Chapter 4

A/N: This is a fanfiction story based on the Movie Sabrina (1995 version) No money is being made and copyright infringement is not intended. That being said, Paramount Pictures and their agents own the characters and back-story. The story continues after the film ends.


Irene introduced Sabrina and Linus to Mlle. Ardonne.

"Please, call me Francine," she insisted. "So, you two are looking for a larger apartment. East or West Bank? We have a few available for rent on both sides. Irene tells me you'd like it within sight of the river."

Linus answered. "Yes, Sabrina has shown me all over the city these past few weeks, so she has a better feel for the view she wants. I'd like a place that is in a good neighborhood with easy access to shopping. We'll only be renting for a few months until we have a house built."

"Oh, then why don't I also show you some of the better homes for sale. Maybe you'll see one that will suit your tastes and you won't have to have it built. What price range are you looking at?"

"Well, I don't think money will be a problem, I can afford almost anything you can come up with."

"Oh? Are you The Linus Larrabee of Larrabee Communications?"

Linus had the good grace to blush lightly. "So you've heard of me?"

"Certainly, Mr. Larrabee, you are well known. In that case, I have a couple of very nice properties that you might be interested in. Irene, The first one is on the Seine but is hardly the best view. The second is… well, it's not on the Seine, but I think you'd love it. It's not even in Paris, but the views are spectacular. It's a converted small castle."

"Linus! A castle? We shouldn't be looking at castles!"

"Sabrina, you've lived in an almost castle all your life. We will want to have children, won't we? Money isn't a consideration, let's see this castle. Francine, just where is it located?"

"It's an updated and modernized French castle for sale in South Eastern France in the Rhone-Alpes region, near Grenoble. This magnificent property is located on 6 acres of parkland with room for pool, tennis courts, helicopter pad, etc... It has 10 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and 3 half bathrooms. It has 3+ fireplaces and has controlled gate access. The castle features a Deck/Patio, Fitness Center, Guest House, Hardwood Floors, Media Room/Home Theater, Staff Quarters and a Wine Cellar. The yard and outdoors contains a barn, gardens, mountain view and terrace/outdoor space. Thesquare area is 13,000 sq. ft. (1,208 Sq. m.) situated on 6 is listed at 2,332,000.00 EU, at little over $3,000,000 US, but I'm sure it's open to negotiation.

"Linus! It's too much! Too much money and too big! We don't need something like that."

"Sabrina, let's just look at it. I can afford it, now that the Tyson merger is complete. It's a little larger than we need right now, but I'm hoping for lots of children. I'd rather grow into the home than outgrow it. It sounds wonderful. Besides, it sounds like an ideal place for guests and parties. You do want your father to visit and Joanna when they marry."

Sabrina sighed. "All right, we'll look, but honestly Linus, I had no idea what you were thinking…"

Irene interrupted. "Sabrina, that part of France is lovely. You can go skiing in the winter and riding in the summer. Perhaps you would invite me to visit?"

"Oh, of course, Irene. I still want to see what's available in Paris though."

"Then we'll look at a nice place for sale on the West Bank," Francine suggested. There are very few places for sale and the luxury apartments for rent or sale are a bit small.

They'd looked at the few places available all morning, but either Sabrina or Linus found them unsuitable. There was one place, but it needed extensive renovations and wouldn't be available to live in for at least six months.

"Tomorrow, we'll look at the castle," Francine suggested. "I'll make arrangements today, the owners are away, but the local agent should be available to show us around. This property just came on the market recently and the staff at the office were almost drooling over the place. Six acres might be a bit small, but perhaps some of the surrounding land might also be available. We'll have to get up early, it's a bit of a drive."

After dropping Linus and Sabrina off, Irene and Francine continued to talk.

"What do you think Francine? Will they fall in love with it?"

"Oh yes, Irene. It has everything and is close to everything. Torino Italy isn't that far away and Grenoble is world-renowned for skiing and outdoor activities. Sabrina seems a little unsure of herself. How long has she known Mr. Larrabee?"

"Oh, she's known him all her life, but only recently have they become a couple. Sabrina phoned me early this morning to tell me that Linus had proposed. She seemed very excited."

"I should think so. Mr. Larrabee is an excellent catch. He's a bit older than her though; I'm surprised at the apparent age difference. She's what, in her early twenties? He must be over thirty."

"Linus is Twenty-nine and she's twenty-two. Seven years isn't that big a difference. When she came here two years ago, she was obsessed with his younger brother David. How Linus managed to make her forget him is a mystery to me. She had a brief affair with my photographer Louis, but David kept getting in the way in her heart. Linus followed her to Paris, so I guess she had developed feeling for him at home. Very sudden, in my opinion, but sometimes love is like that. It certainly was a whirlwind affair."

"Interesting, and Mr. Larrabee wants lots of children. I wonder what she thinks about that, she didn't respond when he brought it up, but I could see the shock on her face."

"Ah, but did you also see the small smile afterwards? I think our Sabrina will be only too happy to give him a large family."

"We're almost to my office, Irene. Would you like to come in and see what I can pull up on the castle?"

"That would be lovely. I'm excited to see what you've described. Two and a quarter million Euros is a bit pricy for anything I've ever dreamed of. Linus can well afford it, but Sabrina is unused to that amount of wealth. She might still kill the deal."

"Oh, I don't think so. Once she sees the property, she'll fall in love with it. Just maybe we can talk the owners down a bit; after all, they're moving for a reason. We just have to find the reason and see if we can take advantage of it."


Linus and Sabrina were in a heated discussion. Not quite an argument, but not far removed.

"Be reasonable Linus. A castle? We'd be lost in there with no one to talk to besides ourselves."

"You're forgetting, sweetheart, we'll have servants and I'm sure we'll have neighbors."

"Whom we don't know!" she interjected. "Ten bedrooms is ridiculous. I know the Larrabee estate has probably that many, but there were four of you living there, well three when your father died."

"And only two when I moved out; just David and Maude plus the servants. It was always a full house."

The discussion lasted until bedtime with Sabrina finally conceding that Linus was probably right. But that didn't mean that she gave in easily; if they bought the castle, Sabrina wanted to put her own stamp on it.

Later in bed, Sabrina cuddled next to her betrothed, seeking the warmth only he could provide. A sigh escaped her lips as she thought about all that had happened in such a short time. Soon they were asleep, exhausted from the day spent looking at properties.

She awoke during the night and elbowed Linus in the ribs. He groaned and rubbed the spot where her elbow had struck. "Linus, were you serious when you said we'd have lots of children? You didn't ask me!"

Linus was now wide-awake. "Well, I only suggested it; can we discuss it in the morning Sabrina?"

"No, now is a good time! I want children but I'm not sure I want lots of them. How many did you have in mind?" she asked dangerously. "Define lots!"

"Well certainly more than one, probably more than two," he said carefully. He now knew that tone in her voice. She was pissed off and he knew better than to push her. After all, she had agreed to at least look at the castle and that had seriously strained their happy state.

"So, more than two then? And just when were you going to tell me that?" her dangerous tone continued and he actually flinched.

"Sabrina, you know I love you. There's plenty of time for us to work that out. We're not even married yet."

"Are you trying to back out of marrying me?" she asked, her eyes glistening.

Before the tears fell, Linus knew he'd have to reassure her. "Sabrina, I'm not backing out of anything. I want you for my wife! We're still early in our relationship; we can discuss children later. You are my life, I can't live without you."

A small sob escaped her as she clung to him. "Never leave me Linus. I couldn't bear it. I love you too."

With that, the two drifted off to sleep, enfolded in each other's arms.


The next day, Francine and Irene came by just after breakfast. Linus had awoken early and had a shower before Sabrina had awakened. Sabrina had delayed her shower until after breakfast and as usual cooked a wonderful meal for the two of them.

A knock on the door announced the arrival of Irene and Francine. Linus answered the door and ushered the pair into the small apartment. "Sabrina's just taking a shower and should be ready soon. Why don't you have a seat?"

Francine remained standing, pulling a sheaf of papers from her briefcase. "I've found a prospectus on the castle and there are some pictures for you both to see."

Sabrina joined them, toweling her hair dry before blow drying it. The curls were an outrageous mess this morning, but after a quick run through with a brush, they fell neatly into place. "I could never get ready this quickly with my long hair," she explained. "I'll be ready in a few minutes. Oh, you have pictures. Let's see then. I'd better bring my camera equipment."

Linus skimmed through the pictures, impressed with what he saw. "It looks fabulous. Similar in some ways to my family's estate on Long Island."

Sabrina wanted to study the pictures, but Francine hurried them to the car.

"You can look at them while we drive, Sabrina, Linus told her. "It's a long drive, almost three hundred miles. Maybe we should fly. I can have a private jet fly us to Grenoble and a helicopter meet us. You mentioned it had a helicopter pad?"

This sounded like the best option and Linus was on the phone to Orly Ouest and soon had arranged travel to Grenoble for four people.

"There will be a helicopter waiting for us in Grenoble, so we have to be at the airport in two hours. How long does it take to get to Orly?" he asked.

"It's about thirteen kilometers (seven miles) from here. It shouldn't take too long as long as there are no traffic snarls," Irene answered.

"Good, we can leave now and take our time. Sabrina, do you have everything? We might have to stay over."

"Wait a minute and I'll throw something together. Should I dress casual?"

"It'll only be the agent meeting us," Francine replied. "Casual, but not too casual. We'd like to make a good impression."

Half an hour later, Sabrina had changed to a cashmere sweater over a white silk shirt and soft skirt with low heeled pumps. Linus had his power suit on and they were ready to go.

The ride to Grenoble took less time than they thought and were soon transferring to a Bell JetRanger helicopter. The flight to the castle took less time than the drive to Orly.

Exiting the helicopter, Linus told the pilot that he would contact him when they wished to return.

The castle turned out to be exotic. The local agent, a short stout man that introduced himself as Marcelle Vigneaux, met them. After introductions, he showed them the grounds first. As you can see, the grounds are well maintained with flower beds and an arboretum." The arboretum was a smaller version of the one on the Larrabee Estate. Sabrina was delighted, as they wandered inside.

"The guest house is behind the main castle, but I'll show you that after we've finished inside." Leading them inside, Sabrina was immediately struck with the high ceilings.

"Oh," she gasped, it's beautiful! As she wandered through the interior, Linus took the opportunity to talk to the two agents. Irene accompanied Sabrina.

"Where's Linus?" Sabrina asked. "I thought we'd look at the place together."

"He wanted to talk to the agents for a bit. He'll be along shortly, Irene replied. "Meanwhile we can wander the main floor."

Sabrina was dismayed that Linus would abandon her without saying anything.

Presently Linus joined her. "I just wanted to clarify something with the agent. Sorry to leave you without saying anything, Sabrina."

"Linus, couldn't it have waited? I want you with me as we inspect the castle."

"I wanted to ascertain if the garage is the only one on the property. It turns out that the one attached to the main house is for one car. The rest of the garages are located behind the main building. It wouldn't have worked if we were left with only one covered place for a car."

"Still, Linus, please stay with me. This place is so big, I'm afraid of getting lost."

"Sorry, sweetheart. Old habits die hard," he replied contritely.

The rest of the tour went smoothly with Linus examining everything, making notes and Sabrina looking with awe struck eyes as every new facet of the castle presented itself. Francine was right; she loved the place. It had an old world charm that drew her in. She could see them living here, although it needed furniture to make it a home. She'd have to hire an interior decorator, but first she'd have to talk to Linus. There were many decisions to make.