Pete woke up on Friday morning, with the light shining through the nearby window and his wife curled in his arms. He didn't think life could get any better. As he moved his right hand to begin stroking Violet's hair, he could feel her move in his embrace.

"Morning" she said as she turned to face him and smile.

"Morning" he replied as he pulled her tight and placed a kiss on her forehead. "How did you sleep" he asked cheerfully as Violet stretched out beside him.

"I slept great, Lucas only cried once which is a rare occasion these days. Thought I would let you sleep after your long shift at the ER yesterday" she said.

Pete reached under her back and pulled her close to him as to say thank you.

"Guess what I just remembered?" he said as she pulled away. "It's our sixth month anniversary!" he said excitedly, as she sat up.

"Oh my god, you're right! How has it been six months already" she pondered as he grabbed her hands and tugged her down into his arms.

"I wanted to surprise you so I didn't mention it, but I rented a villa in Santa Monica for tonight to celebrate. I booked reservations at this great restaurant too so i was thinking we could head up after work, spend the night and relax tomorrow morning, have breakfast by the beach and then come back to civilization." He kept reciting the plan as Violet stared at her husband with admiration.

"That sounds amazing" she replied. "We've never been on a vacation just the two of us! Guess this can be our late honeymoon." she said smiling. "But wait, what are we going to do with Lucas?"

"Don't worry, I already arranged for Naomi to take him for the weekend. Maya's spending the weekend at Dink's with Olivia, so Nay said she would love the company"

"Well don't you just have everything all ready" Violet said as she rolled on top of her husband and kissed him passionately. He kissed her back and reached under her shirt as to pull it over her head.

"Wait, we don't want to tire ourselves out now" she said giggling as she teasingly kissed Pete's neck. "Let's wait until tonight, and save our energy" kissing Pete one final time, she rolled off of him and walked to the bathroom, staring back at him teasingly to see the look of impatience in his eye.

"Fine, but the wait better be worth it" he yelled amusingly as he poked his head into the bathroom.

Violet placed both hands on his face and kissed him hard as to give him a sneak preview. "You know it will be" and with that she smiled and began brushing her teeth for work.