"I am ensuring you the life you wanted." Erik said bravely.

"The life I want is here, with you." She protested.

"Christine, they will take you away from me, and kill me, which is nothing less of what I deserve." Erik stated bravely.

"Do not speak such words! We can just run away! We could go somewhere else, where no one knows us. We could start a new life."

Raoul came to Christine's side.

"Darling, we have to go!" He panted, pulling her arm.

"No, Raoul. I am not going with you." She stated coldly. She held up her left hand, showing a wedding ring. "I love him. And you can't change that."

Erik grabbed him, and pulled him onto some dry land. He took a candle holder and smacked on the back of the head. Raoul fell to the ground, unconscious.

"We must go." The Phantom pulled Christine into the boat, and pulled away.

Later that night, Raoul woke up. He looked around to find that he was alone. "Christine?" He called, only to hear his lonely echo.

Years later…

Audrey, a girl the age of 18 with long, black, curly hair and green eyes, and the daughter of Erik and Christine.

Audrey opened her eyes to find herself in the center of a meadow, filled with many purple flowers.

"Audrey…" A haunting voice called to her.

Audrey whipped around, the meadow fading into darkness.

"Who's there?" She called quietly.

"Audrey…" it called again. Suddenly, a figure appeared. The silhouette of a young man reached out to her. "Audrey…"

"Audrey! Audrey!" Quinn called, shaking Audrey's resting body.

Audrey's eyes snapped open to find herself in her own bed, and Quinn over her.

"Good morning, Quinn." She moaned, sitting up, and rubbing her eyes.

"Audrey! We are going to be late for rehearsal!"

Audrey jumped up. She threw on her clothes and shoes, and brushed her hair. "I can't be late again!"

"It was that dream again, wasn't it?"

"What dream?"

"You've been muttering things in your sleep for the past month! What's wrong?"

"I don't have time for that, Quinn!" Audrey snapped, hoping she would forget about it. The truth is, she has had that same dream for that past month or so.

Quinn and Audrey rushed to into the Opera house, just in time to rehearsal.

"Alright. The next opera for the season will be taking us back in time. We will be performing the production of Il Muto!"

Many cheered, many booed. Quinn and Audrey looked at each other.

"Quinn, wasn't your mother the Countess in that production?"

"Yes, but your mother was the page boy, and then-"

"The casting list will now be read:

Countess: Quinn Guidicelli"

Quinn gasped. Audrey glanced at her. "Congratulations, Quinn." Quinn and Audrey smiled at each other as the casting went on.

"Oh, goodness- well, there must be some mistake, because they have cast Audrey Daae as the page boy."

Audrey froze. Was this coincidence? Or was some one actually messing with them?

The night of the performance, Quinn peeked through the curtain to see a full house. "Audrey, oh, Audrey, I'm scared!"

"Don't be. You are always flawless."

"That's easy for you to say. You have the silent role."

Suddenly, the curtain opened.

As the performance continued, there was a strange presence in the air. The same on from that past nights. Audrey felt dizzy and light headed. She looked up into the rafters to see that same figure.

Suddenly, everything went dark, and Audrey was gone, and she blacked out.

Audrey woke up in a boat on the side of an underground lake.

To be continued…