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Summary: Based on Zoie Palmers character, Carly Greig on the Guard. What happens after Lauren disappears and ends back up in Port Hallet.


Bo and Kenzi walked into the bar, it definitely wasn't somewhere that they thought they were going to find who they were looking for. They had been driving for days up the coast following their latest lead. It was a small fishing town, mostly locals and the odd camper and the bar they found themselves in was no different.

"I think we better go kick that lead's stinky, hairy ass because this is definitely going to be a dead end." Kenzi said as she sat down on the stool at the bar.

"For once I agree but we have to at least try and see what the deal is."

The bartender walked over and smiled. "What can I get you two pretty ladies."

"Well I'm hoping some information if you have a minute." Bo smiled as Kenzi spun around on her stool.

"Always for a pretty girl."

The brunette reached into her back pocket and pulled out the picture. "I was wondering if maybe you've seen this woman around, she's a friend of mine and I've been trying to track her down."

The two best friends watched the man's reaction. "She owe you money or something because if so good luck getting it back, she was just in here a few hours ago and paid her six year bar tab. Have to say I never thought she'd pay that off."

"Wait you know Dr. Skip Town, I mean Lauren?" Kenzi questioned, still hoping the lead would turn nothing up, she was in the mood for kicking someone's ass.

The man shook her his head and Bo interjected before he could say anything further. "You just said she was in here a few hours ago."

He nodded. "The girl in your picture, Carly, she was in here but not this Lauren."

"Lauren is the woman in this picture." Bo told him, getting frustrated she took a deep breathe.

"Unless Carly has a twin I don't know about I know her very well, since the day she was born.

"Do you know where I could find her?" Once again he nodded and gave them directions.

"That was definitely not what I was expecting, he said he's known her since she was born, how could that be?"

"I don't know so let's go find out." Bo unlocked the car doors as the two got in.

"Can we find out fast please, this whole town sticks like dirty gym socks."

Bo knocked on the door repeatedly with no answer. "I'd say let's break in but in case someone is home and it's not Lauren it probably isn't the best idea. Let's go check in somewhere and get a nights rest, come back in the morning."

Bo and Kenzi had gone back to the apartment they were at the previous but when they let themselves in they were almost positive that the girl the bartender had led them to was not Lauren.

Later that night the two found themselves back at the bar, hoping that someone else in the place may have seen her. They had summed the bartenders misinformation for him being drunk and not knowing who he was actually talking about.

"Hey, look." Kenzi nudged Bo's arm and pointed across the room. A long haired blonde sat at the bar downing a shot of tequila. She wasn't as kept as Lauren, with a simple jacket, tank top and jeans, something neither girl had ever seen Lauren in, something they didn't even think she owned. The lights were too dim to tell whether or not it was Lauren so rather than jump a stranger they sat back and watched the events that unfolded next.

She stood up from seat and walked over to the dance floor. She ran her fingers through her hair and closed to her eyes before swaying with the music. Whoever she was, Bo had to admit that she was pretty good looking. When the girl turned and the light hit her face Bo and Kenzi's mouths almost hit the floor, it was definitely Lauren. It was then that an older lady bumped into her.

"Hey do you mind?" She slurred as she turned to face the woman.

"Oh stop you're disgusting go sit down."

"What did you just say to me?"

The woman laughed. "You heard me, you're drunk and disgusting and you got no shame."

Kenzi watched as the girl started to take her jacket off. "Oh shit, Bo she's about to throw down, there's no way that's Lauren." But her friend was frozen in place it had been six months since she had last seen the girl and even if this wasn't her it was hard to stop staring.

"You want to see shame!" The girl yelled over the music as she threw her jacket on the ground. "I'll show you shame come on, lets go." It sure sounded like Lauren, a harsher, less in control Lauren. It was then that a guy came up behind her and picked her up. "Come on bitch, let's go." She struggled to get loose but to no avail.

"Bo come on, let's go talk to her, because that is definitely Lauren and she is definitely drunk and I love it." She pulled the Fae out of the bar and the two headed back to the apartment.