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Rosalie's growl at my words made my throat go dry. "What did you say?" She ground out. I swallowed hard, trying to wet my mouth enough to speak. "Alice is my mate. She's the reason I went into heat." I stammered. My eyes were still squeezed tightly shut. Out of all the Cullen's, Rosalie scared me the most.

A loud, beautiful laugh had me snapping my eyes open in utter shock. Out of all the things I had been expecting, laughter was definitely not on the list. I don't even think I had ever heard her laugh before this. "Oh, this is perfect!" She exclaimed excitedly. My jaw dropped at her words. This woman was confusing. First she growls at me and then she laughs at me. What the hell?

"Umm, Rose? Why are you laughing?" I finally managed to ask. The sound of laughter cut off, though I could still hear her chuckling slightly. "You mean you haven't noticed?" Rose asked me coyly. "Noticed what?" Rose chuckled again before answering me. "Alice is completely head over heels in love with you. You are her mate as well but she was too scared to tell you." She told me as if it were the most obvious thing on the planet. She might as well have been telling me about the weather.

My eyes widened at that. Alice already knew I was her mate? Why on Earth would she be afraid to tell me that? And how dare Edward try to destroy her for it? I growled deeply at the thought of what Edward had put my mate through. My inner wolf was filled with rage and the urge to rip the little bastard to pieces flooded throughout my body.

Andy chuckled from behind me. "Looks like vampires do know their mates just like we do after all." He said cheerfully. "He's right. Though I am guessing that it took you a lot longer to figure it out than it took Alice, huh?" Rosalie concurred. I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair. "Yeah, I guess so. In my defense though, I really don't have a clue about this supernatural stuff in the first place. Blame my ignorance." I replied.

Rosalie sighed as well. "Bella, you need to get over here as soon as you can. What Edward said to Alice has her really upset and this needs to get sorted out as soon as possible. Why didn't you just tell her that she is your mate in the first place?" Rose asked. "Because I wanted a little time to wrap my head around it. I mean, hell, I had just realized that she was my mate before fully going into heat and going werewolf insane killing machine. I wasn't quite ready to say anything. It's all happening so fast." I muttered.

"Bella, I understand that this must be hard for you but you aren't even going to be able to calm down your inner wolf until you tell her the truth. That little dickhead put your mate into a state of pain and your wolf knows it. You have to tell her before you lose control completely." Andy said, laying his hand on my shoulder. "I don't know about the whole wolf thing but I do know how Alice is. She has been alone for far too long and now she believes that her mate isn't her own. She needs to know, Bella. You guys can take things as fast or slow as you want from there but you have to tell her first." Rosalie agreed with him readily.

I glanced up at Andy and saw only compassion in his eyes. It was like looking into the eyes of my own father. He only wanted me to be happy and being with Alice would make both me and my wolf happy. My eyes widened as the realization hit me that I did think of Andy as another father to me. He helped me when I needed it, gave me advice when I was lost and teased me just like Charlie did. He was basically the werewolf version of my own father.

Slowly I nodded my head in agreement, too overwhelmed by everything to speak. Andy gently took the phone out of my hand. "Rosalie, do you think you can run some damage control until we get there? We're going to be heading your way in just a minute." He asked her politely. I heard her answer in affirmation before he ended the call and started bustling me towards the car.

I sat in the passenger side and stared out the window as Andy sped down the road. He didn't drive quite as fast as the Cullen's tended to but it was still well over the speed limit. I figured it was because, though we are hard as hell to kill, glass can cut us and the cuts did hurt until they healed. Not to mention, glass cuts itch like hell. I never paid enough attention in class to figure out why though.

It took almost an hour but eventually we pulled up in front of the Cullen's house. The pristine mansion like home had always seemed so welcoming to me after I had become friends with the Cullen teens but now it looked terrifying. My wolf seemed to whine, aching to break free and get to her mate but I reined her in. The last thing I needed then was to completely wolf out.

Rosalie and Esme rushed out to meet us as we climbed out of the vehicle. "Oh, Bella, thank goodness you're here." Esme said in a rush. "Alice has locked herself in her room and we can hear her crying. Rosalie told me what happened. Please go help her." She continued, grabbing my arm and pulling me towards the house. Her beautiful features were drawn tight in sorrow at the grief of her daughter.

With Esme nearly pulling my arm out of my socket and Rosalie quietly pushing me from behind, we made it into the house and into the living room at almost vampire speed. My acute hearing could pick up the sound of muffled sobs coming from up in Alice's room and a soft whine issued from my throat.

I tore my arm from Esme's grasp, no longer afraid of revealing my feelings and headed towards the stairs, only to find my path suddenly blocked. There stood Edward, in all his so called glory, with a scowl on his face. "Don't even think about it you filthy little mutt. Alice does not need your perversion around her. Go back to howling at the moon." He snarled at me.

I was already running more on my wolf's instincts than human thought and Edward finally pushed me to my breaking point. I lunged at him, grabbing him by the throat and shoulder and, once again, threw him through the closest window. The sound of shattered glass was quickly followed by the sound of him heavily crashing to the ground outside of the house.

I was sick of this little prick always acting so high and mighty. I was sick of him calling me a mutt and using so many derogatory terms when referring to my species. Him now trying to keep me from my mate was the final straw. He had already hurt her deeply with his words, I was not going to let him destroy her by keeping me away.

I jumped out the window after him and tackled him as he was pulling himself up off of the ground. He yelled out in pain as my nails shifted to thick claws and pierced his granite like flesh, tearing off a chunk of his shoulder. My canines lengthened into fangs and tore into the side of his neck. My eye itched horribly as they shifted into the wolfs golden hue.

I continued to tear at him for a few more moments before I felt large cold arms wrap around my waist and pull me away from the bastard. I howled angrily at being ripped away from my prey but felt a small satisfaction at the sight of him curled into a ball before me. He was shaking in fear and pain. Obviously he had not given thought to the idea that I would attack him.

"I know you want to kill him, Bella. Hell, I wish I could join you in doing so but now is not the time or place. Alice needs you right now. This fucker can wait." Emmett said softly in my ear. I relaxed slightly at his words and felt my claws and fangs recede. As much of a joker that Emmett was, when he was right, he was right. His arms loosened around me and I took the chance to run back into the house and up the stairs. I didn't even spare a glance at the rest of the Cullen family, who was working with Andy to clean up the mess that I had made of the window.

I stopped outside of Alice's bedroom door and stared at the handle. I could feel some of the nerves starting to return and hesitated for a moment. A heartbroken sob dashed away my nervousness and I threw the door open quickly. The sight of my mate nearly broke my heart. She was curled up on her bed in a fetal position, clinging to her pillow for dear life.

A loud whimper left my throat at the sight and her eyes jumped to mine. The pain and sorrow in her amber eyes tore at my soul. All thoughts of words ceased to exist. That was not what either of us needed at this point. She needed to know and know for certain. I crossed the room in less than a second, using my heightened speed to my advantage and pulled her into my arms. I stared into her eyes, showing her the love and adoration in my own as my hand cupped her face.

Alice's eyes widened at the sudden knowledge and slowly the pain started to fade from her eyes. A small smile graced my lips before I leaned down and touched my lips to hers.

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