"Hello Ron." Luna said in her usual dreamy voice. "May I come in?"

"Uh, sure." Ron said, and led Luna into The Burrow. Harry, Hermione, Fred, George, Ginny, and Neville all sat in the living room, near the christmas tree.

Everyone smiled as they saw their friend following Ron. "Hello Luna!" "Hi!" "Good to see you!" Greetings rang out around the room.

'I thought I'd bring everyone their Christmas presents," Luna said, handing several packages to Harry and Ron. "But I suppose I'll have to go back home. I didn't know that Neville would be here." The gangly boy in the corner jumped a little at the mention of his name.

"Y-you don't have to. I'm okay." he said, standing up quickly. "No, no." Luna said with a small, distracted smile. "It's not far, anyway."

"I'll go with!" Neville said before turning a bright shade of red. Luna, who seemed not to have noticed, nodded, and the two headed back out the door.

It was a peaceful silence on the walk up the hill. When the arrived at Luna's home, she smiled dreamily, and opened the door.

Neville was amazed. Strange items hung all around the room, and the walls and furniture were brightly colored. He followed Luna up the staircase into her bedroom.

"Ah, here it is." Luna murmured, picking the present up off her bed. But Neville wasn't paying attention to her anymore. He was staring at the paintings next to her bed; Beautiful, sparkling paintings, of Ron, Harry, Ginny, and Hermione.

"Do you like them?" Luna asked, now standing next to him. "I'm almost finished."

"They're beautiful." Neville breathed. They were. Gorgeous, amazing paintings. Luna smiled. "I made them of all of my friends. I plan to hang them."

Neville couldn't help but feel slightly jealous. His insides churned. Why though?

"Come see my last one," Luna said dreamily, tugging his sleeve. He was pulled out of his trance. Neville turned around to find himself staring at himself. Or rather, a painting of himself.

The painting was just as beautiful as the others, if not more. All jealousy Neville had felt before was now melting away as he looked up to see Luna's proud smile.

"Thank you Luna." Neville said grinning. "For what?" she asked, still with that dream-like smile on her face.

"Oh, nothing." he said, making his way back down the stairs. "Nothing at all."