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Chapter XXIV: Going out with a BANG!


After the school year had ended, we were pretty much bored. We had nothing to do… but I became increasingly worried. We were nearing the set date of July 4 and I grew anxious. I didn't want any of them to leave. Yazoo and I had just come to terms with each other and Genesis had finally started kissing me more. Just thinking about it makes me really sad. But the days came and went and one by one, they left this world, taking the memory of their existence from everyone but me. I didn't mind the mind wipe, but it hurt being the only one who remembered that they were in this world.


The first one to leave was Angeal. When I woke up that Monday morning, I knew that something was wrong. I had run downstairs when I smelled pancakes in hope that I would get first dibs on breakfast. Now, notice that I had my mind focused on food. So, I expected food. What I didn't expect was Angeal standing next to the table staring at his hands, which were beginning to fade.

My smile dropped at the sight before me. "You're the first to go?"

Angeal snapped his head to look at me. "I guess I am."

His limbs began to disappear faster. I ran to wrap my arms around his waist in an effort to keep him in this world. "I won't let you go! You can't leave!"

He sighed and looked to the ceiling. "I have to go back to my world, Maigen. All my plants are probably withered away by now."

I didn't want to accept it, but I still let him go. "Promise you won't forget me!"

He grinned at me gently. "I promise, kid."

When he disappeared completely, steps could be heard behind me. "Where's Angeal?"

I glanced out the window. Angeal won't be able to keep his promise if Minerva doesn't allow it. I smiled bitterly. "He went back, Genesis. Angeal went back."


The second person to disappear was Sephiroth. It was at night when he left. I could say that the exact time was 3am, but then again… I was half asleep. You see… I had woken up to go to the little girls room and when I came out, there stood Sephiroth. There was something off about him at the time, but I could figure out what.

"The voice is gone." That was the first thing that came out of his mouth.

I furrowed my eyebrows. Did he mean JENOVA's voice? "Are you alright Sephiroth?"

He shook his head. "I'm going to be next."

I frowned. "How do you know that?"

He took my hand and placed it to where his heart was. I expected to feel his heart, but no sound or movement came. "I'm disappearing from the inside out."

My eyes shadowed over as tears sprung forward. Angeal left, and now Sephiroth's going too? "I don't want you to go."

At one point, Sephiroth had enveloped me in his arms and rested his head on top of mine. "Before I go, I want to know something."

I wrapped my arms around his waist tightly, burying my head to his chest. "What do you want to know?"

"Do you love me?" he whispered into my ear softly.

I fisted a handful of his shirt tightly as his chest began to fade away. I spoke with no hesitation. "I really do love you Sephiroth, so don't go! Please!"

He ran his fingers through my hair. "I love you too, Maigen. And I will never forget you."

With that, he vanished, leaving me to sob in the hallway. Weiss came out of our room. "Why are you crying, kid?"

"H-he's gone. Sephiroth's gone!"


After Sephiroth left, the light in my eyes had gradually begun to fade. I realized that the order they were all disappearing in was according to the order they died. If this was true, the next person to die was… Zack. We were playing basketball when he started to fade. I remember passing the ball to him only to have the ball go right through his hands and through his body. I could've laughed at his face, but I knew that it was his turn to go. I dropped everything and ran to him before he fully disappeared.

"Zack! Don't go!" I had screamed my hand outstretched to him.

He extended his hand to me, but like Ulquiorra, I was too late and he faded entirely.

Cloud had run up beside me and stared at where Zack once stood. Then, as if something clicked in us, we both screamed just like at the end of Crisis Core.


A day passed after that and I noticed that Cloud had adopted Zack persona like he did in Final Fantasy VII. Many people hate Cloud because he adopted Zack's personality, but I can relate to how he feels. Just think about it. Cloud had Mako poisoning and due to that, he was in a comatose state. Zack was Cloud's best friend while at Shinra. So due to the Mako poisoning and the trauma of losing someone very close, Cloud's mind literally went into a shattered state. If his mind didn't reconstruct itself, he would stay comatose. Now that I've lost Zack, I too can say that his disappearance had affected me as greatly as Sephiroth's and Angeal's.

At this point, my mind was made up. The next to go would be Kadaj, Yazoo, Loz, Nero, and Weiss. I didn't know what to do when the ones who didn't die were left. So, I waited. A part of me left and went with each person that went back to Gaia. When it was down to Rufus, Rude, Tseng, Reno, Genesis, Cloud, and Vincent, it was Tseng that left first. It still hurt, but we weren't all that close. I realized that closeness became a factor to their disappearances after Rufus and Rude disappeared. When Reno disappeared the next morning, I called Adiana.

"Reno's gone." That was the only thing I said.

"Who's Reno, Maigen?" she asked, genuinely confused sounding.

"Your boyfriend, Adiana!" it was my turn to be confused. I didn't know that no one but I would remember the gang.

"Maigen, are you feeling well? I don't have a boyfriend." She insisted.

I froze. "Uhhh. Sorry. I guess I should lie down. I'll see you soon."


I hung up the phone and ran upstairs to get the pictures from this year. I scattered them on the bed to scan them all. I stared at the picture of only us from the end of the school play. We were all there, but when I went to the yearbook, none of the ones who disappeared were found in the book. I flipped to the picture we took while in Six Flags. They were all missing. I took the photos of our gang only and put them into a separate book.

That's when I figured out that when one of them disappears, the inhabitants of this world would forget about them.


July 5th 2011

I didn't know what happened. I only know that the remaining three disappeared faster than everyone else. Vincent disappeared within a day of Reno, Cloud disappeared within an hour of Vincent, and now… now I'm alone in bed. Genesis was nowhere to be found. He wasn't in the house when I woke up. So he disappeared while we were both asleep. I buried my face into the sheets his scent was gone too. Tears once again cascaded down my cheeks. I held the LOVELESS book to my chest. It was the only thing left besides the pictures that wasn't taken with him.

I went to Adiana's house that same day and sobbed to her. She had no clue on what I was sobbing on about, but she comforted me through my whole breakdown. How many of you have a friend like that?

When it grew dark, I bid Adiana farewell and went back home. Once home, I did the usual. I showered, ate, and played piano before returning to my room.

I grabbed a backpack and stuffed some extra clothes into it (undergarments and all) with my iPod, flashdrive, necklaces, LOVELESS, and my sports goggles. I left the bag at the foot of my bed as I changed into pajamas and climbed into bed.


Around 11:47pm that night…

A loud explosion woke me up that night to a sight that I never thought I'd see. My house was on fire. I fell out of bed in surprise and alarm. "What the hell is going on?"

I heard laughter coming from outside the house and glanced out the window what I saw surprised and angered me. Outside stood my Uncle Ellis, Aunt Aris, Uncle Toscan, and Miss Murt. They had a flamethrower and a few gallons of empty gasoline. I narrowed my eyes and screamed out in rage. "You'll fucking pay for this!"

Uncle Ellis laughed. "No! I told you that you'd pay and now you will. WITH YOUR LIFE!"

He took out a gun and shot at my window, which I'm now thankful is bulletproof. I glanced around the room and quickly picked up my bag and tied my Barricades on. I glanced around for my pictures and found them on my desk. I calmly walked over to them as the flames filled the room and picked them up. "I'll never leave any of you behind."

To be continued in My Favor to the Planet.


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