Firstly I must apologise for not updating the story for about a year now . I have had very good reasons! I know that isn't really an excuse but I will tell you anyway :P

I moved house, got engaged (my husband proposed in the most romantic way), quit my job, got a job I actually liked and many other more personal things. On top of that some of you may remember that my health is not so great so I have been in and out of hospital several times! So much so that I had to leave my job and find a better suited one. And also planning a wedding! ;)

So! Onto the story!

I sat down to start writing the other day after re-reading what I had already published, and decided….I didn't like parts of it. Ha ha x) And I feel incredibly guilty about not updating, as I love writing and hearing what you, the readers, think of my work, but I physically have not had a lot of time to do it.

So, I have edited the story that was already published, replaced chapters and such, before I publish a new chapter. They are only slight changes, but I am much happier with the story this way :)

I think it would be best if everyone re-read the story, because I am not sure if anyone will remember what has happened at this point in the story anyway xD I will hopefully be posting the real chapter 9 in the next week or so :)

I also have another story I will be working on but I am not sure when I will be publishing that yet. It will be set in the normal Naruto universe so keep your eyes peeled ;)

Go to my profile for more info on my stories :)

Thank you, dear readers, for sticking with me through this, you are truly loved!

I will see you soon, I hope all of this made sense to you!


P.s. The wedding is in August ;)"