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Chapter 20

"Ivy, Ivy come on honey; wake up." The green haired twelve year old wanted to do the opposite; she felt like she had just fallen asleep. She reached for her blanket, but it wasn't there. A second later, she realized she wasn't in her soft bed, and she opened her eyes to see why that was the case. Everything was somewhat dark; her sleepy mind realized this as she registered the feel of a thin blanket beneath her and wood under that.

Wood that was moving. Suddenly, Ivy was very much awake as she remembered where they were going. Her mother was turned around and looking at her from her spot up front in the wagon. Next to her, Ivy saw the back of her father's head. So it was true; it hadn't been a dream at all. "Are we there yet?" she asked excitedly. With a laugh, her mother turned back around.

"Almost sweetheart. Can you wake your brother and sister up?" Ivy turned, and squeezed next to where she was now sitting, one on either side of her, were Marc and Rose. Marc was snoring and Rose, sleeping peacefully and just a few weeks off from her sixth birthday, had one arm around her doll. Ivy decided on her waking her sister first.

"Wake up Rose, we're almost there! Come on, wake up!" Ivy rubbed her little sister's shoulder vigorously for a moment before Rose, who was still asleep, shrugged away suddenly from her sister's hand.

"Nnn. Goway!" she whined, also reaching for a blanket and finding none as Malon had taken it before awaking Ivy. Since the space in the back of the wagon was so confined, Rose was pressing against Ivy to the point it was hurting.

"Rose, wake up!" The small red head sat up somewhat sluggishly and looked around sleepily, while Marc groaned at the loud voice. "About time, you were pushing on me," Ivy giggled.

"Ya snugwy," Rose yawned. "Night-night."

"No you don't young lady," ordered Malon. "We're almost there, so get up; Marc, you too sweetheart." Deep snores answered Malon's order and Link burst out laughing. Malon shook her head, glaring playfully at her husband. "He gets it from you, you know that old man?" Link shot her a dirty look.

"Old, who are you calling old?" he demanded. In a flash, Malon pulled off his hat and yanked out a single strand of hair, which caused Link to emit a very feminine sounding yelp, which in turn caused Ivy and Rose to burst out into a chorus of giggles. Malon held up the strand for Link to see and it was silvery in color. "Oh come on, I'm only thirty!"

"Yeah, now, but you'll be thirty-one before you know it," called a new voice. Link shot his brother, who was driving the wagon next to theirs, a deadly glare. "Year or two, you'll be completely gray," Dark taunted, which cause his wife, Saria, to shake her head.

"Look who's talking," Link shot back. "Last time I checked, we're twins, so that means you'll be thirty-one soon as well, and I'm sure you have a few gray hairs too." Dark rolled his eyes and nodded to the back of his wagon.

"If I do, it's courtesy of those two monsters back there," Dark said, indicating he meant Ivy's little twin cousins, Miera and Mason, who were almost two. "They've been trouble since the day they got here."

"No they have not," Saria laughed, smacking her husband's shoulder. "They are perfect little angels, aren't they Malon?"

"Of course they are," Malon agreed, to which both Link and Dark replied:

"Typical mother's biased opinion." All the adults immediately broke out laughing, and the loud sound succeeded in finally waking Marc up from his deep slumber.

"Huh… whas goin on?" he yawned, rubbing his eyes vigorously. Malon looked back at her children once more. She smiled, temporarily lost in thought. To think her oldest, Ivy, was already twelve, Marc nine, and Rose, her baby, almost six. Ivy hardly took her doll with her anywhere now, and she was becoming slightly more tolerable of boys outside of her family playing with her. They're growing up so fast, and Daddy's Princess will be falling in love before he knows it.

"Mommy?" Malon shook her head and smiled at her children who were waiting for her answer.

"We're almost there, children; almost." Malon turned back around and Ivy felt excitement shoot through her. Her first festival and her first time to Hyrule Castle Town; she could hardly wait to get there and see all the new places and do some exploring. I've waited a long time to go to this, and I'm going to make sure I remember it for as long as I live.

"This place is huge!" Ivy screamed as she jumped out of the wagon, quickly followed by Marc and Rose who just stared, opened mouthed and wide eyed, at all the chaos going on. Nearby stood the towering outer wall of the castle; flags, streamers, and tapestries livening up the bland gray stone. The gate leading in was open and people, crammed close together, were a constant stream that entered and exited the main market beyond. Outside the wall were dozens of stalls that had so many items for sale, Ivy got dizzy trying to recognize them all. "Really huge," she added under her breath.

"Too big," Rose whimpered, holding up her arms to her father. Link scooped her up and sat her on his shoulders, which calmed her down immediately; like her sister, she was a big Daddy's girl.

"It's not too big Rosie- it'll be fun, I promise," Link encouraged to which Dark laughed.

"Oh yeah, selling items to dozens of screaming, demanding people is going to be fun," he said with a roll of his dark red eyes. "I can hardly wait to get started."

"Well, if that's the case, then you have no problem going to the registration tent and finding out where our stall is, do you?" Saria smiled as her husband groaned; that was going to take a while, and patience was not Dark's strong point. She kissed him quickly before yanking his hat off and ruffling his hair. "The sooner you go, the sooner it's over with."

Dark snatched his hat back and gave a mock glare as he returned it to its rightful place "Can't I stay here and Link go and take care of it?"

"Hey! No way am I going into that madhouse! You opened your mouth brother," Link quickly said, holding his hands up in front of him. Malon, Link, and Saria smiled and Dark grumbled in defeat. He wasn't going to win this round, and he knew it.

"Fine, but Saria, if Miera or Mason ends up needing a diaper change, Link will be more than happy to take care of it," Dark playfully growled. Link glared at his drafted assignment and mouthed, 'you'll be sorry,' before helping Malon get some personal items out of the wagon. Dark started to leave, but Ivy took off after her uncle.

"Uncle Dark, can I go with you, please?" he looked down at his green haired niece. It would be crowded, but he knew she had too much pent up energy to really be a help back here; she'd probably beg to go look around anyway. Besides, she was adventurous, and she had been waiting a long time to someplace other than her home or Kakariko, which was where he and Saria lived. She looked up at him and her lower lip trembled. "Please?" She plays dirty, he thought as he tugged on her braid.

"I've got no problem with it squirt, but you have to ask your parents; don't want them think you got kidnapped." Ivy ran over to where her parents were standing, careful to not spook the horses.

"Mommy, Daddy, can I go with Uncle Dark, please, please, please, please, pplleeaassee?"

"Whoa, one please at a time Ivy," Link laughed. He thought about it, and decided it wouldn't hurt, so long as she stayed with Dark and didn't try to sneak off. "I suppose, but leave your money here, and don't you dare stray away from your uncle; I can still take you over my knee you know," he added, his tone light, but the words nothing but truth. If she ran off, she'd have one very sore behind.

"Mother, has my money, and I won't run off. So can I?" Link nodded, and Ivy ran off, without giving Link so much as a quick hug. Soon, the two were out of sight and a sadness hit Link in his heart.

"She didn't hug me," he grumbled. Malon laughed and rested her head on his shoulder.

"She loves you Link; she's just growing up, plus she's excited. You're still her number one man. For now," Malon added teasingly. Link glared and Malon fell silent.

"Don't even tease me about that, I'm all too well aware that one day, probably soon, I'm not going to be her number one man." Malon hugged him, but he still didn't smile.

"Link, she's only twelve; she's not going to be looking at boys for a while. So just relax and have fun, okay?" He smiled halfheartedly and watched Marc and Rose play as Malon went to help Saria with the twins.

Hopefully it will be never; no one will ever be good enough for my special baby girl.

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