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Chapter 24

I really can't wait to see you. I know it will be soon, your aunt and uncle have been saying that they're excited for your family to come visit, but it just doesn't seem like it will be soon enough. I really miss having… my partner in crime around. I'll be watching for you to show up, and the night you arrive, sneak out and meet me near the spring; I have something I need to tell you. Later Greenie.


The fifteen year old, green haired girl sighed wistfully as she read the closing paragraph for the hundredth time. She had received the letter a few days ago, and she couldn't agree more with Conner when he said soon wasn't soon enough. She wanted to be in Kakariko now; why did he have to say he had something to tell her? She was going crazy trying to imagine what the almost seventeen year old had to say that was so important that he had to say it to her face and required her sneaking out.

I'll be watching for you to show up. Every time she read that part, a shiver danced up her spine; a shiver she felt every time she thought of the boy she had met, over two years ago, on the "Adventure that Never Happened," as she called it. Since that day, all the visits she had made to Kakariko, and the few he and his family had made to Ordon, had brought the two closer together. At some point for Ivy though, the friendship had changed into something else; something deeper.

She had a crush on him; it was that plain and simple. She had been hit with a case of puppy love the day they met and for her it had grown instead of gone away. She desperately wished Conner had feelings for her, but she doubted it. He was almost two years older than her, and Kakariko wasn't lacking in pretty girls closer in age to him. The fact that he ended the letter by calling her Greenie, his pet nickname for her, just proved he only saw her as a friend… didn't it?

Annoyed at her own confused thoughts, Ivy sat the letter next to her and stretched onto her back, letting her feet dangle in the cool water of Ordon Spring. This was one of her favorite places to come to; a place she could normally forget whatever was bothering her. Unfortunately, its powers weren't working today, but it really was her own fault; she had brought the letter with her after all.

But it's his fault for saying he had something to tell me. That part made her more wound up then anything ever had, as far as she could remember. Just what did he have to-?

"Ivy!" Ivy bolted up and quickly stuffed the letter down her shirt, and she did so just in the nick of time. Her father rode up and reined Flame, one of Epona's sons, to a stop. He dismounted; a smile on his face that Ivy couldn't fully return. Months before she had met Conner, her and her father's relationship had started to become strained. It had only gotten worse over time since, for some reason, he couldn't see that she was now fifteen, except for if she slacked off in her chores.

He expected her to work hard, but he didn't give her any freedom whatsoever; he also thought it fit to not tell her of her real parents. She had known for a while that one, if not both, of her parents weren't her real blood family. It made her angry that they would keep something so important from her and it didn't help that her father still called her his baby girl even though she had made it clear she hated being called that. "It's almost time for dinner," her father said as he ruffled her hair. "You've been gone for a while sweetheart; your mother and I were worried."

"Dad, stop, I'm fine," she sighed as she pulled away, fixing the mess he had made of her hair. Link didn't let it show, but he was hurt; he hated the distance that was steadily growing between him and his oldest child. When she turned back to him, he forced a smile and lead Flame over. Ivy mounted the tall stallion with ease and Link mounted behind her. He urged Flame into a steady trot and for a while, the two rode in silence.

"So, what's on your mind sweetheart? I can tell you're thinking about something."

"I just really want to go to Kakariko; I miss Uncle Dark and Aunt Saria and my cousins. That's all," she quickly answered. It wasn't a full lie; while she was looking forward to seeing Conner, she was also excited at seeing the rest of her family. Her father chuckled at the statement, even though he was inwardly a little jealous; why couldn't she be as excited to be around him?

"You know, I remember a time when you were afraid of him, and you thought he was scary. What happened?" Link asked playfully. Ivy wasn't in the mood; she hated feeling like a liar because she was keeping Conner a secret from her parents, and the letter was rubbing against her stomach almost painfully, reminding her of its presence. She didn't want to play; she just wanted him to leave her alone.

"I grew out of that Dad," she muttered, ending the conversation. The rest of the ride home was quiet, and the moment Flame was reined to a stop, Ivy dismounted and ran inside. Link watched as she practically closed the door in his face without as much as a glance. In silence he lead Flame into the stable and removed his tack; it was as he was grooming the red horse though that his vision became blurred with tears.

What was going on between him and Ivy? The two had always been so close; from the day they had met. He recalled finding her out in the woods that fateful day; who would have guessed that saving her from getting stung by bees would have led to so much joy… and heartache? He certainly never would have guessed that. "Yet I wouldn't have had it any other way," Link mused quietly. Ivy was such a huge joy in his life that he couldn't even begin to imagine life without her.

"So what should I do boy?" Flame only ate his oats with noisy gusto; he paid Link no mind. Epona never would have done that; he missed his old girl. Losing her had hurt more than he had had the words to describe. Was he potentially going to lose more? Was he losing Ivy to something or someone? "It has to be someone, Flame. It has to be a… a boy."

Link wasn't dumb; for a while, a long while, he had had the sneaking suspicion that Ivy had a little crush on someone; someone who lived in Kakariko. He had noticed that Ivy had gotten more excited about going to Kakariko in the last few years than in years past. Also, on more recent visits, she would spend noticeable amounts of time with friends he and Malon rarely ever saw. At Malon's request he had left everything alone, but he couldn't do it anymore.

"Whatever she's hiding, Flame, I'm going to find out, and if it's a guy who's taking her away from me, he's going to wish that he was never born."

A few days later, Ivy awoke before sunrise and started to make breakfast for the rest of her sleeping family. She was too wound up to even think about sleep; today was the day. Today they would leave for Kakariko and tonight she would find out what Conner wanted to tell her. Just thinking about tonight made her case of nerves grow. As she was finishing up breakfast, she heard a sleepy yawn and she turned to see her father looking at the set table as if he didn't really believe what he was seeing.

Link blinked a few times to make sure that he wasn't dreaming. "You're up early," he finally said. "What's all this?" Ivy, in a better mood than normal, kissed his cheek while laughing.

"Are you really awake Dad? It's called breakfast." Link smiled and perked up slightly at the playful tone in his teenaged daughter's voice. Whatever had put her in a good mood, he was happy for it… until he remembered that today was the day they left for Kakariko. She wasn't in a good mood because of something around here; she was glowing with happiness because they were going to his brother and sister-in-law's house.

"So it is," he said lightly, hoping his smile didn't look phony. He was happy at seeing her smile, but he hated not being the cause. He helped her move the food out to the table and the silence that fell between the two as they washed the dirty pans was comfortable. Link decided that now was as good a time as ever to ask; they were alone and this was the best mood he had seen her in in months. "I wonder if Mason and Miera are as tall as you yet. Those two grow like weeds."

"No kidding. Sometimes it's hard to believe that there barely five," Ivy sighed as she put the dried pans away. Her little twin cousins always seemed to get bigger with each visit; hopefully Knil Jr. wouldn't grow as quickly as his siblings. After all, he's such a cute little baby! It was true; her eighteen month old cousin was pretty much the cutest thing she had ever seen; he was practically a mini version of his father, which Ivy thought was adorable. Come to think of it, I've been thinking about babies recently; does that mean I want to be a mother?

She decided to ponder the question later as her father cleared his throat. He looked at her for a second too long and she grew uncomfortable. "Ivy," he finally said. "I know you're excited to get to Kakariko to see Uncle Dark, Aunt Saria and your cousins… but is there another reason as to why you're excited? Is… there someone else you're looking forward to seeing?"

The question drove away the calm; Link could literally feel tension fill the air as his daughter's emerald green eyes hardened and the smile disappeared from her face. "Why would you ask that? Of course I have friends in Kakariko I'm looking forward to seeing."

"Like who sweetheart?" Ivy turned away.

"Dad, don't call me that. You and mom know who my friends there are," Ivy snapped as she turned away. Link's anger flared; he did not care for her tone of voice and the way the word "mom" left her mouth made her uneasy.

"Ivy," he said sternly, laying a firm hand on her shoulder. "You do not talk t-,"

"What's for breakfast? I'm starving." Ivy silently thanked her brother's timing. The sleepy looking twelve year old settled into his seat and he was soon followed by eight year old Rose. Like her brother's reddish blond hair, her red curls were a wild mess and her eyes were still half closed with sleep.

"Morning Daddy," she yawned as she hugged his waist. Link let Ivy go and knelt so that he could hug his younger daughter back; just because he was unhappy with Ivy didn't mean his other children had to suffer. He kissed Rose on the cheek and she returned the gesture. As Link stood, he noticed that Ivy had watched the whole exchange, a look of longing and jealousy on her face, but it was gone the moment the two locked eyes. Soon Malon arrived and the family settled down at the tale to eat.

Only once did Ivy and Link's eyes meet. In that brief second, Ivy knew she had to hide everything about Conner from her father at all costs and Link knew that, no matter what, he was going to find out what she was hiding.

The only similarity to their thoughts was that this was going to be one life changing trip. Nothing was going to be the same; that was the only thing they both had in common now.

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