Chapter 1

A/N: This is a fanfiction story based on the Movie Sabrina (1995 version) No money is being made and copyright infringement is not intended. That being said, Paramount Pictures and their agents own the characters and back-story. The story continues after the film ends.

Cast of characters from the 1995 movie Sabrina:

Harrison Ford (Linus Larrabee)

Julia Ormond (Sabrina Fairchild)

Greg Kinnear (David Larrabee)

Nancy Marchand (Maude Larrabee)

John Wood (Thomas Fairchild) (her father)

Richard Crenna (Patrick Tyson)

Angie Dickinson (Ingrid Tyson)

Lauren Holly (Elizabeth Tyson)

Dana Ivey (Mack)(Miss Macardle)

Miriam Colon (Rosa)

Elizabeth Franz (Joanna)

Irene (Fanny Ardant)

Martine (Valérie Lemercier)

Patrick Bruel (Louis)

Scene in Paris, evening.

Linus had arrived just before Sabrina in front of her apartment in Paris. He was nervous; how would she receive him? He knew he'd blown his chance with her in New York. Would she ever trust him again?

(Taxi driver) "Bonsoir."

(Sabrina) "Bonsoir."

Sabrina picked up her bags and was about to enter her apartment when she spotted Linus in the shadows of a car-parking garage across the street. Her jaw dropped; Linus was the last person she expected to see there.

(Linus) "Paris is always a good idea you said.

You said I'd be happy here.

You couldn't have meant without you."

(Sabrina) "How did you know where to find me?"

(Linus) "Your father, I told him I need you.

I told him I'd make you happy.

I promised him."

(Sabrina) "I thought it was all a lie."

(Linus) "So did I.

But something happened.

It was a lie.

And then it was a dream."

(Sabrina) "I don't know how to believe you.

How can I ever…?"

(Linus) "Because you know me! Better than anyone else.

I think you know I love you!

And you promised.

If there was anything you could ever do."


"I've been following in footsteps all my life.

Save me, Sabrina Fair,

You're the only one who can."

Linus closed the distance between them and her arms tentatively went around him. Her head rested on his shoulder a moment as they hugged. Finally they broke apart slightly and a small smile crept over her lips. Linus drew her closer and they kissed lightly. Sabrina's heart soared and they deepened the kiss. Minutes later they were still kissing; Linus placing small kisses on her face, neck and ear, finally cupping her face and kissing her deeply. Her hands wound through his hair as she hung on for the most wonderful kiss of her life. Her heart pounded and her knees felt weak. Nothing she had ever experienced could equal the love she felt for this man.

"We should go inside," she finally gasped. "You must be exhausted, I know I am."

Linus was still caught up in the emotion of their kiss. "Um, yeah, I guess."

"You'll stay here tonight, of course, Linus. I'm sure there's a spare bed."


"Yes Linus?"

"I'm sorry for the way I've acted. I've been a complete fool. You're the only one that I've ever let get close to me. I hated myself for saying the things I did last night. Please forgive me darling. This morning I finally realized I could never live without you.

"Oh Linus! I said it in New York and I'll say it again: You make me so happy. Deliriously happy; of course I forgive you."

Sabrina led him into her apartment and set her bags to one side. "Only one bag, Linus?"

"My mother and Mack packed for me on short notice. David has taken over the business for me; I didn't have time to properly pack. I barely had time to reach the airport to catch the Concorde. I'll have to shop tomorrow."

"We'll have to shop tomorrow," she remonstrated. "I can't have my boyfriend escorting me looking shabby," she smirked. "I'll pull out the couch for tonight; it converts to a quite comfortable bed."

Linus smiled tiredly at that. "The couch will be fine Sabrina, we'll arrange things tomorrow. I want you to show me Paris."

The next day they walked to her favorite bridge across the Seine, lost in each other's arms. As they gazed across the river, each wondered how their lives had changed so quickly.

Linus had been working to finalize the deal to merge Larrabee Corporation with Tyson Electronics. It was a billion dollar deal and Sabrina had inconveniently gotten in the way. His brother David was engaged to Doctor Elizabeth Tyson, daughter of Patrick and Ingrid Tyson. Tyson Electronics had the patents on the hottest, virtually indestructible flat panel display technology. David. David, whose wandering eye had seen many relationships that never seemed to last more than two dates, had finally been caught and a wedding date set to the beautiful redheaded Elizabeth. David, who suddenly discovered that Sabrina, the family's chauffeur's daughter was suddenly back from Paris and capturing his heart.

Linus was unwilling to blow a billion dollar deal if David suddenly dumped Elizabeth, so he quickly made plans to distract Sabrina from the crush she'd had all those years for David. A fortuitous accident with a champagne flute laid David up for several days and Linus took the opportunity to wine and dine Sabrina. A flight to Martha's Vineyard for photos of the family summer cottage, a clam bake on the beach and a late dinner at a Moroccan restaurant had both of them confiding in each other.

After arranging a pair of tickets to Paris for the both of them, with Sabrina finally confessing her love to Linus, he couldn't go through with his plan to dump her in Paris. So she left, alone and heartbroken.

The next day, things fell apart when David found out what he'd done and decided that Linus was really in love with Sabrina and he was really in love with Elizabeth. Arrangements were changed and Linus found himself in Paris, still not quite sure what happened, but strangely happy at the turn of events. He'd done some soul searching on the flight to Paris and realized what a fool he'd been. She'd somehow managed to capture his heart quite without meaning to.

Sabrina was also lost in thought that day. Here was this man that she'd known all her life but had never really thought about and now was the most important person in her life. It was a strange relationship, for he was several years older the she and a very successful businessman. He still had that boyish charm and when he laughed, her heart melted. Still, she had been obsessed with his younger brother David for years, knowing he never noticed the chauffeur's daughter. She'd worn long bushy hair and glasses for most of her life and when her father had informed her that Mrs. Larrabee had arranged a job in Paris at Vogue Magazine for her, she reluctantly rook it. It would take her away from David, but she knew that was for the best. Her father wanted her to experience the world and forget her obsession with David. And in the two years she'd been away, it had almost worked. She'd met Louis, the handsome photographer for Vogue. She thought she could love him, but David kept getting in the way of her thoughts. Finally, a letter from her father telling of David's engagement made up her mind. She had to see him again. David still had a hold on her and so she finished her work at Vogue, learning a good deal in the two years. She had become a very good photographer with lots of help and encouragement from Louis. Her last letter home told of her love of Paris and that she would surprise them when she arrived back home on Long Island. She'd missed her father and friendly staff at the Larrabee estate. But most of all, she missed David Larrabee.

What happened next led inexorably to the present. David, after having one dance with her at Maude Larrabee's birthday party, had sat on a pair of champagne flutes and had been hospitalized. He was recovering at home, but was heavily sedated. Linus had brought the champagne with him to the Solarium where she was supposed to meet David. Explaining what had happened to David, Linus had taken over, dancing with her. As the music and dance ended, he had kissed her. She was so shocked when he told her that that was the rest of the message from David, that she slapped him, then apologized.

The next day, Linus arranged for her to take photographs at the summer cottage. And it continued from there. She found herself growing closer to Linus, enjoying his quick wit but also seeing the loneliness he rarely showed.

It culminated in the offer to accompany him to Paris and their first real kiss. That was when her world fell apart. He'd broken down and told her it was a business tactic and he couldn't follow through with the plan. A plan he himself had made. She refused the offered money and apartment, instead, taking the plane ticket back to Paris. She hoped to heal her broken heart in the place she had loved so well. Then he had appeared and suddenly her heart was soaring once again.

Breaking out of their reverie, the two lovers went about exploring the city. Sabrina took Linus to her old haunts, showing him the parts she most liked. The usual landmarks: The Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame de Paris, The Louvre, Basilica of the Sacré Coeur, Tuileries Gardens and the Champ de Mars. That had taken the better part of the week and between shopping for clothing and eating, the pair were thoroughly exhausted by week's end.

Linus made the next suggestion. "I think your apartment is a bit too small for the two of us. Find a location you'd really like to live and we'll rent a place that has enough room for us to move around a bit. We can always decide later on a permanent home."

Sabrina thought for a minute. "Maybe Irene would have an idea."


"Oh, that's right, you haven't met any of my friends here yet. You'll love them. Irene was my boss at Vogue and a wonderful mentor. Louis taught me everything I know about photography. Martine, well, Martine was a tough taskmistress, but I learned a lot from her."

"I'd love to meet your friends. My mother apparently knows Irene, if she's in charge of Vogue Paris."

"Yes, my father mentioned that. It was a wonderful experience. I'll phone her and see if she's free."

A quick phone call and they were soon walking to the Vogue Paris offices. Irene greeted Sabrina warmly.

"Sabrina, back already? You hardly left. And is this the David you so often talked about?"

"Irene, I'd like you to meet Linus Larrabee. Linus is David's brother."

"Oh?" she sounded surprised. "You never mentioned Linus, I'm pleased to meet you Linus."

"The pleasure is mine, Irene. I understand you know my mother Maude."

"Indeed I do. So, Sabrina, what are you two doing back in Paris?"

"It's a long story. Linus is my boyfriend, he followed me to Paris."

"Boyfriend? I'd say he looks a lot closer than that Sabrina."

Both Sabrina and Linus had the good graces to blush. In truth, they were lovers and had consummated their relationship their first full day in Paris. Linus hadn't proposed yet, but both knew it was just a matter of time.

"Boyfriend, Irene, we are in love and I promised to show him the city. He's moved in with me but my apartment is too small. I thought you'd have an idea where we should look for a bigger place that we could be close to the heart of the city. A nice quiet neighborhood that has a view of the Seine."

"I might have an idea, but you really should see an agent. Remember when you moved here two years ago, I used an agent to find you a place close to work. I'm sure the same agent can help again. I'll contact her and let you know. Where are you staying?"

"Oh, we're in the same place as before. Luckily the apartment hadn't been rented yet and I was able to move right in. It is a little cramped now and poor Linus has been relegated to the fold away bed."

"Not in your bed?" Irene teased.

Sabrina blushed a bright red. "Irene!"

Linus came to her rescue. "No, she has a single bed, it's quite unsuitable for two."

"Oh, but you must have at least tried it," Irene continued to tease.

Both blushed at that and quietly admitted they had.

Irene laughed a rich musical laugh. "You two are too easy to tease. I'm sorry. Have you seen Louis and Martine yet?"

"No, are they in today? I'm dying to see Louis."

"Louis didn't take it well when you left, Sabrina. He'd developed feelings for you. Just so you know. Both Louis and Martine are on a photo shoot today near the Arc de Triomphe. I'll talk to Louis and break the news to him. Maybe you can see him next week. He's pretty busy right now. Martine would love to see you but she's busy until next week as well. I'll arrange a small get together for say Wednesday next week?"

Sabrina was taken aback at this news. She knew Louis had been half in love with her, but they'd decided she had too much baggage with David to get involved.

Linus didn't know what to make of this news. This Louis might be a problem and he didn't want to lose Sabrina to a former suitor. It had been difficult enough to pry her away from David. He couldn't lose her now that she'd firmly ensconced herself in his life.

Sabrina, seeing the frown on his face and realizing that Linus might feel threatened by her relationship with Louis, hastened to reassure him. "Linus, Louis was nothing more than a fling when I was desperately trying to forget David. You have nothing to worry about. It's you that I love, more than anything."

That brought a smile to his face and she could see him relax. He leaned over and kissed her. Irene could see the interplay between the pair and smiled. Louis would not be a problem, but she'd have to deal with him soon.

Their time together drew to a close and Irene promised to phone her when her agent friend had found something suitable.

Bidding her former boss adieu, Sabrina and Linus returned to her apartment where she showed him just how much she loved him. The small bed got a good workout that night.