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It had been a week since Kurt and Blaine's conversation about Kurt leaving Dalton. A whole week, and still, no decision had been brought upon. This fact was due to not only to Kurt's reluctance, but to Blaine. Blaine's huge eyebrows. Blaine's piercing eyes, that always drew him closer. Blaine's dark curls. Blaine's obsession of Harry Potter, and Red Vines. Blaine's figure. Blaine's perfection.

(He was much too love struck to see the older boy's faults.)

Kurt just - straight up wasn't having any fun at Dalton. Sure, he wasn't being shoved into lockers every day, and classes were great, and everyone was just great, and not only that, but he got to spend more time with Blaine, (he really couldn't ask for more) but the members of New Directions were his family, dammit. And he'd left because of a stupid reason like Karofsky? He wrinkled his nose. He just couldn't go home, anyways. His father... Carole... So much money had been put in for his tuition. Was he really going to give that all up because he'd felt homesick?

Kurt wraps his arms around himself, pulling his knees up to his chest. He could hear Blaine's voice in his ear, telling him to do what makes him happy. Except Kurt can't even remember the last time he actually felt happy, because all Kurt has been feeling lately is numbness. He wants his father to ask him if he has a boyfriend yet everytime he walks in the door. He wants Finn to start an arguement with him. He wants to fight Rachel for songs he'll never get. He wants everything he's ever hated before, everything he's realized he's neglected.

What was that saying? You never realize how important something is until it's gone. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Something like that.

(Even though he knows it's true.)


He doesn't have to look up to know who it is.

"Hey, Blaine," he says casually, letting his feet tumble back down, hanging off of his chair. He gives him a weak smile, that Blaine knows is fake, and dammit, he can't stand seeing Kurt like this.

He sits down next to him, letting out a deep sigh. "Have you made a decision yet?" he asked him, raising an eyebrow. Kurt simply shakes his head, and Blaine's frown grows. He tears his gaze away from him.

"I was thinking," he says, and Kurt turns so he's looking over at Blaine, one of his eyebrows raised with curiosity. "And... What if I went back to McKinley with you? Just hear me out. You know I completely understand what you're going through, and why you switched to Dalton. Hell, I did the exact same thing." He pauses, sucking his teeth in for a moment. "But, I also know that you're not enjoying Dalton as much as you thought you would, correct?" Kurt nods, but Blaine doesn't see because it was a rhetorical question. "You want to go back there, but you're afraid of Karofsky and Azimio." All Kurt is thinking is, "get out of my head", not really taking in what Blaine is saying.

Blaine sighs. "It might be easier for you if I'm there. You know, at least then, you won't be the only openly gay kid there." He looks over at Kurt, then down at his thumbs.

"Why are you so nice to me?" comes Kurt's voice in nothing more than a mumble. He immideately regrets saying it - it'd just kind of slipped out. He looks away from Blaine again, his eyes now on the almost too shiny floor.

(Why is Dalton so fucking perfect?)

"Because you're my friend, and I care about you," is Blaine's response. Kurt feels his heart sink. Friend. No, Kurt doesn't want to be friends with Blaine. He wants to be more than that. He wants Blaine's lips on his, he wants to answer, "oh, that's my boyfriend, Blaine" when people ask him who he is. He wants to introduce Blaine to his father, not just as friends this time. And, Kurt's pretty sure Blaine does too. (You never see him holding hands with Wes or David, do you?) But neither of them have made a move, and every time Kurt tries to ask him out, it turns out as nothing more than, "Blaine, d-d-do you wan - have the setlist for Regionals?" because Kurt is afraid of rejection. He's afraid of a broken heart. He's just... Afraid.

And Blaine gives him this funny look, because Blaine knows. The only thing he's afraid of is losing Kurt. He's become attatched to the boy, and as much as he'd like to pin him down and kiss him senselessly, Kurt has to be the one to make the first move. It's painful because Kurt has no idea how to make the first move, but he has to. After everything he's been through with Karofsky? Blaine has to know that Kurt is ready and that he really wants it.

Kurt shuts his eyes, lost in thought. On one side, he wants nothing more than Blaine to come back to McKinley with him. He wants to be a power couple. He wants that security of Blaine being there. He wants Blaine. But that would be selfish. Blaine loves Dalton. Dalton is Blaine's home. He's already been through whatever Kurt's going through now, why make him relive it after he's just escaped? He looks over at the older boy, who seems certain of his proclamation.

"Where would you stay?" he asks, clearing his throat. "Your house is so far from McKinley, I'm not going to let you drive to school every day."

Blaine's shoulders form a shrug. "I'll rent an apartment." He's thought this all over a million times. He's sure about leaving Dalton. Not only that, but he's sure about Kurt. Yeah, this is the kid he's only met about a month ago. It might have only been a month ago, but Blaine knows more about Kurt than Kurt does.

The corner of Kurt's lips form a frown. Blaine is saying he'll rent an apartment like it's cheap, like it's no big deal. Kurt sighs. Blaine's probably spent a lot of time thinking this through, working this out. He looks up at the older boy. But he seems so sure.

"I...I'll go if you go with me," Kurt whispers, squeezing his eyes shut. Why is he saying yes? What if Karofsky and Azimio just make his life ten times worse that McKinley was without Blaine? What if Blaine is miserable there? What if Blaine just wants to be friends?

According to Rachel, Blaine was a mini-Jesse, and Kurt was being idiotic to let him in like this. He was only going to end up getting hurt, she told him. She knew, she'd been there already. But, no, Kurt trusted Blaine.

(Was he stupid to do so?)