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Chapter One: Long Road Home

His infatuation with computers, and all types of technology, had been what had set him apart from his other brothers, and gave him a higher purpose in the club. It had been his idea to use prepaid phones to keep the calls between each other safe and secure. He had been the one who could find information that the MC had so desperately needed in dire situations, and he was the one who put up the security system and cameras up around the club house so they would never be taken by surprise.

'I hope I never see another damn computer again, at least for the next twenty-four hours.' Juice thought as he packed up his laptop and placed it in the saddlebag on the back of his bike.

For the last two months, since they got out of their fourteen month prison sentence, he had been a key player in making sure that all the other members of the Sons were loyal to SAMCRO, and only SAMCRO. He had run background checks, phone records and bank statements on everyone; he had even set up a program to keep taps on all the members' activity.

Once they had dealt with all the drama that same with the ATF breathing down their necks, they were able to deal with what happened with SAMBEL. Everyone agreed that it was important to know where the other charters stood. They had agreed that everyone, new member or seasoned, would get the full treatment. No stone was going to be left unturned, and all the bodies were to be dug up.

Clay had made it clear that no one outside of the Charming charter was to be trusted. Juice could still see the hurt in his eyes when he had said those words. It had been clear to all those in the room that he was having a hard time dealing with the betrayal of McGee, after all he was 'First 9', a founding member, and a close friend, yet he had taken part in the deaths of his own brothers, all for money.

Clay had given the responsibility to Jax to make sure that everyone who wore their colors and had the patch on their cut was ready to die before they betrayed the MC. As the soon-to-be National President of the Sons of Anarchy, it was up to Jax to show that he wasn't going to stand for anything less than absolute loyalty.

Knowing the importance of what needed to be done, Jax had asked Juice to go with him to perform background checks on all the members. Happy and Kozik had been asked to come along to 'deal' with anyone that may be found out to be less than true to the club.

Looking up from his bike, Juice saw Happy and Jax walking out of the clubhouse in Portland, Oregon. It had only taken a day to clear all the members, and Jax had called a mandatory meeting for all members and prospects, to make it very clear that if anyone even thought about flipping sides, they would be getting a visit from Happy and Kozik.

Happy's reputation as the 'Tacoma Killer' was all they needed to hear to know that blood would be spilt should anyone get greedy. Jax had even given any man the chance to walk away from the club if they thought that they wouldn't be able to handle the responsibility of their actions.

"You ready to get on the road?" Jax asked as he mounted his ride and got his helmet on. Juice knew that Jax was more than ready to head home. He could only look up to the slightly older man, for the two months that they had been away, Jax hadn't once taken a warm body to bed. Sure he would look and touch, but that's where it stopped. When he had called him out on it, his brother had merely said that it would make it better when he got home, and back to Tara.

"I just want to get home and sleep in my own damn bed." Juice replied, rolling his neck getting all the sleepy kinks out and getting ready for the fourteen hour long drive home.

"Where's Kozik?" Happy's raspy voice asked as he too got ready to leave. He was used to being on the road for long periods of time, but Juice could tell that he was ready for a little down time of his own.

Laughing, Jax told both the others that their brother was finding it hard to say goodbye to a sweet little doll that had found her way into his bed last night. They could do nothing but join in the laughing.

Juice, as much as he loved women, hadn't been able to 'enjoy' the full company of sweet butt or crow eater, for the sole purpose of being stuck behind his computer. Jax had told him that he was cut off until they got back home; he needed to have his full focus on digging up dirt, if there was to be any found.

He didn't even know that he was slightly jumping in his seat until Jax laughed at him and told him that he and Happy could go on ahead, that he would stay and wait for Koz.

It hadn't taken long for the straggling two members to catch up and they were soon on their way home.

Jax was leading the group with Kozik, and Juice and Happy brought up the rear. Juice had to hand it to the 'killer' of the group. For someone who was feared by everyone, Happy always thought of the safety of his brothers first and foremost. He never had to worry about cover his backside when the emotionless man was with him.

Happy was a true man of action. Juice would bet his bike that the man lived by the saying 'Actions speak louder than words.' When he did choose to say something, everyone listen to him. Even a deaf man would try and hear what he had to say.

As they got closer to Charming, just a few minutes outside of town, Jax upped the speed just a bit, excited to get home to his kids and Tara, Juice was sure of it. Turning down a road that the club used all the time in order to get to town faster, Jax had to act fast as he saw a figure move out in front of his headlight.

Cursing and braking hard, Juice hoped he wouldn't hit what his leader had just avoided. Pulling his bike to a stop and getting off, he saw that Happy and Kozik had done the same. It was clear that they had seen the same thing.

"What the hell was that? Shit!" Kozik asked as he ran a hand though his long, blond, spiked up hair.

"No clue," Jax said as he made his way over to the side of the road. He was stopped by Happy, only to have him pull out his gun. He knew that the 'killer' was looking out for their future president and that with the way things were going, it would be best to let him look into it first.

As much as Juice knew that he could and would pull the trigger, if the occasion called for it, he would rather have someone else do it.

All four men knew that Happy's reflexes were the best out of everyone's. He waited back with Kozik and Jax as they watched Happy, gun up and ready to shoot, walk over to where they had seen the movement.

It didn't take long for something to jump out of the tall overgrowth and try to dart across the street. Within a second, Happy had aimed and fired one shot, putting down whatever had leaped out.

Gun still up and ready to fire again, they all watched as he walked up to see what it had been.

" Wild dog." Was all he said and lowered his gun, kicking the large beast with his boot. He didn't have to worry about it attacking him, he shot to kill.

"What the hell is a wild dog doing so close to the road?" Jax asked as he turned to head back to his bike.

Juice was about to follow when he saw Happy walk back over to the side of the road as if he was looking for something. Once they saw him quickly put his gun away and bend down, he rushed over, calling out to Jax.

"Christ," Juice said in a low voice as he saw what Happy was rolling over.

There on the muddy ground, covered in blood, was the body of a young girl. It was hard to tell what she looked like with the lack of light, but they could clearly see, and smell, the blood that was on her. It was clear that someone had left her for dead.

Bending down, Kozik reached out to check for a pulse; Juice knew that he wouldn't find one. It was clear that she had been shot though the heart, and no one could live through that.

When Kozik's fingers touched her skin, Juice knew something was off from the look on the man's face. "She's still warm." He heard him say more to himself than the others.

At his words, Happy had his gun out and ready once again. Juice followed his brother's lead and pulled his out. Together they looked around for any threat. With the body still warm, they knew that whoever had wanted her dead could still be around.

"Holy Shit!" Kozik yelled out as he fell backwards onto his backside. Juice turned to see what had the other man freaking out, only to have his breath choose that moment to leave his lungs.

There, looking back up at him, were the eyes of the young girl who should have been dead.

"She's still alive!" Jax said moving to pick her up. They all knew that she may be alive now, but if they didn't move fast, she wouldn't last much longer.

With much difficultly and awkwardness, Jax managed to get to St. Thomas hospital, the others close behind him.

Not waiting around, Juice ran up to Jax and took the girl from him so he could get off his bike without doing more harm. He couldn't get over the fact that someone would want to harm this small woman.

Kozik ran into the ER and yelled out for a doctor and any help that he could get as Juice made his way to the entrance. Happy held the door open for him as he walked in with the girl and laid her down on the gurney that was rushed over to them.

"What happened to her?" A doctor asked as he started to look over her injuries.

"We think she was shot, other than that, we have no clue. We found her on the side of the road." Jax said. He knew the importance of telling them all he could; they just didn't have that much to tell him.

Nodding to the younger man, the doctor started to list off all the tests he wanted ran and other medical procedures that needed to be done.

Running his hand over his head, he stopped and pulled his hand back when he felt the wet, sticky moisture of blood. Knowing that there was nothing more that they could do, he backed up and sank down into one of the many waiting room chairs.

"Jax?" Looking back down another hall, he saw Tara jogging over to them. "My God, what happened to you?" She asked with a worried voice as she looked Jax over.

"Tara, it's not mine." He heard him tell her, knowing that she was fussing over all the blood that was covering him. She looked over to see Happy and Koz standing on their own feet; she knew it wasn't one of them. Then she saw him sitting in a chair covered in blood.

"It's not his either." Jax spoke up, knowing what her line of thought was. "We were on our way home when we found a girl, a young girl, on the side of the road. She had been shot." He told her.

"My God," She breathed out. Being a doctor at St. Thomas Hospital in Charming, California, Tara knew never to be surprised with what would make its way through the ER, but she still never liked to hear bad news.

Juice knew that she would try to find out all the medical information that they would need latter. She had been a good friend to the club and she always did what she could to help out, and then some.

Still sitting in the chair, all Juice could do was look at the blood on his hands.

Innocent blood.

He was pulled out of his thoughts at Tara talking to Jax.

"Let me find some scrubs for you two to change into. Then I'll see what I can find out, while you go and talk to Clay."

"Thanks sweetheart." He heard Jax say as he kissed her on the head.

"You know this wasn't the kind of homecoming I had planned for you." She said, calming down now that she knew none of them where hurt.

With a smile, Jax told her she could make it up to him later. Something that Juice could only smile at. He knew that what they had was rare. He had only seen it one other time, and that was with Clay and Gemma.

Once Tara found something for them to change into, she let them use one of the rooms to get dressed. It didn't take long for Jax to put the clean scrubs on, but he was having a hard time pulling his eyes away from the blood on his hands.

"You going to be okay, man?" Jax asked him.

Pulling out of his dark thoughts once again, he looked up to his Vice President and gave him a nod. "Yeah man, I'm good." And with that he pulled off his blood soaked t-shirt and leather vest whipping off the blood on his hands on his t-shirt, replacing them with the clean, blue scrubs.

"I'm going to look like a fucking blue smurf." He mumbled under his breath, causing Jax only to laugh at him.

"Why do you think I grabbed the green pair?"

"Fuck you."

Once they were all changed and their old clothes put into bags, they walked out, only to see Clay, Tig, and Chibs. Jax had told Kozik to call and tell them that they were back in town and had to make a quick drop off; Clay must have ordered him to tell him what was going on.

Once they all hugged and shook hands, Clay placed a hand on Jax's shoulder. "So what's this I hear about you finding a shot up, half dead girl on the side of the road?"

"Clay, it's messed up. It looks like she was shot though the heart, but then she just opened her eyes." He said shaking his head. "Scared Koz half to death." He added nodding over to the other man.

At the sound of this, Tig laughed at the misfortune of his brother. "Scared of a little, dead body, brother?"

"Not as long as it stays dead." Kozik said, not rising to Tig's bait. They had always loved to tease and joke with one another and even play pranks. However, this wasn't something that Kozik was feeling up to right now. He had never seen someone shot like that and then open their eyes and look right at them.

They all turned to see Tara walking down the hallway. Juice didn't know her all that well but it looked to him like she was having a hard time finding the right words to say.

"So, what's the news Doc?" Clay asked.

"Umm, well they are still running tests and she is still in surgery. We won't know the full extent of her injuries until after. I asked the doctor to fill me in on everything."

"Wait, she had other injuries?" Kozik asked.

Nodding, Tara took a deep breath. "She was shot, twice. Once in the upper left chest and onceā€¦ in her head." She took a deep breath, and looked down. "Once they find one problem and deal with it, it seems like they find something else."

It took a minute for the information to register. "Wait, she was shot in the heart and in the head, and she's still alive?" Tig asked. "Damn."

"Don't forget the wild dog." Juice added.

Seeing the shocked look on Tig's face, Juice thought it best to fill them in on how they found her.

"Wait, so let me see if I got all this. You found a half dead girl who was shot in the heart, head, and was puppy chow? And she is STILL alive. Damn need to get the girl to buy me a lottery ticket. She's gott'a have some lucky rabbit's foot or something." Tig rambled off.

"From what Doctor Fitz has said, she has Dextrocardia, it a congenital defect." Tara said, "It's where the heart is situated on the right side of the body. Whoever shot her, thought that they were going to hit her heart." She told them. "For once a defect saved a life." She added as an afterthought. It wasn't a secret that any condition with the heart hit close to home with the club.

Gemma, the club matriarch had ongoing heart problems that she passed down to her two sons, and grandson. Her youngest son, Thomas, wasn't as lucky as his older brother and Abel, Jax's son.

"But you said she was also hit in the head." Chibs said. The tone in his voice made it clear that he was fighting though the shock.

Nodding her head at the Scotsman, she looked over to Clay. "We won't know more until they are out of surgery. I'm sorry I can't tell you more."

"You did good Doc." Clay said hugging her. Looking over to Happy, he called him over with a nod of his head. "Take Tig back to where you found her. Look around and see what you can find."

"Yes sir." He replied, grabbing his brother and heading out of the hospital.

"Chibs, call everyone and tell them we have a Church meeting in thirty minutes. I want everyone there." Clay told the other man.

"On it." He said pulling out his phone and calling the first person on his list.

"Kozik, Juice, go back to the clubhouse and shower up, and get something to eat." He told them. Juice knew that it would be a few more hours before he would be able to get any real rest, but at least he could shower in his own bathroom.

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