It was a few weeks later now, and Peter was sitting watching the news.

"The culprits of the Moscow Mall mass-soaking have still not been found!" the news reporter said, "And now, the police chief reports, that they probably never will be."

The television then showed a police officer interviewing the baker.

"I dunno," the baker said in a heavy British accent, "Dunno what he looked like. Some Russian twat soakin' up the place, chaps. I bet it was your fault, I fucking hate Russians!"

And then the baker tried to attack one of the police officers but was grabbed by the other officers nearby.

"Fucking Russia!" the baker said as he was carted away by police.

"This chef was later arrested and deported back to Britain. He is now facing charges of attempting to assault an officer," the news reporter said, "Police are now calling off the search for the Moscow Mall soakers, as police have deemed it a waste of time and money to continue searching for them."

Peter smiled as he watched it.

Suddenly, his phone rang, and he answered it.

"Hello, who is this?" he asked.

"It's me, Sofia," Sofia answered, "Are you watching the news?"

"Yeah, it's pretty awesome."

"And that baker who threatened you is probably going to jail, how cool is that!"

"It feels good, I'll tell you that," Peter laughed.

"Well," Sofia said, "Alyosha and Czesy were certainly pleased when I spoke to them. We may not have beaten the world record, but, we had one hell of a time."

"I think you three enjoyed that far more than I did," Peter laughed, "You silly rebels."

"Ah, we did enjoy it, thanks Peter, you're an awesome guy."
"Hahahaha, thank you too Sofia, actually no, you sucked me into your weird plan. No thanks for you."

Peter laughed.

"It's ok now though, right? We learned a lesson and no one will be any the wiser." Sofia said.

"I guess you're right," Peter said, "I suppose it was pretty funny and there were no consequences so I guess everything turned out alright."

"It sure did. Well, goodbye Peter, I'll phone you again later when this comes onto the news again."

"Sure thing Sophia. Bye!"


And so Peter put down the phone and continued watching television.

And then, he laughed again.

The End.