Chapter 8

The world was quiet.

No, that was not the world. That didn't come out right. It was a heavenly silence, and a person could even hear his own heartbeat.

It was pure bliss for Edward Elric.

He simply used to love it when there was an absence of sound. The resulting silence was like a drug for him-addictive. But however, it was not harmless.

Thus, over the years, he mastered the art of silencing the noises around him- so that he may be able to continue him research in silence; be it a crowded street or his own bedroom. Once he blocked out every noise, it used to feel like heaven.

But apparent that was not the case right now.

He was sweating-profusely. Bands of sweat were rolling off him in waves, a sign to the magnitude of the mental stress he was applying to the current job at hand. He was weaving through crowds of people wearing black, all having the same direction- The Great Hall. But however, Edward wanted to make it out there inconspicuously, while having enough breakfast as well. And he HAD to remain hidden.

He shifted from column to column, staying hidden for enough time to throw off and shadowers. People around him threw him curious glances, but thanks to his tremendous training; even a word seemed audible for him. Even if that was the case, his ears were perked up, searching for any voice out of the ordinary.

He finally reached the hall, once again, unseen. Just when he gave out a sigh of relief-



It was a daily habit of his. Ling would ambush him at any point in the castle, deriving him suspicious looks from the student populace. And given Ling's antics, he was completely unpredictable. HE used to simply appear from places Edward never knew existed, and was still wondering HOW he had managed to get in his booth while he was showering.


In his usual singsong albeit highly irritating voice, Ling's gave his usual answer," NOOOOOOO! HOW CAN I DO THAT AFTER MEETING YOU AFTER SUCH A LONG TIME! DON'T SAY THAT YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN ME EDWARD!"

"GAH! Someone….anyone! GET THIS DAMM PERSON OFF ME!"

The said rescuer just, appeared in a wisp of flames, and began clawing and scratching at the regally clad emperor with gusto. Ling was immediately surprised with the immense strength of the new arrival, and let go of Edward immediately. Finding that Ling had calmed down, the phoenix settled on a smug yet aggravated Edward's shoulder, and set to copy his master's facial expression somewhat. The duo looked extremely intimidating, and Ling barely managed to suppress a cold shiver that travelled down his spine.

By that time, Winry had arrived along with the rest of the group. Seeing the sight in front of her, she gave an exasperated look to Edward, while she shot a death glare at the other person. The trio simply looked on, surprised. Harry raised an eyebrow, while Ron looked on, confused. Hermione was seething, as Edward was not 'respecting' one of the judges of the Triwizard tournament. Before she could open her mouth to reprimand him, Harry beat her to it.

"You know the Emperor of Xing Ed?

"NO! I mean yes, but I really don't know how did this idiot became the emperor! This-this…good for nothing son of a bitch….this dumb ass pretends to faint due to hunger in the middle of the road, then he will force you to treat him. Afterward…this guy mooches food off you and leaves you with an empty wallet! AND DON'T EVEN TRY TO DENY IT SQUINTY EYES!"

"Err….heh heh. I didn't even utter a word…."

Just then the both of them realized that the Great Hall had gone extremely silent. Edward and Ling both shared confused expressions before asking them at the same time.


After multiple discussions, talks, glares and huddles, the group (excluding Ling who went away) finally sat for a late breakfast. Thankfully it was a Sunday, and they did not have any classes for that day. Edward was still deep in thought along with his phoenix- he had found his lost research notes buried in the bottom layer of his trunk. He was positive that he had forgotten it in the library, but since he never lost it, he didn't care about it. Winry was naturally thinking about her new automail design; Hermione was doing her homework while finishing off a toast. Harry was thinking about the Triwizard tournament while Ron was thinking aloud about the same.

"Who do you think will be the Hogwarts champion Harry? I rather hope its Angelina."

"Anyone will do actually…Let's just hope that it's not a Slytherin."

The rest of the group blanched. They also did share the same views. After a slight pause, Winry spoke up.

"I rather think that it would be Cedric. He seems the most compatible for the position."

Ron gave her an incredulous look. "WHAT? Yo too are supporting the Pretty- Boy Diggory? I didn't take you for a fan-girl Winry."

Seconds later, he was on the floor with a square shaped imprint on his skull. A hammer was resting besides his head.

"I AM NOT A FANGIRL. GET THAT IN YOUR THICK HEAD, WEASLY." This made everyone, with the exception of Edward to move a little away from her. Moments later, Edward joined the conversation too, just when Ron sat back up in his place, nursing a nasty bruise.

"I won't be surprised if Krum is selected as the Drumstrang champion." While saying this, his head had not even risen up by an inch.

"I agree. But I don't even see much of him these days. I wonder if he spends all of his time on that smelly ship…."

"He spends his time in the library. If not for stupidity, I would have said that he has fallen in love with the DADA category there."

Hermione put in her own snippet of knowledge." He got that right. He never leaves that section. It becomes absolutely infuriating when his fans follow him." Meanwhile Ron was at the receiving end of a withering glare for the speaker.

Just then, Fred and George entered the Great Hall with a great deal of celebration. Winry barely managed to make out the pieces of paper hidden in their hands, stating their names and their institution. She lost no time in sharing this piece of information with the rest of the table, and within seconds, the entire Gryffindor table was on their feet, cheering them on; with the usual exception of Hermione whose face scrunched up even at the thought of herself cheering them. Just within the minute, the cheers turned into full blown laughter as Fred and George were blasted towards the entrance of the Hall, along with foot long beards.

Later that night…

"The champion for Drumstrang, Viktor Krum!"

The Drumstrang students roared and acknowledged their presence and that of their champion. Krum was sent towards the room with many thumps to the back which were enough to give him an aching back for several days. The Hogwarts students were unsurprised, they had expected him to be the champion for his school, but cheered for him nonetheless.

"The champion for Beauxbatons, Fleur Delacour!"

Again there was a roar of applause, but it was in a lower intensity than that of the first. A fine girl, with platinum blond hair got up and made her way towards her destination.

"Hey Ron, it's your girl!"

Ron was too shocked to even listen to Harry's voice. He was not the only one. Many of the hall's male population was spell struck by her beauty, and were gaping at her like idiots. Dumbledore noticed this, and with a twinkle in his eyes, cleared his throat loudly. The flames from the goblet of fire shot up, seemingly for the last time, and spit out a burnt piece of paper.

"The champion for Hogwarts is, Cedric Diggory!"

The hall was immediately filled with mixed reactions. The Slytherins booed loudly, angry that the Goblet had not selected the ones from their house. A few Gryffindors also supported glares, while the Hufflepuff table was in complete chaos.

Finally, after a good 5 minutes, Cedric joined his opposition in the room. Just when Dumbledore started on another announcement, the goblet spat out flames for the last time, before they went out. This time, a larger piece of parchment was spit out, and Dumbledore caught it. His eyes widened in surprise first, then in understanding. He never expected this, and had never thought that his actions would amount for this.

"Harry Potter…. and Edward Elric."

The door the room adjoining the Great Hall was thrown open, thanks to a certain pissed off alchemist. Harry was trying his best to calm him down, but his efforts were in vain. The three champions turned around immediately, shocked at the sudden noise. Cedric tried his best to get any answer out of him, but failed humorously. As Edward calmed down somewhat, the door was thrown open again, however this time it was due to a sneering Snape, a grim faced McGonagall, a closed eyed Ling, and the rest of the Headmasters of the other schools. Barty Crouch and Ludo followed them. Seeing their chance at answers, the other occupants of the room immediately badgered their respective Headmasters for answers. They grew silent after learning the reason, but they were bubbling with rage inside. No one wanted to break the silence, and the tension in the room was so dense that anyone would have cut it with a knife.

"What eez diz Dumbly-dorr? Ow can Ogwarts ave tre campions?

Surprisingly, she was answered not by the said person, but by the seething blonde.

"Before I or anyone else can answer your question, Madame; please revert to normal English. I know that you can speak fluently without an accent. Your student can do the same."

The French women glared at Edward, who cringed at bit under their venomous glares.

"All right then. Can anyone tell me, Why the fuck- are there 5 champions for this tournament?"

Dumbledore eyes twinkled in response then dropped down to face the cold marble floor."I'm afraid…..that I am partially responsible for that. However, if Harry had never got selected, this would have never happened."

Kakaroff decided to make his presence known, "Care to explain Albus? Care to explain HOW exactly there are 5 champions selected? And how 3 of them are from Hogwarts?"

"Ahh…..that is I thing I myself do not know…"

"Of course you won't know! It is natural that you would forget your own attempts to give Hogwarts an edge!"

McGonagall snapped. "Stop this at once! Out of all those present here, Dumbledore has always obeyed the rules! And yet here you charge him for a thing he truly did not commit! You all know that the cup was untouched by anyone! The age line kept out all faulty attempts including ageing potion and levitating charms…'ve seen it for yourself! And instead of simply just trying to solve the mystery HOW 2 extra champions were selected, you all are bickering like children for Christ sake's!"

"Of course! I am sure that The Wizengamot shall find this a very interesting-"

A dull clunk made him stop his statement. A voice which somewhat resembled a growl came through later."That is a baseless threat, Kakaroff. By doing that you would doubt the nature of the cup itself. And why are you complaining? By all rights, Harry should be the one complaining. The poor kid's got more people after his blood that the total students in your school!"

Kakaroff immediately shut up. He knew about Moody's reputation, and was not eager to earn his wrath. Finally, Madame Maxime spoke up.

"Mr. Crouch, Mr. Bagman and your highness. What do you have to say about this?"

"Let them try! The more the merrier!"

"I say give them a shot. However, I am pretty sure that Edward shall come out tops….."

Only Barty Crouch remained. Realizing that all of the eyes of the room were on him, he began in a shaking voice," The rules state that whoever's name comes out of the goblet…he or she must partake in the tournament."

Silence again invaded the room. Finally, Madame Maxime again spoke up," Well, if this is the way it must be, then so be it. But however, I am somewhat curious how this boy…..Edward, was able to see through our accents. And what did you mean by it was partially your fault Dumbledore?"

Edward shot a glare at the old guy who merely shrugged. After a few moments, Dumbledore spoke up, his voice grave.

"This piece of information will not leave this room in any case what so ever. I will personally see to it that if anyone even tries to spread it, he or she shall be dealt with accordingly." The received some indignant looks, but continued nonetheless," After seeing that Harry's life was in constant danger, I searched out Mr. Elric here, and requested him to be Harry's bodyguard. In order to keep the two of them together, I made him undertake a magical contract, ensuring that the two of them would remain in the same classes or house while he is in Hogwarts. I never believed that it would cover such a big event also. And thankfully, the contact will end when Harry becomes of age, which is in 3 years time."

To say that the audience was shocked would be an understatement. After overcoming the initial surprise, Kakaroff and Ludo burst into laughter, while Madame Maxime and Snape had traces of a mile lingering on their faces.

"Y-you are saying that what a 12-13 year old child is capable of protecting the boy who lived?"

Edward was seething. No cross that. He was sure that he would murder the yellow toothed guy before the year ended. He desperately tried to rein his anger in.

"Seriously Albus….what were you thinking? Has old age final caught up to you and made you senile?"

"Actually….I think that the Headmaster wouldn't have made a better choice."

All eyes turned to Ling's face immediately. Harry was sure that he heard the noise of a neck twisting, but deemed it unnecessary to investigate it.


"You are saying that a 13 year old boy…will be able to protect someone effectively, perhaps even more so that the Aurors?"

"Sure. But before you make any more assumptions, would you all be kind and get to know who Edward really is?"

Again the assembled crowd slowly turned towards Edward. This time, Edward actually decided to vent out his frustrations. He moved his arm, with a painstakingly slow pace, towards his belt. Then, he undid the clip that fastened the watch to his belt rather slowly, taking time to ensure that the crowd was sick of the suspense. By the time he looked back up, he was happy to see that the crowd was truly impatient. Smirking, he showed off his military pocket watch to the crowd.

The effect was instantaneous. Scared looks immediately invaded their faces, and some even started sweating. Just then, Snape gave out a vicious snarl.

"From where did you steal that boy? For all that I know, Amestris has only one underage…."

His own words got caught in his throat. Amestris only gave out information about the abilities of their alchemists, but they never gave out their personal information and their photographs. Their identities were protected, and that ensure it. Recently the world had just known that the 'Fullmetal Alchemist', who was just a boy, had a major role in ridding a coup planned in the country.

"In fact if you didn't guess it earlier, I AM the Fullmetal Alchemist."

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