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Chapter 63

Severus' eyes widened for a moment at Lily's announcement, but then he pulled her into a tight embrace. "Lily, that's fantastic!" He got suddenly serious. "Are you okay and the baby?"

"Healer Clarke say we're both fine," Lily assured him. "I know we were going to wait until I was almost done with my training …"

Severus shook his head. "It doesn't matter. When we have children has never mattered to me and thinking back now I'm sure I forgot to take the birth control potion at least once."

"Then you really don't mind, Sev?"

"Mind? No, I'm thrilled! The birth of any wizarding child is always a sacred event and cause for joy and celebration. When are you due?"

Healer Clarke says I'm due on July 31st." Lily leaned against him and he put his arm around her. She laughed suddenly. "And you did forget the birth control potion on at least one occasion, but it could have easily been me that forgot it too. We've both been so busy."

"When do you want to tell Harmony she's going to be a big sister? I wonder if she'll be able to understand what were telling her."

"I think she'll understand; she is four now." They had celebrated Harmony's birthday two weeks ago with a movie at the theater and a party afterwards. All her friends from daycare had attended and had a good time.

"I just hope she doesn't ask where the baby is right now and how it got where it is," Severus said with a shudder.

Lily laughed again. Sometimes she was amazed at Severus being embarrassed at any mention of sex. She recalled how embarrassed he'd been when Eileen and her parents had had 'the talk" with them when they were fourteen. He certainly wasn't when they were alone though. "Well, maybe we should look through those books we were given when we completed that parenting course. Maybe one of those will have a good suggestion as to the best way to handle something like this," she suggested.

"Good idea. We'll do it after we get back home."

"Back home? Where are we going?"

"I thought we'd go out and celebrate the impending arrival of our newest family member," Severus replied. "Go change into your fanciest dress and we'll be off."

Severus quickly changed and waited for Lily downstairs. She came down wearing a dress she'd recently bought at Harrods. It was a sea mist blue color that set off her red hair. Her heels of course matched her dress.

Severus pointed at her heels. "Should you be wearing those?"

"I'm fine, Sev. When I'm eight or nine months along I won't be wearing them, but right now there's no harm," Lily replied giving him a kiss on his cheek. She was amused by the fact he was worried about such a small thing.

"Okay, I guess I worry too much," Severus admitted with a grin.

"You worry about me and that's important to me," Lily assured him.

They went to a Muggle restaurant in London. It was Italian and the food was excellent. Severus had wine with his meal, but Lily had ginger ale. The restaurant had a small orchestra so Severus and Lily had one dance. When they returned home, they got out the parenting books they had used in the classes they'd taken from WCS.

"It says in this one we need to help Harmony understand how great it would be to have a sibling by stressing she's going to be a big sister and teaching how to care and treat the new baby, Lily said.

"This one suggests taking her to the healer with you so she can see the baby's as it develops," Severus said. He read on. "Here's a good suggestion. When the baby's born, we buy a gift for Harmony and tell her it's a gift to her from her new sibling."

"And here's another suggestion that we let her help decorate the nursery. I think she would love to do that."

"This book advises not saying anything until the second trimester," Severus pointed out. "I guess that's in case something happens and she might feel sad or even guilty maybe. So we should probably wait until February before we say anything."

"Mine does to and it's probably a good idea," Lily agreed.

"I know mum will be thrilled and your parents will be thrilled to have two grandchildren arriving within a month of one another."

"Why don't we wait until February and announce it then after we tell Harmony?"

"Okay," Severus agreed.

The next morning Severus and Lily got a fire call from Frank and Alice that they were expecting too. In fact Alice's due date was the day before Lily's.

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The building of the new werewolf refuge continued on schedule and was to be called 'The Haven'. Augusta, Hal and Liam's dad took turns in the offices of the Romulus Foundation, taking housing applications.

'I'm happy these families will be able to move in by May. The dedication is once again scheduled for parent's week at Hogwarts," Augusta said.

"I was glad to hear that Dumbledore has finally broken down the Ministry about the children who suffer from Lycanthropy attending Hogwarts," Leigh Hollywell said. "There's no reason on earth they can't. Madam Pomfrey can monitor them, administer the potion and they can easily floo home to transform."

"Fudge, Umbridge, and their minions raised a major rumpus of course, but the Wizengamot overruled them and gave their permission for the children to start this coming September," Augusta said. "In the meantime, the Ministry will pay for tutors to get the children up to where they should be for their ages."

"Fudge and Umbridge should realize that by disenfranchising the people with Lycanthropy; they're only playing right into Riddle's hands," Hal remarked. "But I gather from what Lily and Sev have said; neither of them is too bright."

"That's certainly true," Augusta agreed.

"Now we need to start getting some of those employment laws against Lycanthropy repealed," Leigh said.

"We can start a petition drive," Hal suggested. "We do it all the time in the Muggle world. We can place petitions in the stores of Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley to repeal all the existing employment laws that discriminate against Lycanthropes, asking people to sign them. We set a goal for a certain amount of signatures and when we reach that goal, we'll turn them over to Dumbledore who can give them to the Wizengamot."

"That's a really good idea, Hal," Augusta said. "If you can make up the forms; I can deliver them to the stores in Hogsmeade. I'm going to be at Nottingham Pines the day after tomorrow for my monthly meeting with the residents."

"I'll get them done tonight and owl them to you tomorrow," Hal promised.

Page ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Break

December came in with icy cold weather. They once again spent the Christmas holidays with Timaeus and his family at Witches Moon. Severus and Lily celebrated their third anniversary again at the Dragon's Tale.

They spent New Year's Eve at home rather than going to the Ministry Ball. They didn't want to risk a run-in with either Fudge or Umbridge since Hal's idea for a petition drive to repeal the employment laws had paid off with some 18,000 signatures and given that the entire British Wizarding community was estimated at 30,000 give or take, it was considered quite a success.

When Dumbledore presented the Wizengamot with the signed petitions, he reported back that they were shocked to see how many people agreed with repealing the employment laws and from some of the comments made on the petition, most were in favor of repealing all werewolf laws. The Wizengamot was at this time was debating repealing some of the most discriminatory laws.

Remus was happy that something was finally being done to help the people suffering from Lycanthropy better their lives and jobs would certainly help with that. He was tutoring some of the older children who would be attending Hogwarts in September in Defense while Severus and Lily had volunteered to tutor them in Potions and Charms and Alice in Herbology. Professor Sinistra had agreed to come over and tutor the older children in Astronomy. Even though Minerva was conducting classes for the people taking the Magical Access Potion, she still found time to tutor the older children in Transfiguration too. When she couldn't do it, Dumbledore came in her place.

"Somebody will need to tutor the children who will be going into their third year in Arithmancy and Ancient Runes." Severus said at breakfast one morning. He thought for a moment. "Maybe I can talk Lucius and Narcissa into to doing it as Lucius is anxious to rehabilitate the Malfoy image. Oh! Lucius sent me an owl the other day, telling me Narcissa is pregnant and due in early June."

"I'm happy for them and I hope everything goes alright with the birth," Lily said. "Adam Wilkes took Arithmancy and Ancient ruins with us. Maybe, it would be better to ask him. I mean Lucius probably has enough on his plate spying for the Order and Narcissa being pregnant."

"I hadn't thought of that, but you're right. I think Dumbledore is still in contact with Wilkes and I'll pass along the suggestion to him and he can ask Wilkes."

In February when Lily was past her first trimester, they told Harmony about the new baby.

Harmony's eyes widened at the news. "A baby? Sally's mummy had a baby and her mummy brought it to school and showed us."

"Well, maybe mummy will do the same thing after the baby arrives," Severus said.

"In the meantime, Harmony I can use your help decorating the baby's nursery," Lily said.

"And when mummy goes to see the healer this month, you can come with us and maybe the healer will be able to show you the baby."

Harmony's brows knitted together. "Where is the baby right now, Daddy?"

Lily patted her abdomen. "Right now the baby's inside here, but its so small, it can't live on its own outside of me." She smiled suddenly as something occurred to her. "Sev, I wonder if we can use that spell I invented to show Harmony the baby?"

"We can try it if you'll refresh me on the spell and incantation," Severus replied.

"You tap my breastbone first and say, Totus Penetralis Corpus Oriri and then tap me a second time in the same place."

Lily stretched out on the couch and Severus tapped her breastbone and said, Totus Penetralis Corpus Oriri."

Above Lily her internal body appeared. Harmony gasped as she saw it. Severus looked carefully at the image and to his thrill was able to spot the tiny fetus in Lily's uterus. He picked up Harmony and pointed. "See right there? That's your baby brother or sister."

Harmony giggled and said, "Daddy, the baby's smaller than my dolly."

"Quite a bit," Severus agreed.

"I wish I could see what it looks like," Lily said wistfully.

"Muggles do have advantage in being able to have a film of it," Severus said.

"Is it a boy or a girl?" Harmony asked.

"Well, right now the baby's too small to be able to know for sure, but in another couple of months we probably will know whether mummy having a little brother or sister."

"Can I tell everybody at school tomorrow?" Harmony asked excitedly.

"You certainly can," Severus replied. He tapped Lily again and said, "Totus Penetralis Corpus Tectum," and then tapped her again and the image disappeared.

"Daddy, will you help me with my puzzle?" Harmony asked. They had gotten her a couple more puzzles for Christmas that were a bit harder than the ones they had bought her last year.

"Okay, bring it out here and I'll help you with it."

Lily meanwhile had decided to invite their families over for dinner the next evening and they would make the announcement then.

Everyone was thrilled at the news that Severus and Lily were expecting.

"I wondered why you didn't have any wine at Christmas," Eileen said.

"I thought you looked a bit peaky some mornings too," Rose added.

"Congratulations," Robert said. "Eileen and I are looking forward to being grandparents again."

"It will be great to have two more grandchildren a month apart," Hal said.

"Now we can discuss our pregnancies," Petunia said. "It will be nice to have someone else who's going through the same thing as I am."

"Have you informed Timaeus, Veronica, Valerius and Seneca?" Eileen asked.

Severus shook his head. "Not yet. I plan to stop in Diagon Alley tomorrow and send off the news by international owl mail."

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February melted into March and March into April. Severus took Harmony's tricycle outside to their rooftop terrace and let her ride it around. He sat down next to Lily on the wicker chaise they had just brought back outside and watched as Harmony pedaled enthusiastically around and around the terrace.

"In another year she'll probably be big enough for a small two wheeled bike," he remarked.

Lily nodded. "I know; she's growing so fast and I'm sure dad already has his eye on the proper bicycle for her."

Harmony stopped her tricycle, got off it and ran over to Lily. She put her hand on Lily's stomach and asked, "Mummy, what's the baby doing now?" She had been going with Lily to her appointments with Healer Clarke and on the last visit they had definitely been able to tell the baby was a boy. He had never been turned the right way on previous visits.

Lily was going into her sixth month laughed and replied, "I think he must be sleeping finally."

"He sure kicked the hell out of me last night," Severus joked and then laughed. "I'm surprised I don't have bruises on my ribs this morning."

Lily elbowed him and said, "He doesn't kick that hard, Sev."

"I know; I was kidding," Severus replied.

"What are we naming him?" Harmony asked. She'd been insistent on giving him a name every since they'd found out his sex.

"Well, mummy and I thought Harland after your grandpa Evans, but we'll call him Harry for short."

"Harry," Harmony nodded. She solemnly laid her head on Lily's stomach and called, "Hello, Harry."

"His middle name will be Severus after daddy and his third name will be Prince after great-grandpa and great-grandma Prince," Lily explained.

"Like me," Harmony proclaimed. "I'm Harmony Rose Eileen."

"Exactly," Severus agreed.

"Will he be magic like me?"

"We think so," Lily answered. In fact the Healer Clarke had told them Harry's core was more advanced than average.

The floo sounded and Severus went downstairs to see who it was. It was Paul. He had owled Severus, saying he was going to be home for Easter break and could he come and visit. Severus had given him permission. Being an only child, Severus considered Reg and Paul his younger brothers. "Hi Paul, come on through."

Paul stepped out of the floo, getting rid of the ashes with his wand before he did. "Hi Sev, thanks for letting me come over." Paul had gotten taller and didn't look so much like a cherub anymore.

"No problem, Paul," Severus replied. "How's your family?"

"Great! Jilly's going to be starting at Hogwarts in September. She just received her letter on her birthday last week. I think Tessa's really going to miss her though."

Severus heard Lily and Harmony coming down the stairs and then Harmony ran into the room.

"Wow! Is that Harmony? She's grown so much I almost didn't recognize her."

"Yes, she's a little girl now rather than a toddler," Severus replied with a smile.

Lily walked into the room and smiled at Paul's surprised expression. "I've grown too," she joked. "But outwards rather than upwards."

Lily called Tita and asked that tea and snacks be brought to the living room. Tita was back quickly, carrying a large tray holding a teapot, cups and saucers, and a plate of freshly made crumpets with butter and jam.

"Thank you, Tita," Lily said taking the tray from her and setting it down on the coffee table.

"So how have things been at Hogwarts?" Severus asked.

"Pretty good really," Paul answered as he added butter and jam to his crumpet. "There are a few of the younger kids from known Riddle supporting families, but Slughorn's taken them under his wing, hoping to keep them from becoming future Death Eaters." He sighed. "I sure do miss you and Reg though."

"I'm taking some Medi-wizard classes with him so I'll tell him you said hi."

"Thanks. The headmaster seems to be making more of an effort to include Slytherin House in things; he's even openly commended us for having a high academic standing on a couple of occasions."

"I wasn't sure he'd continue with his plan to unify the houses, but I'm happy he's continuing the effort," Lily remarked.

"Slughorn's determined that no more Death Eaters are coming out of Slytherin." Paul sighed. "But there still are plenty of stories about the 'great Marauders' floating about. Those seventh year Gryffindors who followed Potter are still singing their praises and acting like ars ...morons."

"I'm guessing they're all stories about how clever, noble and brave they were while at Hogwarts rather than what dunderheads they were," Severus commented.

"You got it," Paul said. He sighed. "The professors are already talking about OWL's and increasing our assignments in preparation for next year."

"I remember," Lily laughed.

"If you need any help studying for your OWL's, let me know," Severus added.

After a couple of hours, Paul returned home. "I sure as hell hope Dumbledore doesn't invite those idiots to join the Order," Severus remarked as soon as Paul had gone. "All we need is more dunderheads like Potter."

"I was thinking the same thing, Sev."

They had just finished eating dinner when the floo sounded and Dumbledore's Phoenix Patronus flew out. "There is a special, emergency meeting tonight at seven o'clock in my office," it announced in Dumbledore's voice.

Severus frowned and looked at his watch. "It's 6:30 now. I don't know if we can find a babysitter for Harmony on such short notice, but of course he never thinks of that. Mum and Robert had plans to go to dinner and a movie tonight I know."

"I'll floo mum and dad," Lily said, getting up. "Maybe they'll be able to watch Harmony for a couple of hours."

Fortunately Lily's parents did not have any plans for the evening and flooed over within fifteen minutes. Severus and Lily said goodbye to Harmony and stepped into the floo and Severus called, "Headmaster's office, Hogwarts." He threw down the green powder. Severus took out his wand and removed the ash from them before they stepped out of the fireplace into Dumbledore's office. Instead of seeing the Order members milling about, they saw only Alice and Frank and the Potters. Marlene smirked, showing off her prominent belly.

"What's going on?" Severus asked. He noticed a Pensieve sitting on Dumbledore's desk.

"If you and Lily will sit down, Severus; I will explain," Albus said, indicating the two empty chairs next to Alice and Frank who looked just as mystified as Severus and Lily. It was obvious Dumbledore had something to tell them so Severus and Lily sat down resignedly. Whatever it was, it was probably not good news.

"This spring Professor Spragg, our long-time Divination professor told me she was retiring at the end of this year. I received only a few applications, but the first one I interviewed was the great-great granddaughter of Cassandra Trelawney. She was staying at the Hogs Head and I went there yesterday to see her. I really didn't think she had inherited Cassandra's gift and I was about to leave when she suddenly fell into a trance." He took a vial filled with what looked like a grayish liquid and poured it into the Pensieve. "I'm going to do this a bit differently rather than the usual way we view memories." He waved his wand over the Pensieve and a small version of Sybill Trelawney rose up. She was slight, draped in many spangled shawls, and wearing an overload of gaudy bangles and rings. Her hair was long and frizzy. She wore big, round glasses that magnified her eyes and spoke in a misty sounding voice:

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ... Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ... And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not ... And either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives ... The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies..." *

The figure of Sybill Trelawney sank slowly back into the Pensieve.

Severus had to bite his tongue to keep from laughing. This is what the big emergency meeting was about – some lunatic prophecy?

"I have hired Sybill to keep her safe from Tom, but the prophecy was overheard, I fear."

"By whom?" Marlene asked fearfully.

"By a spy for Tom, I suspect," Albus answered. "Sybill had just begun speaking the prophecy when I heard a noise outside the room. I opened the door, but just as I did, the individual apparated. I asked Aberforth if he'd seen anyone go upstairs, but he said he'd been busy breaking up a fight and hadn't noticed. I don't have any idea how much of the prophecy they overheard either."

"What does this have to do with us?" Frank asked while Alice sat with her arms crossed. "Yes, I'm due on the 30th anyway."

"Your baby may be late and arrive on the 31st, Alice," Albus pointed out. "Also all your babies are boys …"

Severus interrupted him. "Lily and I don't know what we're having. We decided we didn't want to know in advance," he lied smoothly. He had the real information hidden securely behind his shield in case Dumbledore attempted to use Legilimency on him.

"Our baby is definitely a boy and we've already decided to name him James Charles Potter Jr." Marlene crowed.

"Well, there's a 50/50 chance you will have a boy so that's why I included you," Albus replied to Severus' statement

"What exactly do you expect us to do?" Lily asked.

"I am strongly suggesting you go into hiding under the Fidelius Charm. The Order has several safe houses you can stay at."

"Our house is already under the Fidelius Charm besides being heavily warded," Severus said. "And even if there was a chance of Riddle breaching it; we have access to an even more secure place so no thanks."

"The same goes for us," Frank said. "Meadowview Manor is already under the Fidelius and is heavily warded too. In fact, I recently asked Alastor to check the wards to see if he could see any weak spots. He found two and strengthened them."

"That means we're staying put where we are," Alice added.

"I don't know anything about the wards at the manor," James admitted. "My dad has always taken care of that. If we go into hiding, my parents have to come with us."

"Of course," Albus agreed. "And of course I would be your Secret Keeper."

"Well Albus, I'm going to talk to my dad about this and see what he says."

"That's fine, James, but the sooner you go into hiding, the better."

"I'll be just a minute," Severus said to Lily after James and Marlene left.

"I'll visit with Frank and Alice outside," Lily replied.

Severus cast the Muffliato Spell as soon as Lily and the Longbottoms left the room. "Does Lucius know anything about this spy?"

Albus shook his head. "Unfortunately not. Apparently he reports to Tom privately. He has no idea who he might be. That's not the worst of it either. I didn't say anything because I didn't want an eruption from James, demanding to know who our spy was, but Lucius also told me we have a spy in the Order."

"So Riddle probably already knows about the pregnancies …"

"And if he heard even the first part of the prophecy, he'll be able to put it together who he should target."

"Well, I don't believe in prophecies; they can be interpreted to fit any situation."

"Well, I hope Tom's interpretation of this prophecy doesn't lead to tragedy, Severus," Albus replied sorrowfully.

"It won't," Severus replied, casting the counter for the Muffliato. He stepped outside the office and closed the door. He cast another Muffliato and said to Lily, Frank and Alice. "What do you think?"

"I think it the biggest bunch of dragon dung I've ever heard in my life!" Alice snorted.

"I think Dumbledore's secretly hoping that the Potter's will have this miracle baby," Lily snapped. "And that's fine with me."

"How can anybody as smart as Dumbledore believe somebody who sits in the Hogs Head with a bottle of sherry and tells fortunes for a Sickle all day long?" Frank asked. "When Albus tells Alastor about this; he'll be laughing so hard, he'll probably be rolling on the floor!"

They decided to walk to Hogsmeade and floo home from the Three Broomsticks. They didn't get to see a lot of each other due to their busy careers. By the time they got home, Harmony was in bed and asleep.

"So what was this emergency meeting about?" Hal asked.

Severus snorted and Lily relayed what Dumbledore had told them. "As Frank said; I can't believe anybody's who supposed to be as smart as Dumbledore believes this twaddle."

"Even if we don't believe it, it doesn't mean Riddle won't," Severus said. "It might not hurt to be more alert for awhile just in case."

"I agree," Hal said. "I'll fill your mum and Robert in on it when I see them tomorrow."

After Hal and Rose had left, Severus and Lily checked on Harmony, kissed her goodnight and got ready for bed. "Did I tell you I saw Tuney yesterday at St. Mungo's?"

"No. How's she doing?"

"She's fine and she told me that she and Liam found out they're going to have a girl. They're going to name her Briony Margaret Rose. Margaret is after Liam's mum."

"In other words, Tuney is going to stick with the flower first name tradition."

"It is tradition in mum's family to name the girls after flowers," Lily pointed out.

Severus nodded. "As its tradition in the Prince family to give everybody Roman names even the house elves."

"Exactly," Lily said getting into bed. "Tuney says they've been really busy at OWE with discrimination suit being filed by people taking the Magical Access Potion against the Ministry because they won't hire them, claiming that their magic won't last. She thinks Dumbridge and Fudge are behind it."

"It wouldn't surprise me a bit to find they were. Dunderheads!"

Page ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Break

Voldemort sat back in his throne like chair with Nagini wrapped around the top of it with her head resting on his shoulder. "Tell me again," he ordered the spy in front of him who was on his knees with his head bowed.

"My Lord, as I said before I only heard part of it before I was discovered by Dumbledore and forced to apparate in order not to be discovered. Trelawney said: "The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ... Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ..."*

"Hmm …and you say there's three pregnant witches in the Order right now?"

"Yes, My Lord. Lily Snape, Marlene Potter, and Alice Longbottom. I will be able to find out more about them at the next meeting."

"You did well," Voldemort complimented him as he drew his wand.

"Thank you, My Lord."


The spy rolled around on the floor, screaming for mercy.

"You were foolish to allow Dumbledore to discover you were listening!" Voldemort yelled.

"Please Master, mercy! I was never strong in Charms and my Disillusionment Charm wore off before I heard the entire prophecy!"

"You are fortunate that Lord Voldemort is so forgiving. Go now and don't return until you have something worthwhile to tell me!"

"Yes, My Lord," the spy said stumbling to his feet. "Thank you, My Lord!" He made for the door and outside.

"An interesting dilemma, is it not, Nagini?" Voldemort asked.

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*Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, J.K. Rowling, Arthur A. Levine Books, 2003, page 841.