Alright! This is a crossover with HP and FMAB (manga) . This story begins in Harry's 4th year, and shall span the entire 4th year. The next story will be on the 5th book and so on.

The main pairings shall EdWin, HarryxHermoine . I dont know about Al, but Alphonse shall have to sit on the sidelines for this story.

This begins just after The Promised Day in FMA and before the Quidditch world cup.

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Chapter 1

"Edward, Colonel Mustang wants to see you." Riza Hawkeye said, in a kinder tone, which was very different that he usually used.

Edward Elric groaned. Then he cursed. He had just defeated all the homunculi, a psychotic mass murderer who wanted to sacrifice an entire country of innocents just so that he could become immortal. All that at the age of 15. Most of all he had accomplished his main mission. He had got his brother's body back.

He still had his automail arm and leg, but didn't care for it as Alphonse had returned in his own body. They were both in the same room, recuperating. Edward had fully recovered, his injuries were not extensive, but the fatigue was enormous. His brother had it worse. His body was thoroughly malnourished. Every day he would be supplied steroids and fats, his body needed them. They both were having a nice chat of their childhood days, Mustang was kind enough to give them promotions and undefined leave with full pay. After all being saviors of a nation did have some perks.

"What does the bastard want now?" thoroughly irritated. He hated being interrupted.

"Come on Ed, be nice to Hawkeye. She just came here to give you a message." A voice came from behind Riza and just seconds later a girl with long blond hair and brilliant eyes came into view. She was Winry Rockbell, childhood friend of both the Elric brothers and Edward's automail mechanic. She had come to central city as soon an Edward had called her to know that the war was over.

"Jeez. You also in this too Winry? Really, why can't you let us enjoy our well deserved rest?"

"Because, whatever the reason Mustang is calling you, he wants me as well."

Edward jerked up at that piece of news. That was bad.

"What do you mean?"

Winry shrugged. "Beats me. If he wants me, I doubt it will be dangerous."

"I thinks he wants to send the both of you on a date." A voice spoke up beside Edward.

Edward and Winry both blushed madly, earning a snicker from Alphonse and a smile from Hawkeye. It was common knowledge that both individuals like each other but were unable to express it.

"You are so dead Al."

Winry looked as if she was also going to add something but precisely at that moment Hawkeye decided to give out a small cough, reminding Edward and Winry about their appointment.

"What do you want now, bastard?"

"That's so mean Ed."

Edward ignored her.

He stopped short as soon as he registered the presence of another person in the room.

"Who's this, Mustang, your grandpa?"

Roy scowled. The visitor chuckled slightly.

The visitor was a very old man, but the way he moved and spoke clearly denied it. He was far too active for old age. He had half moon spectacles, and a white beard which reached the floor. The main thing that caught his attention was the weird way the man had dressed. The clothing looked extremely stupid and moreover, funny.

"You are here at last, Fullmetal. I should have remembered that your small feet would have difficulty in reaching here." Roy Mustang said in his usual cocky voice.


Roy laughed loudly. Winry tried her best to stop Edward from murdering Roy. The visitor simply looked on, uninterested.

"Anyways, Fullmetal, back to business. I suggest you take a seat. You too, miss Rockbell. For it concerns you also."

Edward noted the hint of authority in his voice and strode over to the sofa. Winry sat beside him. Seeing them, the visitor, came and sat in front of them. Roy chose to remain in his own position.

"This person, Edward is Albus Dumbledore."

Dumbledore greeted them with a smile.

"Dumby- what?"

"Dumbledore." The visitor corrected.

"Whatever. Can we get this over with?"



"Stop being rude!"

"I am not being rude!"

Again they were interrupted by a cough this time by Dumbledore.

"If you have finished, may I begin? I have a schedule to maintain."


"Alright then. You seem the no nonsense type. So I will get directly down to business. My name is Albus Dumbledore. I am the headmaster of a special school which is in England. The name of the school is Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

He waited for the response. Winry was thoroughly confused. Edward was however, angry.

"Impossible. Something like magic doesn't exist. It goes against the laws of nature."

"Dumbledore managed a small smile.

"It surely does, Edward. I know that it may be hard for you to believe this as you are one brilliant alchemist, as your superior says, but it is true. I can prove it to you if you wish so."

Winry immediately got excited. Edward however didn't change. But as he removed his wand, Ed's eyes locked onto it, as if trying to analyze it.

He lifted a cup into his hands, called for the attention of his audience and with a flick of his wand, made blue flames erupt on the cup. He then mentioned for Edward to touch it.

Edward was in shock. Dumbledore had conjured flames in a porcelain cup, those too blue flames. Over that he was asking him to touch them. He immediately declined it, but Dumbledore assured him that it was ok. Slowly but steadily he extended his left hand towards it when Winry extended her right. The pair moved forward with a slow pace, but eventually Edward's hand touched the surface of the cup, only to find that the surface was cool and his arm was not affected at all.


"It is, isn't it?"

With another flick, he turned to cup into a pale blue velvet ribbon. This time Edward was really amazed.

"Wow. I better not be dreaming."

"I assure you that you are not, Mr. Elric. This is really amazing. So, have you decided that magic is real?"

Winry gave an overexcited nod. Edward also responded in a similar fashion but was less enthusiastic.

"With that out of our way, I shall get over to the main purpose of my visit. You see, I have a certain problem, which can only be solved by a child and is not possible by any adult."

"Why me?"

"Because you have the required skills for that."

"Which are?"

"Let me complete, Or may I assume that you have accepted the mission already?"

Edward shot him a death glare.

"Get on with it."

"If you say so, Mr. Elric... Yo see, there is a certain student in my school, whom I need to watch out for, without anyone knowing it. But however if the headmaster of a school would start stalking a male student all over the school every day, many would question my sexuality. Thus here is the deal. I want you to watch over a certain Harry Potter, making sure that he is away from harm at all times. For I am certain that there are many who would like to kill him. But since I can never be always there for him, I want you to do it."

Edward looked thoughtful. He was thinking furiously, trying to make pieces fit.

"What's in it for me?"

"Ahh, yes. I knew that you would bring this up. For that, I know the prefect thing that you would love to have and research." With that, he removed a blood red stone from his pocket.

"This is a philosopher's stone. Don't worry. It is not manufactured the same way it is done over here. The procedure for the manufacture of this was completely harmless. However, it does fulfill the same need of alchemy, which is overriding the law of Equivalent Exchange. You know how this could be beneficial to the medical field, don't you Mr. Elric?"

Edward kept gazing at the Philosopher's stone. He knew that Dumbledore was saying the truth.

"So I have to protect this Harry Potter?"

"To the best of your abilities."

"But for that, I will require to be a student."

"That will be taken care of. You will be also put in the same house as Mr. Potter, so not to worry about that either." He had noticed Edward's worried expression.

"That's not the reason. The problem is the studies. I will have to learn everything, wont I? And what about my age and all?"

"Ahh, about that, I still don't fear. You are 15 years of age, a year older than Mr. Potter. However, due to 'certain' ciurcumstanes, you had to be put in the same year ar Mr. Potter. And about our curriculum, I know that you are a genius, your superior has notified me of that."

Edward smirked. Then he suddenly remembered something.

"What about Winry? And my brother?"

"I was getting to that. Miss Rockbell will be allowed to enter my school as well. Moreover, she will be put on your house also, so as to minimize your pain for your 'utomail' maintenance. As far as your brother, Alphonse Elric, as much as I would have loved to invite him, but his condition would not allow his presence."

Edward nodded. He knew himself that Al needed a lot of time to recover.

"The term will be starting in 2 months time. Till then it is advisable to pick up what you have missed in the last three years of studying. The school lists shall arrive tomorrow. I will also send your study material, for your schooling will be free. They shall contain all the study for the previous three years as well as the current year. There shall be two sets. I also will suggest that you get acquainted with our world quickly, Mr. Elric, for it is very shameful to not to know how a dragon looks like."

Winry cringed. Edward's eyes bulged.


"Let's just say that anything is possible. And moreover, there is another thing I wish to bring to your notice. England shall be hosting The Quidditch World Cup this year you see. I already know for a fact that a close friend of Mr. Potter had booked tickets for him. I have, also done a similar task for you three. Your superior shall be accompanying you there Mr. Elric, so be ready to receive the required instructions by owl."

By now Dumbledore ha got up, ready to leave.

"And before we go, please try to read up on everything you can. Because, it will be tough for you to adjust otherwise you see."

"What about other equipment? Things like the stick you have and uniforms?"

"Ahh, yes. I am thankful towards you for reminding me this. I have informed Mr. Weasly of this problem and he more than happy to allow you to accompany his family. Mr. Weasly is the same person as before. Now I am sorry, but I have to leave."

"But- wait! How would you know that I even accepted your proposal?"

Dumbledore gave him a smile.

"I already know."

After going out of the door with Roy at his heels, Edward turned to face Winry.

"Are you sure you want to come, Winry?"

"Anything for you, Ed."

"It not about that. I would hate to see you get hurt."

"Don't worry! Its gonna be all right. So I am going. I better tell grandma."

She got up to leave. Before leaving she asked Edward a question.

"What about you Ed?"

"I am coming too."

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