Yusuke Urameshi was on a mission. Not the kind he got from Koenma, but the type of personal mission that he really took to heart. The basic goal of said mission was to remain asleep no matter what stimulus was used to try waking him. And he was doing a fantastic job of it, much to the annoyance of his sister.

Kagome hadn't been much of a morning person… ever. Even after years of practice she was still groggy being up at this time of the day, but Yusuke and Sota were definitely worse. After nearly twenty minutes of yelling, tickling, poking, she'd even smacked him a few times, she'd finally been forced to give up on waking Yusuke from where he'd passed out on the couch. She couldn't be nearly as physical with the younger brother, who seemed to have the same ability to completely ignore her and sleep through a demon centipede stampede.

She sighed and adjusted her hold on the boy dangling from her arms as his head lolled against her shoulder with an almost painful impact. "Come on Sota… I can't carry you all the way to the train station…" She ran her hands into his hair, rubbing at his scalp viciously, only to be rewarded by a soft snore and no resistance from the boy still hanging limply from her, "Wake up will you? We're going to miss the train! It's the only one all day…" Well at least before really late, as it was she was going to spend most of the day on the train, she didn't want to spend the night there. And she didn't have any more time to waste. "Sota…!"

Groaning in annoyance she dropped him onto the couch, hoping it would shock him into waking, which of course it didn't. Wondering why she wasn't able to sleep like these two Kagome turned to walk back into her room, swinging her backpack onto her shoulders, listening to the now familiar dull thwack of her books hitting each other as they hit her back. Her return to the living room yielded no welcome new developments, revealing only that Sota had fallen over against Yusuke's arm.

"Well since neither of you is going to work with me here… and I can't carry both of you…" She bent, struggling a little to scoop Sota back up, bracing him against her shoulder as she wrapped her arms around his back to hold him up, "Looks like you get to stay home Yusuke…" She paused to look at him, "yeah I know… you're just heartbroken." Sighing again she turned to the door, resolved to call and give him a piece of her mind later when he was conscious enough to appreciate it.

Thankfully the elevator was working, and the hand rail extended far enough from the wall that she could rest part of Sota's weight against it and give her already tiring arms a rest, "I can't believe how much heavier you've gotten…" She grumbled, stumbling to get through the front door and onto the street with full hands and an off-kilter load as Sota shifted against her in his sleep. "Come on Sota… you're already making me carry you; you could at least make it easy on me." She almost panted as he tipped away from her, nearly throwing them both to the pavement before she could adjust to prevent it. She'd been wrong to think this would be only a little difficult. It was now bordering on nearly impossible. Sota twisted again, probably in an attempt to find a comfortable position, and nearly went toppling out of her arms and onto the sidewalk. With a quiet squawk of surprise Kagome jumped again, dragging him miraculously back to her again. "Hold Still Already." She hissed harshly, tightening her arms around him again in a new attempt to keep the boy from moving.

The person who dared to chuckle received her most menacing glare, not that his green eyes lost any of the amusement that danced in them when hers found them. "Are you just going to stand there laughing at me or are you going to help?" She demanded, her lost patience causing her to snap although she knew the redhead didn't deserve her attitude. She would have to remember to apologize to him later right now she just had her hands full… literally. It didn't help that he just stood there, watching her with wide eyes, "Fine." Turning she adjusted her hold on the boy again, one backpack strap dropping down her arm to elbow, the load shifting again to throw her balance even more off as Sota dipped dangerously back again, forcing her to lean back and slam him into her chest. She was definitely going to have bruises tomorrow. She really hoped her brat of a brother appreciated all the trouble she was going to for him when he woke up. Though she knew he probably wouldn't see it that way.

A hand caught her shoulder, halting her progress. "I didn't mean to annoy you; it was simply a humorous sight… I couldn't help myself."

Kagome sighed, deflated now, "I know, I'm sorry I snapped at you Shuichi, I was just… flustered I guess." She tried to smile over a yawn, and to her joy succeeded at least partially, "What are you doing here anyway? Aren't you exhausted you only went home a few hours ago?" Yusuke and Sota had stayed out surprisingly late, and he'd been kind enough to keep her company the whole time, claiming that he wasn't tired anyway, and that since she would be up waiting there was no need for her to do so alone.

"I came to see you off, but as you need assistance I would be happy to offer mine." Before she could respond he'd taken Sota from her arms and placed him easily against his own shoulder, giving her one of those little half smiles he flashed so often.

"Thanks, but I can get him… there's no need for you to…"

"You all but demanded my help earlier." He pointed out.

"I already explained that."

"Where is Yusuke?" He asked, smiling a bit at her embarrassed flush.

"I couldn't get him to wake up. I swear these two could sleep through anything."

Kurama couldn't help smiling at that. If she only knew, but it wasn't a story he planned to be telling her any time soon. That was Yusuke's business, and if he hadn't seen fit to tell his sister about all of their adventures then it wasn't his place to tell her of it first. He could understand why Yusuke seemed to be so determined to protect her from that, Kagome with her big brown eyes and bright smiles seemed like the kind of girl you had to protect, but his mind went back to the strange items in her dresser, her energy that seemed so vaguely familiar and the demon she'd been in the company of only a short time ago. There was something to this, something more than coincidence. Perhaps this was his chance to figure out some of what had been eluding him. "Then you plan to go all the way there and back by yourself?"

"Well… yeah, I guess." She paused to shrug, trying to settle her backpack into place, "I brought my books to do some studying on the way home, so it's not like I won't have anything to do."

"It's still a rather long journey. Would you allow me to keep you company in Yusuke's absence perhaps?"

She paused mid-step, turning to look at him. "Oh…I'm sure you have something better to be doing all day…"

He paused as well, looking away as if thinking it over before turning back to her, "I can think of nothing else that would require my time today."

"But… I couldn't ask you to give up your Saturday to sit with me on a train."

"If you don't want my company Kagome you only have to say so."

She looked almost panicked meeting his eyes, hers wide "No it's nothing like that. I would… I would really like it if you came, I just… I don't want you to feel like you have to…"

He stifled a bit of a chuckle, "I offered because I wished to come with you."

"Oh… thank you."

"It's nothing."


He glanced at the girl sleeping against his arm and couldn't help smiling. She'd practically collapsed into the seat after settling her younger brother in the one across from them, the late night and early morning clearly taking their toll on her from the shadows beneath her eyes and how quickly she'd actually fallen asleep once the train had finally started moving. He'd waited to be sure she was deeply asleep before searching her backpack, ignoring the unusual pang of guilt at this invasion of her privacy, something he normally wouldn't have felt. He'd found nothing of interest, instead had borrowed a book she'd been reading to pretend he was focusing on something as his hand ran over the small bag in his pocket, the special seals on the outside hiding it's energy pulse even from him, just as he'd intended for it to. There was something about the little jewel currently in his possession that made it easily identifiable to demons, he'd been cornered by a few shortly after finding the thing, how Kagome had managed to hide it was beyond him, another of the annoying things he did not know about her. He knew that he should return the trinket, but somehow he wasn't sure he wanted to. He had yet to decide if it was because he felt she was safer without it, or if he wanted to keep it just until he figured out exactly what it was. Either way, he had no intentions of keeping it permanently, eventually he would give it back to her, or more likely leave it somewhere she would find it, that seemed a little less suspicious and he didn't want her suspecting he'd taken it, another thing he wasn't entirely certain of his reasons for, and surprisingly Kurama wasn't the least bit interested in analyzing his own motives at the moment. That would wait for later. He was going to the shrine, and hopefully some of his questions could be answered there.

I know it's super short, but I decided to split what would have been one chapter in two because I was having trouble working the rest of it out, I liked this part so I figured why not put it up?