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~Moon White Rose


"Well, here we go-again." The melodious voice of Din was oozing with annoyance. She hated what was coming, yet there was nothing she could do about it, which only added to her anger. In a mixture of both boredom and impatience, Din and her two sisters watched the Kingdom of Hyrule and its surrounding regions from their home, The Land beyond the Clouds.

The events that were happening were events that had occurred many times before; something they could eternally thank Demise for. While he was gone, his curse was still intact, and just like times in the past, the cycle almost as old as time was beginning again. Down below, the Three Chosen were awakening to their destines.

Farore, normally so lively and energetic, gazed hollowly as an eighteen year old Link was being prepared for the murderous challenges that lied ahead of him.


Nayru, usually the picture of grace, calm, and wisdom, was almost glaring in silent anger down at seventeen year old Princess Zelda as she tossed in her sleep, plagued by nightmares that showed her the future of her people if evil was not stopped.


Din was holding nothing back as twenty-six year old Ganondorf, the Gerudo King, was consumed by the curse from which he would never break; she was ready to kill him herself, and the rest of this pointless trio.

Again; again and again and again. From one century to the next, everything was the same, no matter how one tried to look at it. It was the same story, told by the same weak mortals. "I'm tired of this!" Din suddenly yelled. "Just once, I wish something would happen that cannot be predicted!"

"Me too!" Farore whined. Even Nayru had to agree with the words of her sisters.

Something new would be nice.

"Why do we even put up with this?!" Din raged. "Mortals are so stupid, weak, and ignorant. They are never content and never know what hardship is!"

"And what is hardship in your fiery eyes, Din?" The voice washed over the trio; soft, firm, and light. The three women turned and were confronted by an orb of blinding light. The light grew in shape from a small ball to a towering figure that shone like a sun. Din, Nayru and Farore turned their faces away momentarily to escape the dazzling brightness. When they turned around, a familiar smile met them.

She was stunning. Long chestnut ringlets were restrained by a crown of snow white flowers, and the green dust flecked around her pure blue eyes perfectly matched the extravagant emerald dress she wore. Springing from her back were two creamy, green tinted wings which wrapped around her tan shoulders. Flanking her on either side, and clothed in simple purple dresses, were two creatures of similar beauty; though theirs was not near that of their leader.

"Venus," Nayru said serenely and offering a slight nod of respect. "To what do we owe the honor of your presence? It is not every day the Fairy Queen herself visits." The fairy smiled and gently fingered the tip of her wand.

They would not be pleased to learn why she was here, but this was long overdue. Venus may not have the power of the three before her, but her magic, especially when it was combined with that of her two Great Fairies, was not something to take lightly, as these three would soon learn. "My reason shall be revealed soon, blessed Nayru, but my attention for the moment is on you, Din." Venus' lips twitched up into a smile. "I couldn't help but hear your conversation, so I'll ask my question again; what is hardship in your fiery eyes, Din?"

"Well," Din said dismissively, "it's… it's having to put up with this cycle and watching the human world stupidly mess everything up!" Venus pretended to mull this over as she began to flutter back and forth. "Humanity is weak and goes through nothing compared to us. Even our chosen wouldn't be able to survive a day doing our job!"

It was the perfect opening line and she gave her Great Fairies a knowing grin. "Such insight, mighty Din!" Venus tapped her wand on the palm of her free hand and continued to smile. "The mortals, from your point of view, are not acquainted with things such as pain, sadness, or any sort of hardships in general?"

The curt nod was all Venus got by way of an answer. More than ever, this confirmed in her mind that the three before her needed to be taught a lesson. "Do you two feel this way as well?" she asked Nayru and Farore. Farore gave a shrug and Nayru took in a deep breath.

"Venus, the mortals… we are only stating what we observe." The Queen of the Fairies stopped before Nayru and now the light was gone from her eyes. With a disappointed sigh, she motioned her Great Fairies to her.

"It saddens me to hear you say that, Nayru. This curse is not ideal by any means, but it does play a part in life. I try to spread happiness among the Hylians when I can, and some feel as if you have abandoned them." Venus looked each woman in the eye. "I'm beginning to think they are right."

"And what is that supposed to mean?" Din snarled. Venus held up a hand and Din closed her mouth.

"Peace, Din; I mean no offense. I am merely stating what I observe." The Queen smirked slightly and it looked rather out of place on her normal gentle features. "I think your time in the clouds has given you a hazy view of the mortal world. I assure you, they sweat, toil, and suffer… but they also love and experience joy."

"Good for them," muttered Din. She turned on her heel but was met with the impassive, blank gazes of the Great Fairies. In unison, both waved their wands and magical, white energy formed a barrier around Nayru, Farore, and Din.

"Venus?" Nayru said with a slight waver in her delicate voice, "What is the meaning of this?" She was feeling odd ad darkness was creeping into her vision. What she didn't know was that the same thing was happening to her sisters. In seconds, all three were on their knees.

"I promise that you all have nothing to fear, but I believe you all are long overdue for this. You say that mortals know nothing of pain and suffering and are never content. Let's see if you think that after walking in their shoes."

That was the last thing any of them heard before everything they knew faded into a state of expansive darkness and quiet.

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~Moon White Rose