Another argument, or rather another repetition of the same argument. The same argument they had been having for weeks now, since before she had even come home, and the fights had continued every day since.

Kagome sighed as she fell on her bed, her eyes closed long before she hit the pillow as she dreamed of unconsciousness. Why did it always have to take so much energy to fight with Inuyasha anyway? Whenever she argued with Sota it wasn't this exhausting, but arguments with Inuyasha just seemed to go on forever, and there was really no way to get away from him. Today she had only managed to end the fight because her mother and grandfather had taken pity on her and practically forced the half demon away, saying that it was late, and Kagome needed her rest for school the next day. The tapping at her window told her that their ploy hadn't worked.

Attempting to ignore it she remained where she was, her head relaxed against the pillow as she tried to force the tension out of her shoulders and pretend that she was asleep, hoping he would stop that annoying knocking on the glass of her locked window. She hadn't locked it in ages, not since she'd known Inuyasha, since he often liked to come in through the window, but after the past week of arguing this wasn't the first nighttime visit she'd gotten, and they had all ended at or just after sunrise, leaving her with an awful headache and too groggy to accomplish much. And so the trusty lock at the bottom of the frame had sprung back into action. It was too bad Inuyasha was taking so long to get the clue. Kagome groaned inwardly as he continued, the dreadful rapping of his knuckles growing more insistent on the glass, and ringing almost painfully in her ears against the silence. Was he going to do this all night?

The crash brought her instantly to a sitting position, her eyes wide as she stared at the flying slivers, the tinkling of the broken window pane still echoing in her ears even as the final glittering splinters fell into the carpet. Her shocked eyes rose to the red clad figure marching across them.

"I said we weren't done talking about this, what's the big idea locking me out huh?"

She'd seen him angry, but not like this. Somehow Inuyasha's big golden eyes, those eyes she'd loved not so long ago, had become terrifying. The color was rapidly darkening, gold flecked with red and then after barely a second red flecked with gold until none of the usual coloring was left behind. He stalked purposefully across the space between her bed and the window, ignoring the glass crunching beneath his bare feet in a way that made Kagome cringe. She could hear her mother and grandfather moving in the distance; knew that he could too. "I…Inuyasha… what are you… what's gotten in to you?" She demanded sharply, wanting to stand, but worried of stepping on any of the clear daggers now strewn across her bedroom floor.

"I'm done fighting with you Kagome… just give me the damn jewel and I'll go get the last shard from Kohaku myself."

"Kohaku needs that shard." She found herself climbing to her knees to be closer to eye level with him.

"Yeah, well so do I!" He stormed forward, his volume rising dangerously. "It's been nearly a month since we killed Naraku. You promised you'd give me the jewel, that you'd let me make my wish. And now you won't… I did all the work."

"Inuyasha…" She stared at him wide eyed. She couldn't remember ever actually promising him that she would give him the jewel, but that had been the implied understanding. She'd thought he would come up with a good wish, with the wish that would make the jewel disappear at last. She'd thought he'd changed his mind. She hadn't expected the two wishes he'd come up with, and neither was a very desirable option for her. The first had of course been for him to become a full demon, something he'd been clinging to without telling them while they had all suspected that he'd moved on from that particular dream. The second… the second had been even worse, if you were Kagome anyway.

He wanted to bring Kikyo back to life as a human, like she was before she died. At first it hadn't seemed like such a bad idea, not really, but then Kaede had explained what would happen. Kagome was Kikyo's reincarnation, and if they brought Kikyo back like she was she would get back what she did not have of her soul, which meant that Kagome would lose what she had of her soul. Which was a way of saying that she would die, and pretty much cease to exist. However much she wanted Inuyasha to be happy Kagome wasn't really willing to die for it… not yet anyway.

She blinked out of her thoughts in time to see a hand coming toward her. A scream hardly tumbling from her lips Kagome threw herself to the side, rolling off the side of the bed and landing painfully on her shoulder. Groaning she pushed herself up from the ground, her eyes temporarily narrowed with the pain that still shot down her arm. "Inuyasha what are you doing?" She demanded sharply, rubbing at her shoulder. Her wide eyes slid across the bed, taking in the deep claw marks cutting across the blankets and into the mattress. "Look what you did!"

Her shoulder screamed in pain as he pushed against it, throwing her backwards and pinning both of her shoulders between his hands and the wall. She bit down a screech of pain, forced her eyes up into his still crimson eyes. "The Jewel… now." His voice was soft, nearly a growl coming from his snarling face that loomed only inches from hers.

"Inuyasha… let go… you're hurting me." She struggled weakly against his hands, the pain shooting through her injured shoulder as he pushed harder against it.

"When you give me the jewel."

"You know I can't do that."

"What's going on in here?" The voice of her younger brother cut through the tense silence stretching through the room. "Inuyasha? I thought you went home?"

"Sota… get out of here." Kagome gasped as he pressed harder against her, she could almost feel her bones snapping and a groan escaped her.

"Sis… are you alright?"

"Sota… go now." She felt herself crumbling as Inuyasha pushed away, leaving another stab of pain to shoot down her arm with the force of it. Panic shot through her as she watched him walk toward her younger brother who was busily rubbing at his eye.

"Hey, what happened to the window?"

"Sota!" She pushed helplessly with her working arm to find her feet, only managed to with the help of her damaged mattress.

"Kagome… Kagome what's the matter?" Her mother and Grandfather were within steps of her door now, their voice floating in through the open door moments before they appeared behind Sota.

She stared up at Inuyasha as he walked toward them, his shoulders hunched slightly, and his hands tense at his sides, the fingers separated to inflict the maximum amount of damage when he hit. Fear froze her for less than an instant before forcing her to take action. Her body moved on its own accord, sent her flying forward. She didn't know what was going to happen until it did. The ball of white energy pooled in her palm before expanding outward, keeping her hand from actually touching his leg.

The light exploded away from him, sent the half demon flying off to the side and away from her. "Get away." She grumbled, falling toward the ground.

"Sis!" Sota leapt over the fallen half demon and ran to her side, "What's wrong with Inuyasha?"

"I… I don't know." She gave up telling him to leave as the boy put his arm around her shoulders, helped her sit up fully. Hopelessly she fixed her eyes on Inuyasha who was growling softly as he pushed himself to his feet. Nearly holding her breath she met his eyes, barely noticing that the golden color had returned. "I think it's time you left Inuyasha."She murmured, hoping that she sounded more threatening than she felt.

I normally hate author notes, which is why none of my other stories have them, but this is a special case. Before anyone gets super angry with me just know that there is a reason Inuyasha is acting this way that will be explained later. I know that I hate when characters are written in a way that seems completely off base for them, so just be patient with me... okay?