:-O Saiyajin-Love, you're updating this story?! I thought it was completed and you had a sequel. That is probably what you're thinking since you were surprised by the alert on this story. Well *clears throat* I have some good and bad news for my readers out there:

Bad news first: This author's note will be deleted soon, seeing as I don't want to get reported and author notes are against the rules T_T .

And now…for the Good NEWS: I'm rewriting Love Lost. I've already started. In fact, I'm one fourth done now. And let me say… I will start posting new chapters of it! And there's a lot that I've changed. I won't say what, just that it will be much better than what you've read before! And that you may think you know the plot but….hehehe *evil grin* I'm changing something critical. Until then, love you all! And watch for it! :D