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"Well, here we go-again," Din said, her melodious voice dripping with annoyance. She and her sisters watched Hyrule and the surrounding regions from their home in the Heavens and at the same moment sighed.

The cycle as old as time was beginning again.

"How many times have they been reincarnated again?" Farore wondered as she watched an eighteen-year-old Link realize his destiny.


"I don't know, I lost count after 500 something," Nayru replied flatly as she watched Zelda, seventeen, change into a dress that she could describe to the thread.


"This is so boring! This cycle is pointless and all mortals are pointless too! Weak, stupid, all of them, I hate it!" Din raged, glaring daggers at twenty-six year old Ganondorf as darkness consumed him.

Again. Again, again, again, from one century to another everything was the same.

"I'm so bored!" Farore whined.

"Nothing exciting ever happens!" Nayru complained.

"I wish something would happen!" Din yelled.

Suddenly the Heavens shook violently and an angry voice spoke.

"Foolish girls!" raged the Ruler of the Heavens. "If that is how you see your chosen and everything else, then a part of it you shall become! Mortal, weak, ignorant, and useless is what you now shall be!" Then the Heavens shook violently once again and Din, Nayru and Farore gasped as smothering darkness washed over them.

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