"I'm scared," whispered Rajesh Koothrappali to his best friend Howard Wolowitz.

The pair were at the top of a Zorb run, getting ready to climb into the big plastic spheres. Rajesh was whispering because there was a hot blonde nearby, adding to his nerves.

"There's nothing to be scared of, buddy," reassured Howard. "You can't get hurt in a Zorb."

"I'm not worried about getting hurt, I'm worried about losing my lunch! It could get pretty messy in there."

"You're up, buddy," said the instructor to Rajesh, and after looking to his friend for a nod of encouragement the scared particle astrophysicist climbed inside his Zorb.

Moments later the pair were hurtling down the hillside, having the time of their life. Rajesh was especially happy; he had always led a sheltered life before his Jewish buddy had introduced him to the thrilling world of extreme sports.

Then they all went for ice cream!