It took awhile, but everything seems to have calmed down after day three. Everybody carried on with their lives, affected by the whole Bad Creation ordeal. Paula carried on as she did before she disappeared for a week, taking advantage of her popularity.

"Paula, you're late…again." Said one of Paula's teachers. "I'm sorry sir, I just had to help one of the other teachers carry her stuff to another classroom. I can stay an extra five minutes after class if you want." Paula began to widen her eyes as she smiles like a little girl.

Her cute charm was too much for the teacher to handle as he tries to look away. "Ok. Fine! Just take your seat so we can resume class." Paula walked to a seat next to Katy and smile at her. "Hey Katy, you saw what I did?"

"What? Lie to a teacher so you don't get in trouble for being late? Wow. Good job Paula. You're the best." Paula looked at Katy, resisting the urge to slap her. "You know, if you're going to be negative like this for the rest of your life, I don't think we should talk anymore. In fact, where's Ma-San? She would've laughed!"

Elsewhere, Ma-San is in the music room with the rest of her classmates, bored out of her mind and depressed. "Alright class. Let's do it again from the top, and this time Ma-San, try to pay attention for your queue."

"Yeah Ma-San, stop sucking so hard!" Said one of the students. Slightly irritated, Ma-San decided to throw her drum sticks at the student, but due to her strength, she knocked him across the room and through a wall to another classroom instead.

"Ma-San!" Shouted the teacher. "This is the third student this week that you've knocked through a wall! I'm afraid you have to go to the principal's office right now!" Without talking back to the teacher, Ma-San walked out of the classroom. "S-sir? I can't feel my legs…" Whisper the student.

A few hours later, Lunch took place, and Parappa, PJ, and Matt are deciding what to do during lunch while sitting on a bench. "So, you guys have any ideas?" Asked Parappa.

"Nope." Said PJ.

"No, not really." Said Matt.

The three boys hung around each other for a little while longer until Parappa came up with another idea. "Hey, you guys wanna play some basketball?"

"With only three people?" Said PJ.

"I'm not really in the mood right now…" Said Matt.

"Guys? I know one of our friends is gone, but that doesn't mean we have to…" Parappa stopped himself when he hears his cell phone ring. PJ's cell phone also rings. Matt looked at the two looking at their phone and laugh at the same time before Parappa put his phone away to talk.

"Like I was saying, just because…"

"Whoa whoa, wait a minute. What was that?" Questioned Matt. Parappa and PJ looked at each other, wondering what Matt is talking about. "What was what?" Asked Parappa.

"Don't play dumb with me! You two looked at your own phone and laughed at the same time! Are you two trading text behind my back?"

"Matt, I think you might be a bit worked up." Said Parappa, growing more concern about his friend. "I was laughing at the text Sunny sent me. I don't know what PJ was laughing at on his phone."

PJ texted the mysterious person back before putting away his phone. "Ok, what are you guys talking about?" PJ said as he just starting to pay attention to the conversation. "PJ, who was that on the phone?" Questioned Matt.

"Oh this? She's just a fan who saw one of my shows. No biggie." Parappa and Matt looked at PJ, wondering who 'she' is. Though Parappa don't know who PJ referring to, Matt has a good idea. "Who's she? Is she Lammy? Tell me!"

"N-no! What made you think that?" Shouted PJ. Matt realized what he was saying and caught himself. "I-I don't know. Maybe I just need some rest. I'm sorry to go off on you like…that…"

Matt slowly stopped himself when he saw a glimpse of red hair. "Wait…Lammy?" Matt immediately dashed off towards the figure, assuming it was Lammy, but when he got closer, the figure turns out to be Ma-San by herself, reading a magazine about celebrities. Ma-San noticed Matt standing close by, looking disappointed.

"!#!#!#!(It's good to see you too, Droopy.)"

"Oh, sorry Ma-San. I thought you were somebody else for a second." Ma-San looked at Matt, hoping he was joking. "!#!#!#!(You're kidding, right? How many people do you know that have a dynamite stick on their head and giant arms?)"

"Ok, I get it! Sorry if I bothered you…"

"!#!#!(I know you are…)" Matt was going to walk away until something else came to mind. "Hey Ma-San?"

Ma-San dropped her book and signed heavily. "!#!#!#(What is it this time?)"

"It's nothing. I just want to tell you that everybody is worried about you. You've been avoiding us ever since Lammy moved away, and I heard what you did to that one student in music class…"

"!#!#!#!(So you've interrupted my reading just to tell me crap that I've already done? Well, I am mentally disabled and forget things that happened five seconds ago, so thanks for telling me!)"

"Look, all I'm saying is to check up on us once in a while. Just because Lammy is gone doesn't mean you can cut communication from the rest of your friends." Ma-San was getting tired of hearing Matt, but she knew he was making a point. "!#!#!(Ok, fine! If I say hi to you, will you leave so I can finish this magazine?)"

"That's all I'm asking from you."

"!#!#!(Great…Hi. You can leave now.)" Matt signed after knowing this is the best he's going to get from Ma-San. "Ok, sure. Just know that the others would be happy to hear anything from you, even a sarcastic comment once in a while."

"!#!#!#!(I don't see you walking away…)" Matt took the hint and walked away without saying another word. Not far off, Katy is sitting on the ground by herself while listening to her iPod. Her view was suddenly blocked by Paula and Sunny standing over her. Katy took off her headphones before responding.

"Hey you two. What are you guys doing here?"

"What do you think? We were looking for you!" Said Paula. "We should be asking you why you're by yourself. You're not depressed over Lammy again, are you?"

Katy stood up from the ground and dusts herself off. "No, not as much as I was last time. I was just trying to clear my head." Paula examined Katy to make sure she's not lying. "Hmm…I suppose you're telling the truth."

"Of course I am! Why would I lie about that? I'm glad that Lammy is trying to change her life for the better. I'm…just a little sad that she had to leave town in order to do so."

Sunny noticed Katy eyes looking down as she spoke about Lammy and tries to comfort her. "Katy, don't feel too bad. If Lammy were here, she wouldn't want you to feel like this, so cheer up for her sake, alright?" Katy noticed how supportive Sunny had become for the past few days, even to the point of imaging Parappa saying the same thing. Sunny then came up with an idea that could cheer Katy up.

"Say, how about the three of us go for a walk around town after school? Maybe that might help clear your head."

"I don't have a problem with that." Said Paula. "What about you Katy? You're feeling up with a little walking, right?"

"Yeah, I'll go, but only if Ma-San come with us." Answered Katy. Sunny and Paula looked at each other, not knowing what to tell Katy. Sunny decided to be the one to tell Katy. "Katy? Ma-San haven't spoken to us for a few days now. Are you sure she would even want to be around us?"

"I know Ma-San been acting strange since Lammy left, but that's the reason why I want her to come with us. I also want to show Ma-San something that might help her. If you want, we can all go and ask her."

"That sounds like a great idea. I need to tell her something anyway." Said Sunny as she thought back to when Ma-San made her revaluate her life. Ma-San on the other hand continues to read her magazine until she was interrupted again by Katy, Paula, and Sunny. "Hey Ma-San, we need to talk." Said Katy as she walks closer to Ma-San.

Frustrated, Ma-San threw the book down. "!#!#!#!(This better be important.)" Being on the spot, Katy took it upon herself to speak up. "Well, even since Lammy left,-"

"!#!#!#!#(I know, I've been avoiding everybody and they're worried about me. Matt told me and I was bored beyond belief. Is that all?)" Used to Ma-San's attitude, Katy wasn't really upset when Ma-San cut her off. "No, that's not all! We also wanted to ask you if you want to walk with us around town after school."

Ma-San looked at the three girls, knowing they won't leave without a satisfying answer. "!#!#!#!(Fine, I'll go. Can everybody leave me alone so I can finish reading?)"

"Of course, and thanks for coming along with us. Come on guys." Katy and friends left Ma-San to herself until Sunny remembered one thing. "Oh, Ma-San. I need to tell you something!" Ma-San ripped her magazine in half and threw it on the ground. "!#!#!(What is it Sunny?)"

Sunny was taken aback by Ma-San's behavior, but she felt that Ma-San needed to hear this. "Oh, I just wanted to say thank you for that 'talk' we had a few days ago. You really did help me find out a lot about myself and maybe even help improve the relationship between Parappa and I."

"!#!#!#!(What is this, an after school program? I didn't do all of that to help you, I just wanted to show you that we had more important matters to attend to. I could care less about you and that love sick puppy's relationship.)"

Sunny smiled as she looked at Ma-San, knowing that she doesn't really mean the words she says. "I know you don't, but thanks anyway." Sunny walks away to leave Ma-San at peace. The rest of the day went by quickly for everyone except for Katy, who still checks her cell phone for any messages from Lammy. Before she left her last class, she checked her phone one more time and saw one missed message at the front of her phone.

Excited, Katy quickly checked her message and saw only Paula's message telling her to meet up with her and Sunny in front of the school after class. Katy slowly walked out of class, finally excepting the fact that Lammy is gone for good. Just outside, Katy saw Parappa and Sunny kissing just outside of the school building.

"Hey, you two!" Said Katy, startling the two lovebirds. "K-Katy!" Stuttered Sunny still embarrassed about her actions. "Look you two, I really don't care what you guys do, but if one of the teachers catches you two, the both of you could get in big trouble."

"I know, I know." Said Parappa. "We were just in the moment, that's all." Katy looked at Parappa, amazed on how laid back he became. "Ok then, and if Sunny's dad saw you two kissing…?"

Parappa thought about what happened a few days ago in front of his house and quickly changed his tone. "Ok, I get it! We'll be more careful." Paula soon appeared to her three friends, dragging Ma-San with her. "Hey guys, sorry I was late, but I just caught Ma-San sneaking out the back of the school."

Ma-San only pouted like a child as she sat on the ground. Katy walked towards Ma-San, giving Ma-San an angry look like a mother would to a child. "So you thought you could get away from us that easily, did you?"

"!#!#!(Yeah, I did. I just didn't take into account Paula's big bloodhound nose.)"

"Hey…What did you say about my nose?" Shouted Paula. "!#!#!(You heard what I said with those big ears…)"

"What? Your ears are bigger than mines! What are you even talking about?" Paula began to grow furious oven Ma-San's insults, but Ma-San was secretly enjoying herself making Paula falling for such false claims. Parappa turned to Sunny, ignoring the girls. "So everybody's going for a walk, right? I wish I can go with you guys, but I have to help my dad with his new invention."

"That's alright. I have Katy here just in case things get out of control."

"And if all three of them start to fight?" Sunny paused for a moment and thought about what she'll do if she's in that sort of situation. "Well, if that happens, I'll just do what you do and believe." Sunny said as she reaches out and straightens Parappa's hat.

"Fine! Be that way!" Paula screamed as she became the center of attention. Katy once again stared down Ma-San. "Ma-San! Are you going to act like this the whole day?"

"!#!#!(Actually, I'm done. All I needed was to make somebody mad so I can feel better about myself! Heck, I even feel like walking with you jerks now!)"

Katy slaps herself on the forehead from Ma-San careless attitude. Worried, Parappa turned back to Sunny. "You know, I can still stay and find some way to get out of helping my dad if you want."

"Parappa, I'll be okay." Sunny said. "You just go on home and I'll call you when I'm done, alright?" Parappa couldn't help but smile at the sight of Sunny taking matters into her own hands. "Alright, if you say so. I'll talk to you tonight."

Parappa then left Sunny to her three friends. Katy walked towards Sunny, having enough of Ma-San and Paula's bickering. "Hey Sunny, you ready?" Sunny looked behind Katy to see Ma-San snickering at Paula behind her back. "Are you sure they're going to be okay?"

"At this point, listening to those two argue is like watching a car wreck, you wish you can do something to prevent it, but you're efforts might wound up in vain because of idiots." Katy turned to Ma-San and Paula. "Hey you two! Sunny and I are going on ahead! Feel free to catch up after you two grow up!"

Katy and Sunny soon walked on ahead. Ma-San noticed Paula still have her back turned, not noticing everybody else leaving and soon snuck away from her. A few moments later, Paula realized that nobody tries to talk to her, so she opened one of her eyes to peak and saw no one close to her. She looked around and saw her friends in the distance. "Hey guys! What the heck are you guys doing leaving me by myself?" Paula began chasing after them to catch up.

Some time passed since the girls started their walk and none of them done anything significant. "!#!#!(So nobody decided what they wanted to do? I'm so glad that I came. Thanks a bunch.)" Said Ma-San, bored out of her mind. "Hey, I don't see you coming up with ideas about where to go!" Shouted Paula, still angry that Ma-San and the rest of her friends left her.

"!#!#!(Hey, don't get angry with me! You're the one who dragged me into this excite fest!)"

"Will you two stop fighting for five seconds?" Said Katy, having enough of hearing the two argue. "I know where to go, and we're close by, so just wait a few more minutes, alright?" Ma-San, Paula, and Sunny were in the dark about what Katy was talking about until Ma-San began to see some similar places.

"!#!#!#!(Katy, where do you think you're taking us?)" Figuring that Ma-San already know the answer, Katy responded. "I just need to see the place one more time."

"!#!#!#!(Are you serious? When are you gonna let this go?)" Confused, Paula turned to Sunny for the answers. "Hey Sunny, what are they talking about?"

"Oh, you must not have been here when Katy's band first started. They took us to their studio and showed us around. I guess that's where we're going." Paula never been to Katy's studio before, she doesn't even know what it looks like. The real reason why Paula haven't seen it because she was a bit jealous that Katy haven't considered her for a band member, but with so much stuff that happened recently, Paula slowly forgotten about her needs and became more focused on helping her friends.

Before Paula knew it, everybody stopped at a blue building in front of them. "Wait, this is it?" Said Paula, expecting more. "But it looks more like a tiny house then a studio!"

"It was all we could afford when we first started!" Shouted Katy. Paula was still disappointed by the result. "But I was kind of expecting…" Before Paula could finish, Sunny stepped in by tapping on her shoulders. "Paula? How about we keep our opinions to ourselves, just for today at least."

Seeing how even Sunny told her to keep quiet, Paula decided to take the hint. "…Fine, I'll stop." Everybody turned their attention to the building. It really wasn't much to look at, but it did bring back a lot of memories for Katy and Ma-San.

Hoping this loosened Ma-San up a bit, Katy asked her a question. "Hey Ma-San, have you ever thought about this place sometimes?"

"!#!#!(Nope.)" Ma-San responded bluntly.

"Really? Have you even thought about how Lammy is doing since she been gone?"

"!#!#!#!(Lammy…? Oh yeah, that girl. I almost forgot about what's her face.)" Katy never would've imagined Ma-San being this stubborn about her friend. "Are you really going to go this route? This just shows how childish you are."

"!#!#!(Don't care. I wanna leave.)" Katy didn't know what else she can do to make Ma-San more open about herself. Paula suddenly noticed something odd about the surrounding place, but didn't want to alert her friends. "Say, can we get inside?" Katy wanted to go inside but she forgotten one thing. "I wish we could, but I locked the door when the band left for the last time, and I left the keys at home."

"!#!#!(Way to fail. Can we go now?)" Seeing to other point into trying to make Ma-San feel better, Katy decided to give up. "Ok, fine. Do whatever you want."

"Wait! Are you sure you want to leave?" Asked Paula, trying to convince her friends to stay. Katy couldn't think of a reason why Paula wants to stay. "Yeah, I'm sure. There's nothing interesting to show inside the place anyway, so you're not missing much. Maybe next time?"

Paula's insist on staying, but she doesn't want to tell them why just yet. "Well…Hey, I know! How about you guys turn around, just for a second?"

"Why would you ask us to do that? Are you up to something?" Asked Sunny, not used to seeing Paula act so suspicious before. "Why would I be up to something? I'm just asking you guys to turn around for five seconds, that's it!"

The girls were reluctant at first but they soon gave in as Sunny, Katy, and Ma-San turned around. A few seconds later, the sound of sniffing can be heard. Curious, Sunny peaked behind her and saw Paula sniffing the ground. She tried to stop herself, but Sunny couldn't hold back her laughter any longer.

"Hmm hmm hmm…Hahahahaha!" Katy and Ma-San turned to Sunny, surprised to hear her laugh so hard. "Sunny, what's so funny that you have to laugh like that?" Sunny only pointed at Paula sniffing around the ground. "Paula?" Katy shouted as she saw Paula sniffing around. Ma-San on the other hand didn't know how to react.

"!#!#!(W-wow…this is way too fitting for me to handle…!)" Paula looked up and saw her three friends looking back at her and the feeling of shame rushed into her mind. "Paula…? What was that?" Katy manages to say without laughing. Seeing no way out, Paula told them the truth. "Look, I know this looks weird, but I can explain!"

"!#!#!(Oh, I gotta hear this!)"

"Shut up Ma-San!" Shouted Paula. "This isn't as weird as it looks. I just noticed a scent while we were standing here."

Sunny manages to get herself together before asking Paula a question. "P-Paula? Are you sure you're not just mixing up our scent with something else?"

"Of course not! This scent belongs to somebody else, I'm sure! And guess what else? That scent leads to the studio! We have to get inside!"

Katy never saw Paula so fired up before, so she decided to take Paula's word. "Alright, we believe you. Do you have any idea who this scent belongs to?" Paula smirked at Katy, looking confident about who the person may be. "Maybe I do, maybe I don't. That person might be inside as we speak."

Katy couldn't think of anyone else who could be inside. "Paula, that's impossible! The only people that have a spare key are me, Ma-San, and…" She paused at the thought and immediately ran to the front entrance to find out that the door is unlocked. Without asking any questions, Katy ran inside.

"Is there something you're not telling us?" Asked Sunny, who still doesn't know what's happening. "If you want to find out, go inside." Paula walks towards the building, followed by Sunny. Ma-San on the other hand have an idea who it might be, but she wasn't as excited as Katy. Inside the studio, Paula and Sunny saw Katy squeezing the life out of Lammy, who in turn is trying to push Katy away from her.

"K-Katy…Seriously, You're hurting me…" Lammy manage to say. Ma-San also walked in to see everybody gathered around Lammy, but Ma-San didn't react at all, she just looked on.

"I can't believe you're back! I thought you were gone for good!" Said Sunny. Lammy couldn't believe that she's seeing her friend's faces so soon. "Umm…How did you guys know I would be here?"

Sunny were still giggling at the sight of Paula sniffing on the ground. "You wouldn't believe it! We were just coming here to look at the building, but Paula smelt your scent and started sniffing the ground! We just followed her nose!"

"Sunny! You didn't have to tell her that!" Shouted Paula. Katy was very happy to see her friend, but she still has one question. "Lammy, what happened? I thought you've decided to move back to your parents?"

Lammy thought back on what happened. "I was going back to my parents place until I reached the halfway point. I was feeling hungry so I stopped at a gas station to get something to snack on. When I came back out…the first thing I saw was some purple rabbit in a suit stealing my scooter."

"Wait…A purple rabbit in a suit?" Said Paula to herself, feeling that she seen a person like that before. "Luckily, I still had my guitar on my back and most of the money in my pocket, but I didn't have a ride. At first I thought I had to catch a bus to reach my parents place, until I saw a poster at the front of the gas station."

"Let me guess…It was our band poster, right?" Katy said as she places her hand onto Lammy's shoulders. "Actually, no. It was a poster of a closed down hotel, but it was the slogan that made me think. 'Your home away from home.'"

"I don't know why, but when I read that, I was thinking about my old apartment and hanging out with you guys. I've also remembered how happy I was when I stayed here. At that point, I took it as a sign and came back to the only place I considered my home. I've used up most of the money I've had to get my old apartment back and I've been trying to look for a normal job ever since. I didn't want to be out that much and run into you guys again until I get my life together."

Everybody thought about Lammy's story, but Paula thought about the 'sign' Lammy saw. "Wait, 'Your home away from home'? I remember that slogan! They used it on some hotel 50 years ago. It was closed down because the media found out they were secretly tracking human org…" Before Paula could finish, Katy slammed on her feet as hard as she could onto Paula's foot. "OWW! Katy!"

Lammy became curious about what Paula had to say. "Wait, what was that?" Katy laughed nervously, trying to think something up. "It's nothing! You were right taking that slogan as a sign to come back! I mean, there could be no other explanation!"

"But didn't Paula say something about…"

"Enough about that! What we need to do now is find you a job. It shouldn't be too hard, right?"

"But why can't you three start up the band again?" Asked Sunny. Katy and Lammy looked at Sunny and at each other. Lammy did want the group to reunite, but she didn't know how everybody else would react. "I-I don't know…I mean, I want to, but…"

"It's ok." Said Katy, reassuring Lammy. "I don't mind restarting our band, I just wasn't sure if you would be up for it after what happened to all of us. I'm sure Ma-San would be happy too, right?" Everybody turned to Ma-San, who had her back turned to everybody else.

"Hey Ma-San, you're up for restarting the band, right?" Asked Katy, but Ma-San did not respond. Instead, a small whimper can be heard from Ma-San, which shocked everyone in the room, especially Paula. "Whoa…is Ma-San crying? As in, showing emotions other than anger?"

"!#!#!(No I'm not crying!)" Ma-San shouted angrily. "!#!#!#!(I just had some…lint in my eye, that's all!)" Ma-San proceed to wipe her eyes as Katy only smiled at her. "We understand Ma-San. We won't tell anyone."

"!#!#!(You better not…even though there's nothing to talk about!)" A question suddenly popped up into Paula's head. "Hey, does this mean Milkcan is back? If it does, I can help with your comeback show!"

"What are you talking about?" Asked Sunny, not knowing about the deal Katy and Paula had. "Oh, we didn't tell you?" Paula smirked with confidence. "Katy promised to let me help the group if they get Lammy back. You're now looking at the new assistant of Milkcan!"

Lammy wasn't sure if Paula was joking or not, so she turned to Katy. "She's joking, right? I don't want to be mean, but what can she do?"

"Hey, I heard that Lammy!" Shouted Paula. "!#!#!(Is that part of your traits of being a dog too?)" Bluntly said Ma-San, trying to make herself feel better.

"I'm not a dog, you rat!"

"Paula, Ma-San, please, that's enough!" Said Sunny, trying to keep the peace into the room. "Paula, will you please tell us what you'll be doing for the band?" Paula glanced at Ma-San and slowly turned to Sunny to answer her question.

"If you must know, I'm gonna set up gigs for Milkcan to play in and make sure the next manager they sign up to is trustworthy. I'm thinking about setting up arrangements at Club Fun." Everybody, even Ma-San was surprised how serious Paula was taking this. Katy could honesty see this working if Paula stick with this attitude. "That sounds like a great idea, but how about you start off with calling our friends and tell them to meet up at the movie theater first?"

"Yeah, I'll do that, and then I'll go to Club Fun. Sounds easy enough. I'll find you guys a gig by the end of this week!" Paula took out her cell phone and walked outside while dialing her friend's numbers. Katy soon noticed a familiar object sitting behind Lammy.

"Hey Lammy? What's with that guitar? It looks like the one Ma-San and I gave you." Lammy, Sunny, and Ma-San also looked at the guitar. "That's because it is. A good friend of mine helped fix my guitar. She even made it so I can play it!"

"Do we know this friend of yours?" Asked Sunny. "Not really, you guys only met her once. It was when me, Katy, and Ma-San had our last show together. She was there with you guys backstage."

Sunny soon remembers the crazy girl from the show and girl they met just outside of Lammy's former mansion. "Wait, that was her? She seems so different then when I saw her on your show." Paula soon came back in. "Hey, I've called everybody and they said they'll meet up with each other in 15 minutes!"

"That's great!" Said Katy. "Oh, can you also call Lammy's friend as well?" Paula thought she misheard Katy. "Wait, but I thought I did. I've called Parappa, PJ, Matt…" Lammy jumped in before Paula could finish.

"There's one more person. Her name is Apple." Paula became even more confused."Who? Apple? Never heard of her before."

"That's because I've never I really introduced her to you guys before." Explained Lammy, expecting this kind of reaction. "I can give you her cell phone number if you want." Paula never thought that Lammy would have friends outside the people she knows, but Paula went ahead with Lammy's request. "Fine, I'll call her. What's her number?"

Lammy then gave Paula the cell phone number, and the rest of the day went by as expected from everybody. During the following week, everything slowly turned back to normal for everybody for the most part. The only thing that's wrong now is that it has been a week with no news from Paula about the gig at Club Fun.

Expecting the turn out to be this way, Lammy, Ma-San, Katy, and even Apple went out to eat while trying to figure out what to do next. Katy and Ma-San walked to the counter and picked up their orders while Lammy and Apple is sitting in their tables.

"So, what do you think of Apple?" Asked Katy to Ma-San while holding their tray of food. "!#!#!#!(To be honest, she's kind of creepy. Like one of those stalkers that watch you while you sleep.)"


"!#!#!(What? It's true! She doesn't even say that much. She just looks at us like some prized possession or something.)" Katy used the same glare she uses at Ma-San when she says something ridiculous. "I really do wonder why I even put up with you sometimes. Let's just get back to our table." Katy and Ma-San walked back to their table and gave everyone their food. Upon eating, Lammy noticed that Apple hasn't touched the food she ordered.

"What's wrong, aren't you eating?" It took a while for Apple to respond since she were too busy looking at the other members of the band. "Oh, sorry. I was just…looking at how cool you guys are."

"!#!#!(Freak…)" Apple began to giggle at Ma-San's insult. "Cool…Ma-San called me a freak." Slowly, Katy began to agree with Ma-San about Apple being a bit creepy, but she made sure she kept it to herself and try to talk to Lammy to change the subject.

"So Lammy, do you think Paula is really going to come through with her getting a gig for us? It's been a week and we haven't heard anything from her." Lammy stopped eating her burger as she thought about what she has to do. "That's true. I need some money before the end of this month so I can keep my apartment. We can try to set up some gigs ourselves."

Katy's cell phone began to ring. "Hold that thought for a second." Katy took out her phone and answered it. "Hello?...Paula? Where the heck have you been?...Yeah…Wait, you what?" Everybody looked at each other, wondering what Paula did to make Katy this excited. "O-ok, we'll be there in a few minutes!"

Katy put away her phone, amazed about the outcome. "!#!#!(Hey, what happened? What did Paula do this time?)" Said Ma-San. Katy smile grew wider by the second at the news. "Guys, Paula somehow managed to find somebody willing to sign us up to their company. He's in Paula's house right now waiting for us!"

Everybody was stunned by the news that Katy told them. "Paula actually pulled through for us?" Shouted Lammy. "Yes, and we need to go right now!" Shouted Katy, not wanting to waste another second.

"But what about Apple?" Said Lammy, not wanting to leave her behind so suddenly. Apple gave a reassuring smile. "Don't worry about me, just go! You can call me when everything's over!"

"Thanks, we'll do this again real soon, I promise!" Katy said as she laid some money on the table. The three girls immediately ran out the restaurant, leaving Apple by herself. When no one was looking, Apple took Lammy's burger and placed it in a plastic bag.

Almost 20 minutes later, the girls finally made it to Paula's front door of her house, exhausted from the running they had to do to get here. Wiping the sweat from her eyes, Katy tries to make an announcement to the girls. "Ok…one of us…is going to get a car…sometime in the future!"

"Let's just get inside and see what Paula's talking about." Said Lammy, the only one who's used to running by now. Katy knocked on the door until Paula opened the door. "Hey guys! It's about time you three showed up. He was just about to leave! Come on in!" The girls walked in and what they saw was the last person they expected to see. "Joe Chin?" Shouted the three girls.

With a smug look on his face, Joe chin stood up and straighten his suit, confident as usual. "Hello girls. Paula told me what happened to you guys lately. I'm surprised nobody contacted me sooner about you three looking for a manager. In case you don't know, I own many wonderful establishments, including, but not limited to…"

"!#!#!(Okay, yeah, I'm gonna need you to shut up now.)" Joe immediately paused, but soon continues to talk. "Okay, I was going off track anyway. What I'm trying to say is that I can sign you girls up to my record company!"

Lammy, Katy, and Ma-San didn't respond, but they did glare at Paula, who was wondering why they look so angry. "What? Joe's a pretty cool guy. I trust him."

"You can't be serious." Said Katy. "Sometimes I really do question your judgment of people."

"You? Question my judgment of people? I least I can judge what's in style today! By the way, the president called, they want their American flag design back!"

"Wait, stop!" shouted Lammy. The entire room soon turned to Lammy. "Maybe we should think about this for a second. He does have a lot of money."

"!#!#!(Think about it? Are you insane! This is Joe Chin we're talking about! He'll flirt with anyone that can look good in a two-piece bikini! I don't even want to be near a 10-foot radius around the guy, let alone be obligated to him!)"

Lammy peeked over at Joe to see that he's becoming slightly frustrated with Ma-San. "Don't you think you should cool it with the insults? He's standing right in front of us."

"!#!#!(So what? He's an egotistical big chin freak who would go out with a clone of himself if given the opportunity! If anybody signs a contract with him, it's just going to turn into another Moneybags situation, and if ANY of you go through with this, you will lose what little respect I do have for you!)"

"That's enough!" Everybody turned to Joe, surprised to see him lose his cool. "Look…I have a problem. Maybe I do have an inflated ego, maybe I do flirt with too many girls to count, but I'm trying to fix that. I was actually hoping that by helping my friends get started on their career, I can help myself become a better person. If that's what everybody truly thought about me, then maybe I shouldn't have come here to begin with…"

Nobody didn't know what to say to make Joe feel better. "!#!#!(Wow…I didn't know that you felt that way…So, you gonna leave yet, because there's still no way we'll sign anything with your name on it.)"

"MA-SAN!" Shouted everybody except for Joe, who slowly walks out the front door. "Joe, wait!" Katy shouted trying to get his attention, but Joe kept walking out the door. Everybody stared at Ma-San, surprised how even Ma-San can be so cruel.

!#!#!#!(What? Don't tell me you guys actually brought that crap? I know his type; he was trying to win sympathy points by making us feel bad! If anything, we should be mad at Paula. It's been a week and we still don't have a gig.)"

Katy turned to Paula. "As much as I hate to admit it, Ma-San's right. I thought you said you were going to have everything done before the end of this week."

Paula took a deep breath, trying to come up with a way to say this. "Look…remember when I said I've found somebody who was willing to sign you guys up? Well, I actually found two people."

!#!#!(Who is it? The Devil? I'm used to disappointments from you by now, so I won't be all that bummed.)"

"No, it's not the Devil!" Shouted Paula. "It's…look; I called him as a joke because I thought you guys would really go with Joe."

"Just tell us who it is!" Said Lammy. Paula looked at the girls, ready to reveal the name of the second person. Later that night at Club Fun, PJ was walking backstage after finishing his show until he came across Katy, Lammy, and Ma-San.

"Oh, hey. You three just missed the show, but I'm scheduled for another one tomarr…"

"!#!#!(Cut the crap, fatty! Do you have a record company, yes or no?)"

PJ then remembered the call from Paula earlier today. "Yeah, Paula told you, right? I just came up with the company four months ago! I would've told you guys sooner, but it slipped my mind."

!#!#!(Wait, what? Four months ago? We could've avoided the mess we went through from the beginning if you'd remember to tell us about your stupid studio to begin with?)" Shouted Ma-San.

"Now that I think about it, yeah. It's kind of funny once you think about it." PJ let out a small chuckle, but the girls were not amused. "Hey PJ, is it okay if we sign up with you?" asked Katy, trying to keep her cool about the situation, unlike Ma-San.

"Sure, if you want. I have the contract somewhere…" PJ looked inside his bag of records and pulled out a piece of paper. "Here, this is the contract I was working on just in case some people wanted to work for me"

Katy took the contract and began to read it with the rest of the girls. Lammy soon noticed the name of the company. "Wait, Donut Records? Is that the name of your company?"

"Yeah, it's a cool name, right?" Gloated PJ. Katy immediately looked at Ma-San. "Keep your opinions to yourself. I don't want you to screw this up for us!"

!#!#!(What? I didn't even say anything!)"

"Yeah, not yet!" The girls continue to read before Katy responded. "I really don't see a problem with this. What do you two think?"

"We can trust PJ to not do anything that might break us up." Responded Lammy. "!#!#!(I wouldn't go that far. If its food related, he'll screw us over somehow)"

"Come on Ma-San!" Said Lammy. "PJ's a nice guy and he's offering to help us. Besides, I really need the money if I going to stay here!"

"!#!#!(Alright, Fine! I'll sign the stupid contract and be embarrassed for the rest of my life! Does anyone have a freaken pen?)" PJ pulled out a pen from his bag. "Here you go." Ma-San looked at the pen to see small pictures of hamburgers on it. Ma-San can only smack her head as she can't come up with anymore words to describe PJ.

Katy took the pen instead, excited to work with one of her friends. "Thanks PJ. You don't know how much you've helped us." Katy saw where she and the rest of her friends have to sign and signed her name first. Katy gave the contract and the pen to Lammy and she also signed. The pen and paper was soon passed to Ma-San, who at first hesitated, but cave in and signed it as well.

"So, what are we gonna do one we join your company?" Asked Lammy, who wants to start performing as soon as possible. "Well, I was thinking about having you three perform after I'm done with my show tomorrow. I'm cool with the owner of this club, so he'll let you guys go on stage if I asked."

The girls were shocked that PJ could get them a show so soon. "You can get us a show that easily? That's great!" Shouted Katy. PJ on the other hand didn't see a big deal about getting a show, since he's popular around town. "Yeah, I guess. And if you want, we can talk about what we're going to do about an album. I was thinking about letting you guys write your own songs and I can remix some of them as bonus tracks. What do you guys think?"

Nobody didn't know what to say about PJ's generosity. "Wow, that's really cool of you!" Said Lammy, looking at PJ differently along with the rest of the girls. Not being used to so much generosity, Lammy asked a question. "Why are you doing so much for us?"

PJ was confused on why Lammy would ask him a question like that. "What do you mean by that? We're friends right? I have everything I need to help restart your band. Besides, you guys are cool, so I'm willing to go the extra mile for you three."

PJ Soon noticed a pink female bear similar looking to PJ standing in a far off distance behind the girls, wearing a shirt with a heart on it and wearing a green skirt. "Hey, I gotta go. We can talk more about this tomorrow."

"Sure, see you then." Said Katy as she waved him off. PJ walked passed them towards the female bear and held her hand as the two walk off. Of course, none of the girls noticed the two bears as they were too busy thinking how lucky they are to have such a major breakthrough with their comeback.

"!#!#!(I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm seeing PJ in a new light)"

"Yeah, who would've thought that PJ would help us out in the end after all the stuff we went through?" Said Katy. Ma-San soon thought about someone. "!#!#!(Hey, what ever happened to Lammy's evil twin anyway? We haven't heard anything from her since that concert.)"

"No, no! Don't mention her!" Panic Lammy. "I don't want you to jinx it by making her come back!"

"Come on Lammy! Do you really she'll come back just by the mention of her name?" questioned Katy. "No, not really, but I don't want to risk it!"

Katy couldn't believe how paranoid Lammy is about her twin, and she's finding it hard to not tease her about it. "Okay Lammy, we won't mention that big bully's name anymore! We'll buy you a night light just in case she does come back."

Lammy dropped her head. "Katy, I expected Ma-San to say something like that, not you!"

"!#!#!(Yeah, I was about to say the same thing as well! Kinda eerie once you think about it.)"

"It's okay if I tease her for a bit!" Said Katy, smiling so wide that she's showing her sharp teeth. "But seriously, we need to start writing lyrics to our new songs. Is it okay if we go to your apartment Lammy?"

"Sure, if you guys want. Though it is a bit messy since I just moved back in not too long ago."

"Don't worry about it. We're pretty much used to it by now. We can help clean up before we leave." Ma-San looked up at Katy after hearing the plan. "!#!#!(Excuse me? Who's 'we'? Hopefully I'm not involved in this, because I barely keep my own room clean, let alone somebody else's.)"

"Ma-San, Lammy need our help so she can get settled in her apartment!"

"!#!#!(Then let her do it herself! Unless you two are paying me cash, I'm not gonna help none of you people!)"

"She's our friend Ma-San! Do I also have to mention that Lammy and I are the very few people that will put up with your attitude? You should appreciate us!"

"!#!#!(Look, you two can be my sisters for all I care, I'm not helping anyone clean their rooms!)"

Katy has had enough of Ma-San selfish attitude and proceeds to argue back and forth between her while Lammy is standing aside, witnessing the fight. She doesn't let her two friends know about this, but the arguments between the two are one of the top things she would miss the most if she did leave.

One week later, everything had truly turned back to normal. Lammy was just putting her stuff away in her locker in school until Ma-San tapped her on her shoulder. Lammy turned around and looked down. "Hey Ma-San, you need something?"

"!#!#!(Katy wanted me to tell you to go to PJ's house after school for a band meeting. We gonna talk about trying to get on that show on TV where bands guest star and perform.)"

"Really? That's great! I'm sure everybody else will be…" A loud guitar riff interrupted Lammy as a few students were literally blown away. Lammy and Ma-San looked at the direction of the sound and saw Rammy holding her guitar while grinning like a mad woman. "Yo Lammy! I hope you didn't think that I forgot about our duel!"

Lammy didn't know how to react to Rammy's sudden appearance. "W-Wait! You can't be here! You're not even a student!"

"That's where you're wrong!" Rammy pulled out a piece of paper that appears to be similar to the school's schedule. "From this day forward, I'm a student of Rodney High! And I'm not gonna leave until we settle the score once and for all! You better have your normal guitar too, because I want a challenge!"

Lammy didn't know how to react to the turn of events, but Ma-San had some words to say. "!#!#!#!(Wow, from having to move out on your own, to dying and going to hell, to losing all your fame and fortune in one night, and to having a twin rival that will constantly bug you to duel with the guitar. Lammy, do you consider your life just one big bottomless pit that you can't escape from?)"

Lammy didn't respond, she just walked to her locker and repeatedly slam her head against it. "!#!#!(I'll take that as a yes.)"

"Hey, stop doing that and play so I can destroy you with my awesome skills!" Shouted Rammy, but Lammy was too busy banging her head on the locker to respond. A few moments later, Lammy stopped and pulled her guitar out from her locker. "Let's get this over with. Meet me outside the school."

"Cool! I'll be waiting outside! You better be ready!" Rammy walked ahead of Lammy, and just when Lammy was going to follow suit, Ma-San stopped her. "!#!#!(Wait a minute, you're actually going to go through with this?)"

Lammy thought about her decision for a second, and quickly responded. "Sure, why not? It's not like my life is on the line. Besides, I'm sure I can beat her this time. You believe me, right?"

Ma-San looked at Lammy and sighed. "!#!#!(Fine, sure, whatever. Just be sure to be at PJ's house on time.)"

"Don't worry, I promise!" Lammy walked away, liking the feeling of confidence, not from her guitar, but from the bright future ahead of her, along with her dear friends.

Mission complete!

To think that I'll got this story done in four months! I have to say, this has been an interesting experiment for me for using characters that don't belong to me. I've also enjoyed making a story that have a good ending for once. Even from the beginning, I didn't have it in me to have something horrible happen to the characters in the Parappa universe, it's just too…cheery.

Writing the final chapter made me believe an old saying, "The hardest part in doing a project is adding the finishing touches". You wouldn't believe how many times I've re-read this final chapter to make sure it's right, but as soon as I post it, there's going to be at least five mistakes in the story that I've missed.

Incase you're wondering, I did NOT make up the girl that PJ saw. Just go to Rodney Greenblat's website and look it up. Her name is Sweety Bancha. I also didn't make up PJ Record company…at least I don't think I did. I saw a poster of the anime version of Parappa in the same website and saw PJ standing next to a van with the name Donut Records on it. Never watched past episode three of the anime, I can only assume that PJ eventually made his own company, but I'm not sure.

I think that's it. I hope everybody enjoyed the story and if anyone have any questions, feel free to ask.

( Party Like a Rockstar…what a stupid title…)