Title: Decorating
Prompt: Lights (1/25)
Daemon Sadi, Jaenelle Angelline
Word Count:

I decided to do these yesterday. There will be one update a day until Christmas Day, except for today, where I'm going to be horribly obnoxious and upload five all at once.

He woke at midnight to a light psychic touch.

Climbing out of bed, he went to the window, and saw a small figure hurrying into the gardens. The brush against his mind came again, a silent invitation to join her.

Wrapping a cape around his body, he charged it with a warming spell and pulled on his boots. He left by way of the window, walking easily across the air to meet the two girls in the gardens, at the tallest tree.

When he joined them, lights sparkled from the boughs, like hundreds of flickering Jewels in the Darkness.

Jaenelle smiled at him. "Happy Winsol, Daemon."

"Happy Winsol," he murmured.