Summary: It's been two years since the events of the Grave Eclipse, and Weyard is rebuilding again. To commemorate the anniversary of the revival of Passaj's Alchemy Forge, Amiti has invited his friends to Ayuthay. When an interesting set of events brings Karis early, Ayuthay's young king is forced to evaluate his friendship. Amiti/Karis

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A/N: The plot bunnies have spoken. I'm writing Amiti/Karis. Please read and review. This is kinda an experiment for me (and a way to procrastinate fighting the final boss .). Enjoy! It goes without saying that this fic contains Dark Dawn spoilers. Of course, I'm not too sure on what happens after Dark Dawn, so in a few years if/when Camelot gives us our sequel, everything in this story may be completely untrue.


A Different Kind of Storm



The wind whipped at her insistently, blowing her green hair into her face as she struggled to turn around against the straps that held her to the soarwing, reaching up to grab onto the broken wing. Karis let out a groan of frustration, quickly swallowed up by the fierce winds. Rain pounded around her on all sides, drenching her to the bone. Her gloved fingertips brushed against the rope that bound the soarwing's useless wing to the rest of it, before the wind snatched the rope out of her fingers. She cursed, shifting her weight and leaning forward. The soarwing lurched treacherously to the right, before its pilot quickly corrected it.

"Karis, hurry!" said her father, his voice strained from the effort of keeping them afloat in the storm. Ivan had perfected the soarwings to the point that any Adept could fly them in calm weather with ease, but this was hardly calm weather, and this wasn't an ordinary soarwing.

"I'm trying!"

The excuse sounded pathetic even to her as she shook off the strap, severing it from her body with a sharp gust of wind. The movement nearly unseated her completely, sending her plummeting to the world below, but she held on just in time. She grabbed onto one of the soarwing's supports, leaning forward and grabbing onto the rope. With a grunt of effort, she pulled the flapping wing closer to them, attempting to hold it in place.

The wind howled, a blast of wind hammering into them from the side.


The sound of snapping wood met her ears. Karis had barely enough time to turn around, barely enough time to see the other wing flying away, a heap of scrap now. She had barely enough time to scream, barely enough time to feel her stomach lurch as the entire system collapsed, the soarwing beginning to plummet to the ground.

"Karis!" she heard Ivan shout.

She closed her eyes. Wind, wind, more wind, and an endless amount of falling, before she hit the ground with a crash and her world went black.