Justice League Resurrection

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A world cries out for heroes and the call is answered by seven individuals, only certain things are altered when answering the call… Can these seven handle the call or will they fail?
Crack fic-ish

Notes: The era of the Justice League was WWII, as they were originally written

This fic is semi-crack and partially the result of my twisted sub-consciousness (as I had a dream where I watched this happen to the narrator as if I were a movie camera. Let's just say if a telepath were to ever enter my mind they'd run the other way screaming in terror) This will not be a long story and is already fully written.

1: The Museum AKA Fate just hates my guts

As I sat looking at the two agents in front of me, I remembered that it was all behind me now and I can tell them my story before I can go on with my life and pick up the threads. Though who was I kidding?

"Now, tell us again how this all happened," the agent to the front and left of me said I look up at him and said,

"It all began that day Lex Luther IV was testing out his newest robo-suit…" I began.

Two Years Previous…

I was going to be late! My first day working at the Museum and I was going make a bad impression. And it wasn't just any museum, it was the museum; the Comic Book Archives. Here at the museum they have actual pieces from the real heroes' uniforms: a Bat-a-rang from Batman, Superman's cape, a Green Lantern ring, Hawkgirl's mask, the Flash's boots, and Wonder Woman's bracers. Nothing from the Martian Manhunter still survived because he morphed his clothes. Not that I could geek out about that now, I had to get dressed and get to work. I grabbed my gray polo shirt and matching pants and tried to tug them on at the same time only to fall over. I was almost out the door whenever I remembered my ID was still lying on my dresser. I rush back to get it and am finally on my way to work.

Upon arrival I realize I forgot my lunch and my money which meant no food for me. I swipe in five minutes late and turn to see my supervisor was looking at me as if she was a Doberman and I was wearing milk bone underwear.

"Mr. Collins what is the time?" she asked.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Cila," I said.

"Don't be late again," she said before she walked away.

"Ah you pissed off Chicken Dinner," said a voice and I turned to see it was a brunette, blue eyed girl who'd been hired at the same time as I, her name tag read 'Sarah Baxter.'

"I see your parents hate you," she said as she read my name 'Zephyr.'

"It was either that or 'Egon,'" I said as I shrugged.

"Good choice," Sarah said. We headed to the food court where we would be working.

"Get to the point, Collins," the other agent said.

"Do you want to know what happened or not?" I asked, "Because I'm good with forgetting this ever happened and going on with my life."

"Ignore agent Simmons," the first agent said, "He's not good with debriefings."

"As you have room to talk, Smith," Simmons said.

"Enough! G-d, you two are as bad as Bats II and Supes II," I said.

"On with the story, Collins," Smith said.

"After I started work…,"

I was there an hour whenever the nerd rush hit and they were geeking out over how close they were to the artifacts and how cool it was that the heroes were real. I know I was geeking earlier but to have to listen to it was annoying,

"Hey, Zeph! This is Mike, Jerry, Jay, Jason, and Jake. They make up the other portion of our Magnificent Seven of the Museum Food Court staff," Sarah said as she introduced me around. Jake, a tall African American boy with light brown eyes and brown skin waved before he smacked the shorter boy next to him who was also of African descent, his skin a darker brown than Jake's and his eyes an almost orange color, this was Jerry. Both had their heads shaved and by the smug look on Jason's face, who was a skinny blonde boy with pale gray eyes and skin so pale paper looked tan, I was willing to guess they'd lost a bet with him. Jay and Mike were identical twin brothers who both had tan skin, black eyes, curly hair, and thick accents that indicated they were from Italy. How they ended up here was a mystery to everyone.

I was on my way out that day whenever something fell from the sky-,

"Yes, Luther's Robo-suit we know the story; it was in the paper," Simmons said.

"As I was saying..,"

I was on my way out after work that day when something began to fall from the sky, and the shadow was right over me. I dove away only to find it had landed safely on its own. Then again, had I not dodged I'd have been squished like a bug. Then it just plowed into the museum. I yelled for the police and they arrived before promptly getting blasted back out the door. I then remembered I'd forgotten my keys inside. I know, not really heroic, but I needed those keys to start my car and get into my house. That and I also recalled I'd forgotten to clock out. Let me say this now: Chicken Dinner is scarier than a robo-suit so I ran inside to the break room, clocked out, grabbed my keys and heard Sarah scream. I looked up to see she was caught between the robo-suit and the displays of the hero artifacts. I, stupidly, ran over as if I would be able to do something at the same time the other guys from the food court did so. I did this not knowing I was about to set off something that would rock the world-,

"Just get one with it already," Smith said.

"Who's telling this story?" I asked before I then continued,

A flash of light, well for lack of a better word, flashed blinding us momentarily and we were in a white place.

"We're dead! Are we in heaven?" asked Jason.

"If it's heaven then I wouldn't be here," Jerry pointed out.

"Not heaven at all," said a melodious voice and then SHE appeared. She was gorgeous, wearing a Greek toga-dress and making it look dead sexy. Next to her was a man every bit as dark haired as she, only his skin was pale while hers was golden colored. Both of them had blue eyes though. Another fair skinned, dark haired, blue eyed man appeared and his physique was massive and put Mr. Universe to shame. The first guy put a few body builders to shame yet he exuded confidence that made him even deadlier than the second guy.

"We are here because today the world cried out for heroes and your souls answered the call, do you accept?" the woman said.

"Had I known what was going to happen I might have still done it after letting my conscience gnaw at me for a few minutes that I'd have said no on the principal of the whole thing-," I said.

"Enough with the asides and get back to your story," Smith said.


"You mean we'll become Super Heroes?" asked Sarah in disbelief.

"Yes, we seven will pick out heroes and you will carry on our mission until fate releases you from this," said the second man, the first man was silent.

"Wait, you're Wonder Woman!" Sarah said with hero worship in her tone. Wait a tic, that meant the second man was SUPERMAN!

"This is so cool!" Mike gushed.

"Very!" Jay agreed.

"I've always wanted to be part of something like the Justice League!" Sarah said eagerly.

"Be careful what you wish for," the silent man said. He, Wonder Woman, and Superman all turned into lights as four other lights appeared, they swirled around until I lost track of who was who. Then the lights flew at and into us which forced us back into reality where Luther's bot waited and we were powerless, or so we thought.

"And that began the weirdest yet most exciting and happiest part of my life," I said.

"You don't get to skip details because you want to this time whenever you've been insisting on putting them in before this point, boy, so keep talking because the psychologists want some sort of direction whenever they try to counsel you after this," said Simmons.

"You do realize this is traumatic for me, right?" I asked.

"Just keep talking, Collins, and make it a thorough account," Smith said.


When we got back to reality I thought I'd just hallucinated, but then I noticed that Jake was holding the Batarang, Jerry had the lantern ring, Jason had on the Flash's boots, Mike was wearing Hawkgirl's mask, Jay had a green tinge to his skin, and Sarah was wearing Superman's cape. Then things went to the Twilight Zone followed closely by Hell. Luther fired on us and none of us could dodge except Jake, who seemed to have suddenly mastered martial arts. Jay turned completely green in color before his eyes glowed red and he screamed out in pain. Following him was Mike who grabbed at his shoulders, Sarah who fell to her knees and me, who also fell to my knees. The pain was intense; it felt as if I'd pulled every muscle before rubbing lemon juice into a thousand cuts all over my body.

It was only then that I noticed I too had artifacts on; Wonder Woman's bracers.

My shirt became too tight and my pants too as the pain spread all over. I could hear a ripping sound and assumed it was me, only I would later find out I was wrong.

"Coincidentally it was Sarah from whom the rip sounded," I said,

When the pain receded Lex Luther IV was staring open mouthed at us before a pair of lasers hit the bot in the chest melting through to the processor, making the machine nothing more than an expensive paper weight. I moved and felt a jiggle where there shouldn't have been and hadn't been ever. I looked down into the largest breasts I had even seen and had they not been on my body I'd have thought they were a work of art, instead, I screamed loudly, and shrilly before I felt down below to find I had become female. I looked at the reflective surface of the Lex-bot to find that I, a boy, had become a woman and not just any woman, Wonder Woman.

Tsukasa: My subconscious comes up with some messed up crap... And yet compared to some of the weird things I've dreamed this is pretty mild.