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What dat y'r obsessed wit' dem?

Uh, yeah?

Makes sense to me, luv.

WHAT did y' call her?

Uh, nothin'- why?

Nothin', no reason! Indy don' care!


"No Room for Remy"

Remy LeBeau had finally joined the X-men. He hadn't wanted to, hadn't really wanted to be under another organization's control. Rogue and Piotr had assured him that the X-men weren't like that. Still, he'd held out for three months after Piotr joined. Then Rogue had looked up at him with those big emeralds she thought were eyes and said, "Please, sugah? For me?"

The very next day, Remy had waltzed into Xavier's office and asked to join the X-men. Logan was there, and neither seemed surprised by his request.

Instead, to Remy's surprise, Logan turned to the Professor and smugly held out a hand.

"Pay up, chuck."

With a grimace, Xavier pulled out a wallet and handed a fifty dollar bill. "We had a wager. You couldn't have waited until September?"

His eyes had lit up. "Jus' like dat?"

Charles smiled. "Just like that."

Remy walked into the Rec Room and raised his eyebrow. Was this movie really that good? Every available seat was taken, and some of the teenage mutants were sitting on the floor. Kitty and Rogue were sitting in the two wide, leather armchairs and everyone else was crowded onto the couch and the loveseat. The movie hadn't started yet.

Kitty looked up when he came in.

"Oh, Remy," she said, glancing around. "Sorry! There aren't enough seats open! Uh, we could like…"

Remy held up a hand. "Non , not a problem, chaton."

He made his way to Rogue's chair. She smirked up at him. The others turned their way, sensing drama.

Remy grinned wickedly at the girl in the overstuffed armchair. He cocked his head. She raised an eyebrow.

"Ya want something, Swamp Rat?"

"Why, yes, chere. Remy was wonderin' if chere wouldn' mind if Remy took this seat."

Her face was innocent. "Well, Cajun, Ah suppose that'd be fine, but then, where would Ah sit?"

He smirked. Her other eyebrow shot up. Without further ado, he slipped his arms under her and scooped her out of the seat. He set her down and sat in the chair. She squealed as he grabbed her arm and her shirt and yanked her down into his lap. His arm settled around her waist comfortably, and her head fell back on his shoulder. They sat still for two seconds before feeling the stares.

"What?" Rogue said to Kitty, who was sitting four feet away with and open mouth. The gape became a delighted smile and she said quickly, "Nothing," and turned to the TV. Which still wasn't on.

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