Ahem...MERRY DECEMBER, EVERYBODY! In true spirit of the season, I've started writing a two part christmas fic for my favourite lil pairing, Tai and Yamato. The second part will show up later this month, but I'm yet to start writing it haha...ah, well. It'll be done in time for Christmas! Pinky Promise! Moving along...we're coming in from Yamato's point of view; yes, this is Yamachi.

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A Tai is for life; not just for Christmas

Yamato's long, blonde hair twirled about in the ferocious gale; his nose grew numb, as yet another flake of snow landed upon it, and his lower half ached terribly with the effort of riding his large, pet zebra along the road at an impossible pace. The steed, it seemed, lacked a saddle. Nevertheless, Yamato gritted his teeth and grinned through the pain, allowing his body to fill up with the realisation that he was finally on his way home. It was curious; he had absolutely no idea where he was, and he had absolutely no idea how he'd managed to end up there in the first place, but it didn't bother him. In fact, it filled him up with a barely familiar sense of adventure; one that he had sorely missed over the last few years.

"Careful now, you don't wanna tire yourself out, alright? Take it easy." Yamato muttered, soothingly, as he rubbed the zebra along the side; the area he touched began to glow brilliantly with a vibrant orange.

"No problemo, Yama." The zebra replied, turning its head to gaze into Yamato's sparkling, blue eyes. The animal had clearly spoken in Tai's voice. 'How very odd…' Yamato thought to himself, wondering if there were any other zebras who could speak; and, if there were, then if they would sound like his best friend, too. "Are you enjoying the weather?"

"Not really, I…" Yamato stopped, taking a quick look up into the sky. It was blue; it was cloudless; it was bright. The snow had stopped falling, it seemed, and the sun had risen out of nowhere, too. It was safe to say that he thoroughly enjoyed the new found warmth beating against his skin, but he didn't care too much for the erratic weather conditions, which had rudely interrupted his conversation. He started again. "Am I ok to ride you like this?"

"Of course! Unless…you'd rather I was on top?" The zebra replied, giggling. In the distance was a small, cosy looking house, decorated from top to bottom in Christmas ornaments; it was Yamato's. He didn't know why it was his, or when he had bought it; but it was his, without a doubt. He could sense it. "Would you like that? I don't mind trying."

"But…you're a zebra; that'd be weird." Yamato stated, before abruptly falling onto a patch of grass beneath him. The zebra had disappeared, along with Tai's voice; Tai's beautiful, adorable voice. Confused, and lonely, Yamato attempted to pull himself onto his feet. It took him three attempts in all; somehow, he had repeatedly fallen back down to the ground, unable to keep his balance properly. He hated when that happened. When he finally did manage to stand up again, though, he found himself much nearer to his house than should have been possible. In fact, he was now standing at his front door. With a sigh, he opened it up and stepped inside. "It's been a strange afternoon…"

The sun vanished with a squeaky 'pop' as he closed the door behind him. Yamato hurriedly fumbled about against the wall for the light switch, in an attempt to blot out the abrupt flood of darkness; upon flicking it, the room lit up with a romantic, red hue. Somebody, it seemed, had installed new light bulbs. He didn't think too much about it, though; there was a large, pink package waiting for him in the living room, wrapped up in a shiny, red bow, craving his attention. It had a small message scrawled on the side of it, written in black ink; the handwriting was obviously Sora's. It read:

"Merry Christmas, Matt! I hope you treat your present better than I treated him!"

The box began to jiggle about very slightly; Yamato jumped back with a silent yelp, before taking a quick moment to compose himself. Very timidly, and very quietly, he stretched out a hand to un-wrap the bow. It dropped to the floor, but nothing happened. He muttered a silent "Phew!" and, against his better judgement, gave the box a swift kick. It wobbled, and a giggle sounded from inside; a very cute, very childish giggle. Yamato raised an eyebrow at it, murmuring "Well, this sure was nice of her. Looks like I'll have to wait until Christmas before I open it, though…maybe I'll put in the closet until then…"

"No!" The box lid popped up violently, and a panicked face came into view; Tai's fluffy, floaty, brown hair was covered in glitter, and his body was decorated with bright, lime green tinsel. "No! No, no! I mean, err….Merry-almost-Christmas, Yama! I mean…damn! You were meant to open me, not scare me into coming out!"

"Wait. I was meant to open you, or the box?"

"Well, you know what I mean! Not me; but I am your present!" He grinned smugly, and jumped out; sending sparkles across the carpet. "…but I…I think I ruined it." His face slowly dropped into a frown and, as if he'd given up, he dropped to the ground with a gentle 'thump'. Yamato seemed shocked for a moment, but quickly collected himself and strolled over, draping an arm around the brunette.

"You didn't ruin it; I'm happy, see?" Yamato assured, pulling a full, toothy grin; an obviously fake one, at that, but one which made the two of them start laughing nonetheless. He had always been good at cheering Tai up; this was especially so, recently.

"So…do you want me as a present? Do you want me…to be yours?" Tai asked, fixing his deep, chocolate brown eyes on Yamato's. His face was alight with hope. "Remember, a Tai is for life; not just for Christmas."

Yamato laughed under his breath in response. "Of course I want you to be mine, Tai; and not just for Christmas. Forever!" The pair began to edge closer towards each other, with their faces shyly pressed forward; waiting for that one, perfect moment, where their lips could finally meet for the first time.

Yamato's eyes snapped open at the sound of his phone vibrating violently. Growling with frustration, and attempting to voice as many profanities as he could muster into a single, exasperated utterance, he reached out towards the phone on his bedside table; silently swearing that whoever had woken him would be in major trouble.

"What?" Yamato questioned, sharply; he was tired, and as such he was utterly unconcerned by the cold, bitter edge to his voice. The same thing, however, could not be said about the boy on the other end; Tai shifted guiltily in his reindeer lined sweatshirt, and took a deep breath before answering.

"I…I'm sorry for waking you up, Yama…" There was an air of sadness, and discomfort, lined subtly across his voice; as if he was trying to conceal the fact that he had been upset by the blonde's response. "…it's just that I've been knocking at your door for a couple of minutes now, and y'know…you weren't answering."

"What?" Yamato replied, louder than intended, shooting up from his bed with his eyes wide. He took a glance out of the window; it was snowing heavily, but it was bright out. He had slept in. "Crap, Tai, I'm so sorry; what time is it?"

"It's quarter past eleven, sleepyhead!" He answered with a giggle, beginning to regain some of his signature poise; it was difficult to keep the boy down for long. "You gonna let me in, then, or what? I'm freezing my ass off."

"Yeah, yeah; ok. I'll be there in a second." Yamato finished, hanging up and sprinting out of his room towards the front door. In true spirit of the season, his whole apartment had been flooded over with Christmas decorations; there were long strips of red tinsel, and piles of shiny, festive ornaments everywhere. He smirked; the blonde often acted like he didn't enjoy Christmas, but deep down he absolutely loved it. The fun songs; the vibrant colours; the happy mood that everybody seemed to be in all of the time…it made life feel somewhat easier to handle. Of course, Tai knew he felt that way; but everybody else looked upon him as some sort of Grinch. As such, it only served to confuse them further when he was the only one of the group to buy everybody presents each year, without fail.

Yamato shook the thought out of his head, and reached out for the door handle in front of him; but with the non-existent reactions of a teenager who had barely woken up, he failed to notice the large, red bauble that had been left senselessly on the floor in front of him, and slipped; lifting up into the air fleetingly. "Stupid…Christmas…" He groaned, as he landed on his back with a painful slam. "…it's going to kill me…"

"…you ok, Yama?" Tai queried, timidly, opening the door and poking his head through the crack. Yamato glared at him; silently daring the brunette to laugh, as he slowly pulled himself back to his feet. Naturally, Tai took him up on the challenge and giggled anyway. Yamato had to give him that; Tai was brave, alright. That didn't mean he was going to get away with it, though. "Agh! No! No! Nooo! Get off me, I didn't mean it! I didn't mean iiiiiit!" Tai screamed out through his excessive ("And cute…" Yamato noted) laughter, as the blonde dragged him to the floor, tickling the life out of him.

"Oh, it's too late for mercy, Tai. You know the rules!" Yamato grinned, tickling even faster; Tai's eyes were positively streaming, and he was rapidly becoming out of breath. In a last ditch effort, he sent a kick at Yamato's chest with his right foot. "Oh, what's this?" Yamato inquired, struggling to hide his own laughter, as he grabbed Tai's foot mid kick. "You want me to tickle here, too?"

"No! Nooo, pleeeease!" Tai giggled, kicking both his feet out as fast as he could in an attempt to escape. Yamato grabbed the other one in his second hand, effortlessly, and dragged the hysterical Tai across the room. "Let me go! Let me goooo!"

"What's with all the noise, guys?" Mr Ishida interrupted with a yawn, stepping out from his bedroom and sitting down on the sofa beside the two wrestling boys. "…don't you plan on getting dressed at all today, Matt?"

"Wha…?" He let go of Tai's feet, and looked down at himself; he was still in his boxers. Correction; he was still in his very tight, leaving very little to the imagination, boxers; and he was grappling with his very attractive crush. If that wasn't a dangerous situation, then nothing was. "Agh! Why didn't you say something earlier, Tai?"

"I thought you knew!" The brunette replied with a snigger, as Yamato darted into his bedroom; his cheeks were burning up in embarrassment. He slammed his door shut, and attempted to hurry into some clothes before Tai could stroll in; as it was, he only managed to pull on some tight, blue jeans before his door opened again and his friend appeared. "Oh…and you have to hurry it up Yama. Sora will kill me if I'm late again."

"She still won't cut you any slack, eh Tai?"

"What do you mean?" He replied, tilting his head to the side. The expression reminded Yamato of a curious puppy; of course, he thought Tai was even more adorable than a puppy.

"Well, it's just that she keeps threatening to kill you if you don't do things." Yamato answered, pulling a long sleeved shirt over his head. "It's just weird."

"Heh, I'm pretty sure I can take her if she tries it." Tai said with a cute wink.

"That's not the point though, Tai." The blonde replied, beginning to sound serious. "She shouldn't say these things to you. She's…she's supposed to care about you, y'know? It's the least you deserve."

"…but…what else can I do?"

"Are you…y'know, happy with her?" Yamato ventured, carefully.

"Yeah! I mean…I think I am…aren't I?" Tai pondered, sounding utterly confused now that he had to voice his own opinion on their relationship. Thinking about it, they'd been going out for a long time now, and he still wasn't sure if he was enjoying himself.

"I can't answer that one for you, Tai." Yamato smiled, ruffling the brunette's hair. "But if you ever discover that, really, you're not happy about being with her; just get out of it. I'll be here for you if you do."

"Thanks, Yama. I lo…" Tai cut off, with fear stricken across his shell-shocked face. Yamato halted in response, halfway through zipping up his thick, green coat, and stared. They continued like that for a good ten seconds, before Tai's phone pitched in with an explosion of jingle bells. Wasting no time, he picked it up and read the name. "It's Sora; speak of the devil, eh?"

"Yeah, the literal devil…" Yamato murmured, trying his hardest to focus, yet completely unable to pull his thoughts away from what Tai had just said. "Did he…did he almost say he loves me?"

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