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Chapter 1: You have a what?

The icky pink ice cream ran through the fingers of Dave And Balthazar as they sat in the park watching the life go by.

"You know," Dave said between licks of ice cream " I really love these breaks"

"Well don't get used to them we'll get back to training soon" Balthazar said smiling.

HE watched ahead as a little girl was talking to a man. The man stumbled and slapped her by accident. But next Balthazar found himself laughing hard the girl kicked him where it hurt and then slapped him hard in the face.

"What are you laughing at?" Dave asked. Balthazar pointed and immediately stood up and put his ice cream in the trash, and ran over.

"Dave!" Balthazar yelled. and followed him to the girl.

"God help me!" Dave yelled. The girl looked at him and immediately ran over and jumped into the arms of Dave.

"Oh Davey I missed you!" she said. she whispered a who's that as Balthazar came over.

Dave let her down.

"Balthazar this is my sister Jaquelyn." Balthazar was stunned , a sister? why hadn't Dave told him before?

"Please call me Jackie." she said She had long brown hair and looked like Dave, she was muscular and oddly skinny.

"Hello Jackie." He said nicely. He looked at Dave and tilted his head.

"So Jacks why umm were you beating a guy up?" Dave said she opened her mouth and then closed it.

" HE kicked me out of the show, because I told him that I wasn't a singer, and I was, or am." She said smiling. "Anyway… where are you guys off to?"

"My lab"

"you have a lab?" She looked at Balthazar, "Are you his assistant?"

"You could say that." HE said he nodded to go and Dave spoke up.

" Jackie we have to go you can come if you like"

"Sure" They walked up Jackie was ahead on the grass doing back handsprings and front handsprings.

" You never told me you had a sister?" Balthazar whispered. "She a singer and she can do that?" Balthazar Pointed at Jackie who was doing a bAckflip.

"She's a gymnast and yes she does have a fewe cds out. Sorry i never told you i havent seen her in forever, Oh and one more thing she doesnt know that I'm a sorcerer."

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