Another story ive been keeping in my head. Well actually I got a notebook now to keep all my ideas in! Yea Me! *claps hands*

Chapter 1


"I am bored out of my wits!" exclaimed Donna

"So am I!" The other two agreed

"Oi! If you lot are bored why don't you just go outside! It's not my fault the Tardis is being stubborn! Rose, I picked up your little group so you wouldn't be bored!" The Doctor exclaimed

"Well I am." I replied

"Well, I am going to explore London BY MYSELF!" he emphasized

"Bye." said Martha

He walked out the door.

I heard a yell.

The doctor ran back into the Tardis.

"Back so soon?" asked Sarah Jane

"I was... I was just..."he stared

"You were just what? Saw a pear outside?" teased Donna

"No! I'll jus..." he ran back outside.

We sat in silence for a few moments. I am as bored as heck.

"That's it! I can't take this anymore! I-" I stopped mid sentence. I have the best idea ever!

"I- what darlin'?" asked Sarah Jane

"I just had the best idea in history" I exclaimed

"What!" squealed Martha

"We could steal the Tardis!" I yelled

"Oh, my gosh! That is the best idea ever!" yelled Donna

"It's time the Doctor got a taste of his own medicine!" said Sarah Jane. I know that Sarah Jane is around 48, but sometimes I think she is 25.

"Let's go into your room so we can plot it!" said Martha

We ran into my room, which was still all pink. It was messy with clothes thrown all over.

"Sorry it's so messy." I apologized

"Rose its fine! Were all bezzy mates here!" said Donna

"So how ar' we gonna do this?" asked Martha


We plotted for hours. I had to go out to get tea a few times too. The Doctor was out there, near the kitchen every time I went to get some. He tried to snog me every time. The first few times, I let him. Oh, I forgot to mention that me and the Doctor are married. After he got me back from the Parallel universe, he said he couldn't risk loosing me again. So anyway the plan was that Donna was going to go out to the console room while me, Martha, and Sarah Jane were going to hide in my room. Donna was going to say something to get the Doctor out and then we would steal the Tardis.

"I just had a brilliant idea!" said Sarah Jane


"We could pull out the photo albums! The Doctor has these albums of all his regenerations and companions!"

"Brilliant!" I said


Donna's POV

I can't wait to do this. I hate this ship though. It's confusing. I can't find the way to the console room! The Doctor's stupid ship keeps changing the rooms around! I could've sworn it was in the last room I went into. But nooooo. It was a library. And a pool. The pool was in the library! This is it! I am loosing it!

I turned the corner to find myself back were I started. Rose's room.

"Stupid ship!" I said, kicking the wall angrily

Suddenly the whole corridor shook violently, sending me painfully down to the ground. I started to get back up while the ship was still shaking, but only to fall back down again. I closed my eyes, waiting for the shaking to die down.

"Donna, what are you doing down there?" asked a voice from above me. Wow. Is he that stupid? The 'Why are you dresses like that for?' then the thing with a mobile and pockets when I was in my wedding dress?

"I'm takin' a nap. What does it look like dumbo! Your stupid ship sent me flyin'!" I yelled, opening my eyes and came face to face with a pair of old worn trainers.

"Well," said the Doctor, helping me to my feet, "She doesn't really like it when you call her stupid."


He led me the way I just came.

"But I've just come from that way and the console room definitely isn't—"I cut myself off when I came into the console room

"So, before you blow up, where are the others? Rose, more preferably." He asked

"They all went out, looking through shops. Rose said she wanted you to meet her there 'cause she had something really important to tell you."

"Well where did she say?"

"I don't know! Go find out yourself!" I said as I pushed him out the door.

I congratulated myself. I took out my mobile and called Rose's.

"Is the Doctor gone?" asked Rose when she answered

"Yeah. Gone lookin' for you at the shops!" I replied

"Good work! See yah in a few!" she said as she hung up

I put down my mobile and sat in the captain's chair for a few seconds until the girls showed up.

"Ok, girls. Its go time!" said Rose