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I wanted to do a quick little oneshot about Jade through Beck's eyes. Enjoy!

Some days I like to just sit back and observe as the world rotates around me. Look at how blissful everyone's life can be when their focus on the calm and just realize how content they really are.

Some days I like sitting in complete silence and let the peace wash over me releasing any tension school puts on me.

That hasn't really been happening since I started dating Jade.

There are so many words that can describe Jade West. Loud, pushy, aggressive, angsty, mean, rude, competitive, jealous, self-conscious, strong, independent, single-minded, irritated, agitated, and many other I would be strangled for if she ever heard this.

The thing that scares me though? I don't care.

There have been countless fights and arguments, some ending more violently than others. But it doesn't faze me anymore. Our love is stronger than that, and it can get through any we find to bicker about.

She's beautiful despite her constant denies. She is all I will ever want and I could never imagine living a happy life without her.

So now as we're all lounging in the corner of the hallway by Robbie's unique locker waiting for study hall to be over, I can't help but feel perfectly at ease. My girl is in my lap, my friends are talking and laughing around me about god knows what, and I think even Jade is cracking a smile as Cat dances around with Rex.

"You're beautiful," I whisper in her ear before placing a comforting kiss on her temple.

She rolls her eyes unconvinced and playfully swats my arm.

"You're just trying to get into my pants," she whispers back, her eyebrows raised with a knowing expression across her pale face.

I press my lips together tightly, feigning consideration, "maybe…" I trail off.

She elbows me in the ribs, "ass" I hear her mutter.

Oh yeah, that's my girl.

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That's right I'm dating a diva. A coffee-obsessing, uptight, find-drama-in-any-situation, constant-picker-of-fights, overbearing, permanent-PMSing, sexy-as-hell diva. And I'm damn proud of it.