a/n: This is for arisu rin. Happy late birthday, my awesome friend~~

Pairing: Axel/Aurora. Add in A Fine Frenzy and you have yourself a story.



love like lightning

it's here one second, then it's gone.

When she meets him, she's sneaking out. She's wearing what can be considered 'commoner' clothes (cloak, long sleeved blue dress, and black boots), and he's dressed in a leather jacket and some black jeans. He puffs out one, two, three cigarette clouds, before his green eyes (viridian, she corrects herself) finally acknowledge her presence.

"Hmm, what an interesting revelation."

His words are cryptic, and the girl finds herself attempting to decipher his spoken code. His green eyes continue to observe her, and she fidgets under his piercing gaze. She fixes her black cloak, drawing the hood over her blonde head, and looks down.

"I don't understand."

"Most don't, sweetheart."

She decides that it is better she goes home and forgets about her attempted-escapade.

He speaks again, his voice like velvet, but hoarse like sandpaper.

"You have a name, pretty?"

The blonde girl can't help but fall captive to his emerald gaze. Those eyes were hypnotizing, so alluring, that she completely missed the red hair, or the way he stood, or any other characteristic.

"Aurora, I'm Aurora." She answers, instantaneously. The man cracks a smile and looked up to the dark sky, before answering.

"The name's Axel."

Silence consumes their monologue turned conversation, until the redhead Axel carefully pushed down the girl's hood, his fingers grazing her cheeks for a second.

"You're even prettier without that hood hiding your face."

And with that, he leaves and dropping his cigarette into a nearby puddle, disappearing into the drizzling night. Aurora's hand reaches into the air, into the ghost of where the man previously stood, and bit her lower lip.

She felt empty, so alone. Aurora hugs herself in failed attempt to regain heat. Her eyes flicker back and forth, the light post across the street flickering on and off. The blonde turns away from her original path and runs back home, the dress she wears is covered by her mud-splattered, tattered and old, black cloak. The black cloak shields her from the other civilians on the street, as Aurora arrives at the largest house in their discreet little town.

She slips in through the front door, and like nothing happened that night, she falls asleep, her dreams haunted by that viridian (emerald) gaze.

(The next morning she tries to find him, but no matter who she asks, the answer is the same. There is no Axel. There never was an Axel, and Aurora needs to take her daily dosage of medicine; her lucid dreams are becoming too much of a problem for her nurses.)