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Chapter 4


"Morning, guys." I said, walking into the kitchen. You could see the bright sun bouncing from the window creating a glare in front of me. The smell of pancakes filled the air.

"Hi, Logan," Carlos greeted me while chewing on a pancake.

I set myself down next to James on the dining room chair. "You're up earlier than usual." Kendall remarked walking over to us three with a plate full of his breakfast food.

"Yeah, I just wanted to say good morning to all of y'all before I headed out." I explained to them fiddling with my thumbs.

"Where are you going?" James asked. "Do we have rehearsal?"

"No, but do you remember that girl from yesterday?" I asked. "That was checking in." James nodded, but Kendall and Carlos looked confused. "Well, I and she are going to go get some breakfast together." I smiled.

"Aww, does my bro have a girlfriend?" Kendall asked with a high pitched voice and he fluttered his eyes joking around. I blushed and looked down at my folded hands. Then I spoke up.

"No, no she's not my girlfriend."

"What's her name?" James asked wiping off the food left behind from his face with a napkin.

"Camille Canova." I said.

"She sounds cute." Carlos said, finishing up his last pancake.

"She's…quite amazing." I smiled picking out the right adjective for her.

The other boys chucked some. I just shook my head and playfully let out a few laughs too. I looked over at the clock and noticed that I should get going. "I got to go now, guys." I told them. I stood up and headed to her apartment that was just right down the hall.

Once I approached door 2C, I knocked twice with my knuckles and then stuffed then inside my pants pocket. I saw the door handle turn and opened to reveal Camille standing before my eyes. She wore white short shorts with a purple blouse on top.

"Hey." She smiled warmly.


"Ready to go?" She asked grabbing her purse from the side.

"Ready as I will ever be." I said.

We both smiled. She stepped out and closed the door behind her, and I and she walked to the elevators. When we were in there I pressed the down button. "So where do you want to go eat?" I asked her.

"Umm…" She started thinking. "You choose. I just go in town and you know this place more than I do, so you must know which restaurants are good or not."

"Okay," I said. "How about….umm...oh, I know this little pancake house down by the beach that is fantastic. I should know I take Carlos there like every day." I joked.

"And which one is Carlos again." Camille asked me. She hasn't known them for too long and she hasn't met them yet, only me, but I talked about them the night before at the park.

"The short, Latino." I stated. "He always wears a helmet and is full of energy, and he is really funny too." Camille nodded remember who he was know.

When we finally made it to the pancake house it was starting to drizzle a little. I opened my door quickly and got out fast to rush over to Camille's door to help her out. She looked chilly so I took my jacket off and handed it to her. She looked up at me with cheerful eyes and took it and put it on her to keep warmth. I put my arm around her shoulder and rushed us both inside the dry place.

We both let out a sigh of relief once we got inside. "Table for two, please." I told the lady at the front.

"And can we sit by a window?" Camille jumped in asking the lady. The lady nodded and led up to a table that had a perfect view of the ocean.

The waitress gave us our menus and asked us for our drinks. I choose coffee and Camille ordered the orange juice. I looked outside at the water and noticed the rain was coming down harder. The waves were crashing down onto the beach leaving seaweed on the sand. The water wasn't too rough but it wasn't steady either. I turned my attention back to Camille, who was studying the menu.

"Whatca gonna get?" I asked her crossing my arms and leaning them down on the old wooden table.

"I think "I'm going to get the blueberry pancakes with bacon on the side." She informed me putting down the menu so she could see me clearly.

"Perfect choice." I told her.


"I'm just gonna get the regular pancakes."

She just smiled at me, I smiled back. We were both just staring at each other with not words spoken but just smiles, but I didn't mind. It was just as great. Camille's eyes went from me to the window. "Looks like the rain is picking up." She pointed out.


Her eyes turned back to me, they looked questioning. "So tell me about yourself." She commanded.

"Like what?" I asked.

"I don't know." She said fiddling around with her nails. "Tell me about your childhood." She said. Those words brought back so many memories about my dad and how he was suppose to come into town today. I bit my teeth thinking about him.

"Hello? Logan?" Camille said waving a hand in front of my face. She must have noticed I was trying to ignore her question. "Logan, tell me about your childhood."

"Well umm… I had an okay childhood." I told her. I saw our waitress coming to our table with my coffee and Camille's orange juice. She sat them both in front of us.

"Just okay? It wasn't at least good?" She asked. I took a sip of my hot coffee. I warmed my cold throat.

"It was just okay." I told her.

"What about your parents?" She asked.

"My mom died when I was just five months old, I don't have any memory of her at all." I spoke. That was probably the hardest sentence I've ever had to say.

"Oh my gosh Logan, I'm so sorry to hear that." Camille said with sad eyes and a slow voice. "I wouldn't have asked that question if that was the answer."

"It's not your fault, you weren't even born yet." I told her. "And my dad got this 'cool' job when I was ten that had to deal with traveling around the world."

Camille nodded slowly thinking. "So who raised you?" I knew she was gonna ask that question.

"Kendall's family, from the band, practically raised me." I mentioned. "They were my family." I said. I took a deep sallow of air and sighed.

"I'm sorry I asked. I will not ask any more questions about them." She told me. Her voice was smooth and comforting.

"What about your family?" I asked her.

"Well," She started with a smile. "My mom is basically my best friend in the whole wide world and my dad is a close second." She said. I looked over at the corner of my eye and could see the waitress come back once again with our food this time. She approached us and set my food in front of me and Camille's in front of her. "Thank you." Camille said nicely. I nodded in agreement.

"Cool." I said. I watched her as she took the first bite and chew it. Her eyes lit up like a thousand lights. "Like your pancakes?" I asked her taking the first bite out of mine.

"There delicious. I've never had pancakes that tasted like this in a long time. To be honest I don't even remember the last time I had a pancake." She giggled.

I chuckled too. I started to find myself gazing out the window again. Watching the rain hit the lefts making them bounce on their stem. "Fascinated by the rain, huh?" She said interpreting my gaze.

"Just watching it fall." I pointed out. I clicked my fork against my plate when I finished my two pancakes. I heard Camille's sat hers down as well. I watched as she rambled through her bag in search for her money. "I got this." I said pulling my wallet from my back pocket.

I laid 15 dollars down on the table and stood up. I reached my hand out for Camille to take it and when she did so I pulled her up from her seat. We both head towards the door with her in front of me. Once we got outside I could see the dew from the rain, even thought the rain has let in up it still smelt wet out.

I started to head for the car, but Camille stopped me with her voice. "Want to go for a walk on the beach? I need to walk off my food." She nicely smiled. How could I say no to that face?

"Oh course." I grinned.

She walked over to me and grabbed my hand and led me toward the beach. And from there I somehow ended up eating some perfect pancakes with a down to earth girl that I already knew I'd never forget about, and it barely been 24 hours.

To Be Continued...

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