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It was early 2005, and the Doctor had just stepped out of the TARDIS on a warm London afternoon. The streets were bustling, taxis and buses flew by, and tourists cameras snapped at any available English object.

The Doctor ambled down the street, smiling to himself. Amy and Rory had been quite alright with him stopping off in the capital for a little while. They had both suspected it had to do with Rose, and after witnessing how cutup the Doctor was after her departure, had been more than happy to leave him be and do some sightseeing.

It was one shop that caught the Doctor's eye as he walked. Angled on a corner and grey in colour, it stood tall and loomed over the passers by. This was the place, the Time Lord remembered it with perfect clarity.

He marched inside, and wondered idly how he was going to go about this. He looked left and right, searching for the object of his mission, and caught sight of a familiar blonde head, standing behind the counter, scanning items for an irritable customer. It struck the Doctor immediately how young Rose Tyler was. Her hair hung around her face in long blonde waves, and her eyes were bright, but lacking the extra shine they wore when she had begun to travel in the TARDIS. The bored look on her face was one that the Doctor had taken pride in removing, and he couldn't wait until he blew up the shop he stood in and invited her into his world.

He took a shirt from a rack without looking at it, and marched over to the counter. He felt nervous, and his stomach felt oddly as if it was fluttering, but he swallowed it down. He had to do this carefully. Rose had been right. He could visit, as long as it didn't destroy any universes. When the customer in front of him vacated the area, he went forward briskly, placing the shirt on the counter and standing back, taking in the sight.

He knew this would be the last time he saw her. The very last, and so he took in the sight of her, smiling warmly.

Her eyes fluttered up to his, and she gave him an amused and flattered smile. He must have been looking at her a tad differently than he had intended...

"Hello." She said in a voice that suggested she was bemused by the way he looked at her. The Doctor hadn't quite expected her to speak to him, so was taken aback as he answered.

"Oh! Hello there!"

She giggled, and immediately looked confused. Like she didn't know why she was laughing.

"Are you having a good day?"

The Doctor shrugged, flashing back to the previous tearful goodbye in the TARDIS.

"Not the best, but it's improving!"

She smiled.

"That's good."

The Doctor replied in his head, told her it was only improving because he was speaking to her, a mere hour after he had lost her.

"It'll suit you."

"Sorry?" He blinked at the beautiful, young girl behind the counter, and she chuckled again, eyes shining.

"The shirt." She pointed down at the shirt lying on the counter, which the Doctor now noticed was a pleasant pale blue colour navy buttons. He held it up against himself as he gathered his bearings.

"Do you think so?"
She giggled once more, and the mildly confused raise of her eyebrows returned as she wondered why. "Yeah."

There was a silence for a moment as the Doctor placed the garment back down, and then Rose leant on the counter and looked at him with a frown.

"Sorry, have we met? I just," she laughed again, as if it was all ridiculous, "I just feel like I know you."

"Oh, well." Smiled the Doctor, and he pushed the shirt into the bag and pulled it from the counter. He wanted to tell her that they'd had a life together, her and him. Travelling through time and space, saving planets, making friends, becoming the stuff of legend. He wanted to tell her one last time that he loved her, (because he hadn't done so nearly enough while they were together) and he wanted to assure her that he would never love anyone else, and that he had so enjoyed meeting her and destroying the building she worked in.

And he wanted to tell her that none of it had happened yet.

"Perhaps you do. I'm around a lot." He finally replied, deciding that it was enough now, that he couldn't stay any longer. Not just to preserve the fabric of time and space, but to preserve his hearts.

He gave her a smile, one last smile, and turned on his heel to leave.

Rose watched from her place behind the counter, more than a little confused with the man she did not know, but felt like she knew. She took in the sight of his tweed jacket, and made a mental note to remember it for the future, just in case he was around again, like he had said.

She didn't.

She didn't, because that same night, a man in a leather jacket took her hand, and told her to 'run'; and her old life never came into question again.

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