you're soooo dreamy…Hee hee…Wait, oh yeah, I remember now!" the puppy thinks to herself. "I came to tell you that Master Yo wanted to see us. He said he wants us to hurry too, so I guess it's back to work for us, huh?" she says, smiling. "I guess so, we better go see what Old-man Yo wants then," Lee replies. Yuki nods, turns around, and heads outside to the training grounds with her tail wagging. "Uh, Yuki…*sigh*…" Lee begins, "Too late…ugh…Well, maybe I'll get another shot…Ahhh, she's sooo adorable…" Lee leaves as well.

"Alright my childish canine students, you do remember when I told you I was going to teach you how to harness your elemental abilities through Woo Foo, right?" Master Yo asks Lee and Yuki. "Yeah and that was what, like twenty-seven chapters ago?" Lee whispers in Yuki's ear jokingly. Yuki giggles and blushes. Master Yo gives Lee a glare, but continues. "Well, today's the day I'm going to teach to you how to do that. I know Yin and Yang taught you a few things about it, so you're not coming in completely blind," the panda lectures, "Alright, Lee, I want you to channel your lightning into your hands and release it as a bolt and aim it at that target. Yuki, I need you to create a pulse of your ice energy to freeze that target." "You got it Master Yo!" Lee and Yuki agree in unison. "Yahoo! Hit! Haut! Ho! Here I go!" Lee cries. He tightens his fists and they begin to spark. He holds out his hand and a discharge of lightning shocks him! "Bzzzrt! Owowowowow!" he howls. Yuki gasps and runs to his side. "Oh my gosh! Are you okay?" she asks worryingly. "Owch…Hehe…I'm better than okay…I'm…EXTRA CRISPY!" Lee chortles jokingly. Yuki bursts out giggling and blushes. "Oh, Lee, don't scare me like that! You're SO silly!" she laughed. "C'mon, Lee, don't fool around! Try it again!" Master Yo scolds. Lee's ears lower a bit, and he nods. "Ok, Master Yo…" he responds, "*Sniff sniff* Mmmm! I smell like barbeque!" Yuki falls to the floor laughing, and Lee grins awkwardly.

"Just seeing her laugh makes me so happy! She's so sweet…Hey, maybe now's my chance! She's happy, I'm happy…I'm going for it!" Lee considers in his head. "H-hey, Yuki, I, uh…" Lee starts, but Master Yo cuts him off. "Lee! Knock it off! C'mon and give it another shot," Master Yo nags. Lee's ears and tail droop, and he frowns. "…B-but…Alright…" he sighs. Yuki holds her hand out to help him up, and they both blush. Yo and Yuki stand back as Lee attempts his skill again. "Oookay," Lee exhales, "Hit, haut, and so on." He holds out his hand and points it toward a target. "Go!" he yells. A lightning bolt flies from his hand and strikes the target, destroying it. "Nice work!" Master Yo commends the fox "Whoa! Amazing! Go Lee!" Yuki cheers in awe. "He's so strong…Maybe…I can be strong too and…tell him how I feel…" she thinks, blushing. "Wahoo! I did it! Yes!" Lee exclaims, "Thanks, Master Yo! Thanks, Yuki!" Lee rubs the back of his head and blushes. The left over static in his hand causes his fur to poof out. Both Yuki and Master Yo laugh loudly. "What's so funny?" Lee asks, his cheeks reddening even more.

"Alrighty, you're up, Yuki!" Master Yo states. "You got this, Yuki!" Lee cheered, blushing. Yuki smiled and her cheeks turned rosy. "If he thinks I can do it…then I have to do it! Here goes!" she reflects. The puppy faces her target and prepares herself. "Ki-yaaaah!" she cries. She creates a burst of ice that freezes the target solid instantly. "I did it! I really did it! Did you see me, Lee?" she cries out happily, her tail wagging. She turns around to see she accidentally froze Lee and Yo as well!

After the Lee and Yo thaw out, Yuki apologizes with embarrassment. "You two did a great job! Better than I expected! You really made those a moves your own!" Master Yo praises his students. "Ooh, can we name them?" Yuki asks sweetly. "Go ahead," Yo replies. "Ooh, I'm calling my move the Flash Freeze!" Yuki says. "I'll call mine, Volt-Bolt!" Lee chuckles. "Okay, let's see what's next…" Master Yo states. Suddenly, Yin walks out of the dojo, almost in a panic. "Hey, Master Yo! I was taking a break from my training exercises, and I saw something on the news! The town's under attack!" she exclaimed, "I was just double checking with you to make sure it was okay if Yang and I go and check it out." Master Yo began to think. "I've got a better idea: why don't I send Lee and Yuki to take care of this? And you and Yang stay here and train with me? There are still things I need to teach my original students, you know!" "Wow, you're going to send them out alone? You sure they can handle it?" Yin asks. "Um, hello? Do we get a say in this?!" Lee questions. "I'm sure they'll do fine! And if they need help, you can give them a hand," Master Yo responds. "Well, at least he has confidence in us," Yuki giggles. "Yin, let Lee and Yuki borrow your phone so they can call us if they get in any trouble," Yo urges. "What? You can't ask a pre-teen girl to give up her cell phone! Are you mad?!" Yin replies defensively. "Oh, just do it, girl!" Yo retorts. Yin sighs and hands her phone to Yuki. "Don't worry, I'll keep it safe!" Yuki reassures Yin. "Where do we find our bad guy?" Lee asks. "The report said someone's causing trouble in the food court area of town," Yin replies. "Gotcha, thanks, Yin. Let's go, Yuki!" Lee calls. "Oki, Lee! See you guys later!" Yuki responds. The two canines head into town.

Lee and Yuki were nearing the food court area of the town. "Ok, this is it! We're alone!" Lee thought to himself. "Heehee! This is exciting, our first mission alone! Let's work together to stop that guy! Or girl!" Yuki cheers eagerly. "It's so nice to get some more alone time with Lee…I just wish it was free time instead of a mission though…" Yuki thought. " C'mon, dude, she's right there! Remember what she wrote in her diary! If you tell her that you like her too, you can be together! Come on, make your move!" Lee struggled in his head. Lee's face turned red as he tried to speak. "Yu…Yuki…" he attempted, but something stopped him. "There you are! I've been looking for you!" a familiar voice calls. "Lee, that voice kinda sounded like…you!" Yuki worried.

The figure reveals himself as Lee's look-a-like who attacked the dojo before. "You?! What do you want?!" Lee growls, "Are you trying to make me look bad by framing me? 'Cause some other jerk already did that!" "You should just go home and stop causing so much trouble!" Yuki suggests. "I was kinda in the middle of something, you jerk!" Lee thinks to himself. "Yeah, just chill out and get out of here, you wannabe!" Lee commands. "Wannabe?! You've got some nerve!" the evil fox retorted, "After I beat you, I'll prove that I'm the best once and for all! Then I'll replace you and your precious little life will be mine! Call me by new name: WRATH!" He began to glow with a red aura and charges at Lee, but he blocks his attack. "Eeep! Look at that aura! It gives me the chills! So much for a peaceful solution…" Yuki sighs, "It looks like we have to fight him now. Let's give it everything we've got!" "You bet, Yuki! Let's show this dolt whose boss!" Lee agrees. Lee and Yuki pose for battle, but Wrath just tackles them. "Hey! You can't hit us while we're posing! Not cool!" Lee barks, "And you hit Yuki! You're gonna pay for that!" Yuki blushes and smiles endearingly. "He's…standing up for me…trying to protect me! Maybe…He does like me after all? Maybe?…" Yuki thinks, her face reddening. Lee barrels towards Wrath with his fists clinched tight and delivers a Paw of Power-haymaker!

Wrath slides back, but he managed to block most of the blow with his arms. "Was that it?! Ha! Let me show you how strong I've gotten!" he boasts. The fiendish fox strikes the ground with great force, causing it to crack and release a shockwave. Lee and Yuki loose their footing and fall over. Wrath stomps closer and closer, prepared to attack. "Yikes! He's has gotten stronger!" Yuki shivers. "Yeah…Hey, this is probably a bad time but…" Lee tries to say but he is interrupted by Wrath grabbing his tail and hurling him. Lee slams into the floor and becomes a little dizzy. "LEE!" Yuki cries. She charges Woo Foo energy in her hands and shoots an energy ray at Wrath. He slides backwards a bit and leers at the puppy. Yuki's ears droop and she shakes in fear. "Aw, and I almost feel bad about doing this too," Wrath snorts with a sneaky smirk. He darts behind Yuki and snatches her tail then chucks her. Because of her light weight, the puppy soars out of town and into the forest. "AAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Yuki screamed. "YUKII!" Lee shouts, "That's IT, you're going down!" He growls and clamps his fists in anger. Suddenly, Wrath begins to glow with a red aura again and growls as well. He dashes towards Lee and uppercuts him into the air!

Lee lands in the woods, but he notices that Yuki never landed. He looks up and sees her coming in fast! He holds his arms out and catches her. "Don't worry, I've got you," he tells her sweetly, "Are you okay?" Yuki blushes and closes her eyes timidly. "Y-yeah…I'm fine…Are…you okay?" she mutters, "That guy…caught us by surprise, didn't he?" "Yeah, hehe. He got that crazy aura again and then he totally sucker punched me!" Lee replied, "But we're not done yet! We're not gonna let him beat us!" "Oh Lee…" Yuki sighed endearingly, "I won't give in if you won't! I'll stick with you till the end because…" Her whole face turns pink with embarrassment. "Oh Yuki…." Lee exhales, "I…" Lee was cut off again. "Found you!" Wrath yelled from a distance. He runs up to the canines and confronts them. "Man, I cannot catch a break today!" Lee complains. "You losers still think you beat me? Or do you wanna cry and go home?" Wrath teases. Lee sets Yuki down and they brace themselves. "I think we'll stay and fight, thank you very much!" Yuki retorts courageously, "You're the one the who's going to cry and run home!" "Right on, Yuki!" Lee praises her, "Now what's the plan? You're the one who always comes up with those smart plans!" Yuki blushes and she shuffles her feet. "Y-you think so?" she replies bashfully, "Oh, right…Let me think…" "Times up!" Wrath shouts.

The evil fox lunges at Yuki and Lee, but the Lee fends him off. "Back off!" he shouts. "Aw, shut up!" Wrath barks. "I got it! Let's use those moves Master Yo taught us!" Yuki exclaims. "Oh yeah, I forgot!" Lee chuckles. He kicks back Wrath and charges lightning in his hands. "Volt-Bolt!" he yells, firing a lightning bolt at Wrath. "GAAAAAAAHHHH!" Lee's look-a-like yelped, "Nice trick how about this?!" He discharges red lightning and Lee, shocking him. Yuki manages the dodge the flare of electricity. "YOOWWWCH!" Lee grunted. "LEE!" Yuki squealed. "Now, Yuki!" Lee instructed. Yuki nods and glares at Wrath. "Right!" she responds. "What are you going do? Gaze at me with those giant eyes?" the fox mocks. "Flash Freeze!" Yuki cries, expelling a surge of ice, freezing both Lee and Wrath! "Whoopsie, sorry Lee!" she calls, embarrassed. Lee manages to gives a thumbs-up from underneath the ice. Yuki hurls a Foo Orb to shatter Lee's ice prison. "Ki-yaaaa!" Lee wails, smacking Wrath with a thunder-charged-fist, breaking the ice and sending him in the air. "AHHHHHH! I'll be back!" the evil fox bellowed.

Both Lee and Yuki high-five in celebration. "Oh yeah!" the canines cheer. The two stop for a second then hug and blush. "That was…amazing, Lee! You're sooo heroic!" Yuki swooned. Lee blushed even more. "Aww, c'mon, no way!" he said bashfully, rubbing his head, "We did it together! And you were amazing…You ARE amazing…" "Lee…" Yuki sighed endearingly. "Yuki…th-th…there's something I need to tell you…" Lee mumbled shyly. "Y-yes?" Yuki stuttered in reply. "Yuki…I…I really…REALLY lo…" Lee started, but something had stopped. "Oh, isn't this sweet? It appears there's something between the two canines! How pitiful!" an evil voice thundered.

Yuki's fur was standing on end. "N-n-n-no! N-n-n-not y-y-you!" she stammers in fear. "What the?! What are YOU doing here?!" Lee demands, "I seriously can't catch a break today…What do you want, Ivex?! I thought you said you weren't going to bother meeting us again!" "I had a change of plans, my minions have been disappointing me recently, so they're on punishment and must train for days straight. I'm here because I've decided to take a hostage," Lord Ivex responds. He smirks evilly and points at Yuki. "I think you'll do nicely!" he snickers. Lee dives in front of Yuki and spreads out his arms. "I won't let you come near her!" he declared. "I only need one hostage, don't test my patience, boy," Ivex threatens. "How 'bout I make you MY hostage!" Lee retorts. He grasps his hammer and leaps up at the evil lord and begins swinging. Ivex blocks all of the blows simply by using his hand. He smacks Lee with his fist, sending him crashing downward. Yuki rushes and Trans-foomates a rock into a pillow so that Lee lands safely. "It looks like I've got you, now," she giggles gently, blushing vividly. Lee's eyes sparkle and his cheeks turn red. "Thank you," he replied softly. The fox gets up and leaps at Ivex again.

Lord Ivex shoots a beam of darkness at Lee, damaging him. "You stubborn little wretch!" he roars, "You don't know when to give up, do you?!" "LEE!" Yuki cried. She fires an energy beam at Ivex, but he deflects it. "I wouldn't interfere, my little prisoner," he warns, "You don't need to be in perfect health to be a hostage." He launches a shadow-ray at her, but Lee leaps in the way of it. "AHHHH!" he yells in pain. "NO, LEE!" Yuki gasps. "…Urk, I'm fine, now stay back! Find some cover!" Lee orders. "No! I won't leave you!" Yuki states. Lee nods reluctantly and discharges some Volt-Bolts at Ivex, but he repels them all. Yuki uses her Flash Freeze on the villain and one of his arms freezes. Lee jumps up with his hammer held tight and swings down with all of his might. The ice shatters and Ivex is hurt a bit. "Hmph, was that your idea of an attack? Pathetic," he scoffs. He punches the fox in his stomach, sending him flying into Yuki. Ivex fires another beam at Lee, but Yuki dives in front of him and with all her energy, she summons a Foo Field!

Ivex's blast is deflected, but Yuki's barrier disintegrates, leaving her dazed. "YUKI!" Lee yelled, "GRRRR! IVEEXXX!" Lee jumps up at Ivex with his fists sparking. "Fists of Thunder!" he cries, barraging Ivex with punches. "ENOUGH OF THIS!" Ivex demands. He grabs Lee by the fist, snaps his arm, and then he drives him into the earth, breaking one of his legs. "LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! NOOOOOOOOO!" Yuki screams in absolute terror. She runs to his side and laments heavily. "LEE! Please don't go! I…I LOVE YOU!" she pleads. Ivex traps the girl in a force field and teleports away.

In a vast, empty, white void, Lee was lying on the ground. He began to slowly wake up. "What…Wh-…Where…am I?" he groaned, "Oh, no, Yuki! Where are you?! Are you okay?! YUKI! WHERE ARE YOU?!" The fox kneels on the ground and tears up. "What is this?! There's nothing here!...No wait…there…there's something over there…it looks like…a little black dot…" Lee cried. He gets up and goes toward what he saw. "It's…a ball…of smoke?...Hello? Are you…alive?..." he asks. He tilts his head curiously. "No answer, huh? I guess you don't talk...Look at me…I've gone crazy…I'm talking to little ball of smoke…Just what the heck is this place?" he wonders, looking around, "Oh, Yuki…Oh, my Yuki…Wherever you are…I just hope you're alright…And I want you to know...that…I LOVE YOU!"