Title: Love
Prompt: Mistletoe (25/25)
Character(s): Daemon Sadi and Jaenelle Angelline
Word Count: 229

He helps her down the stairs, and there is nothing but adoration in her eyes. She feels young again. Young and beautiful. Her face isn't wrinkled when he looks at her, and her hair isn't white. Her bones don't ache, and her limbs don't tremble. She is strong when he looks at her, vivid and full of life once more.

He leads her to the dining room. They are alone this Winsol. They want to have a private celebration, even though they love their family. She is grateful. So many of her friends have returned to the Darkness that she couldn't bear to see the empty seats.

Once dinner is over, they retire to the sitting room, curling up before the fire. There is a sprig of mistletoe hanging on the mantle, and he leans forward to kiss her, her beautiful, loving husband.

"I love you," he promises her. "Always."

"I love you, too," she swears.

Far away, in a cave made by the bones of a dragon, a spider weaves a tangled web. She pauses, and she looks at the webs hanging unfinished in the cave, all the dreams dreamed by the Blood. And she leaves her web for those, adding a thread to each of those webs. It takes time. Many hours pass. But she adds that single, important thread to all webs.

I love you. Always.

And that's it! That's the last one. I hope you have enjoyed reading these as much I as enjoyed writing them.