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Chapter Seven: Picture Perfect

Numbing tingles worked their way down his arm, forcing Juice to wake up from his 'dead-to-the-world' slumber. He had been working so hard on getting all the programming, and other software that he was going to need, that he had fallen asleep while they had been installing on his laptop.

Whipping the drool from the side of his mouth, he looked at the clock to see that it was well into the afternoon, and was surprised that no one had bothered him. Rolling his shoulders, he tried to get the blood flowing back into his limp and still asleep arm. He had drifted off into dream land while he had been resting his head on his arm, and he was now regretting not going back out and joining the party that had been in full swing.

He could have killed his time waiting for the installments with a pretty sweet butt, or at least drinking with his brothers, but his mind had been on other matters.

All he could think about was that girl, and the fact that, forty eight hours after she was found, no one had yet to come looking for her.

Seeing that his computer was still working on getting the updates, he decided that it would be a good idea to go ahead and take a shower while they finished up. He had been able to get everything that he would need to put his plan into motion; all he needed now was a picture of the girl.

Letting the water wash over his tight muscles, he thought out the best course of action. He would have to take the picture himself, to make sure that it was done right, and he was sure that the hospital staff wouldn't just let him in and take pictures of a patient who was in a coma. They would think that he was some kind of creep, or pervert. The hospital had enough negative thoughts about the club; he didn't want to add to them.

Once he was out of the shower and dry, he looked around his room to see what clean clothing he could find. He found a relatively clean pear of boxers on his dresser, and his jeans where still clean from the other day. Looking for a shirt was proving to be a bit more difficult. Looking all over his room and not seeing one that didn't have oil or grease from the cars he had been working on, he lowered his head and headed to the door. He was going to have to ask one of the guys if he could borrow one of theirs.

Opening the door and walking out, with everything but his shirt, he looked around to see if he could find one of his brothers. Walking out into the main room of the club house, he saw Gemma and Lyla playing with the kids.

"Oh for the love of God, put a shirt on. This isn't a Cara Cara shoot. We have little ones running around." Gemma said as she glared at Juice, making the point that she didn't like having him walking around half dressed.

"Yeah," He said, rubbing the back of his head. "I'm out of clean ones." He added with a bashful smile. He knew not to get on her bad side, but this time couldn't be helped.

"Oh you can use one of Opie's. I'll get you one." Lyla offered as she set Abel down in the play pin and walked down the hall.

Juice still couldn't get over the fact that the former porn star was Opie's new Old Lady, but he was happy that his brother was able to move on and find love again. They had gotten married the week after they had all been released from lock up. They could have gotten married before then, but they had wanted to wait for their friends and family to be able to be there. They had said that it wouldn't have been right to have a happy moment while their family was behind bars.

"Here you go. I don't think that he'll miss this one." She said handing over a dark green cotton T-shirt.

"Thanks." He said, as he took off his cut and pulled on the new clean shirt. Once he was dresses he tugged his cut back on and walked to the door, waving back at the two women and kids.

Once he was at the hospital, he didn't waste any time and headed straight for Tara's office. Turning down the hallway, he stopped when he saw Tara in the hallways talking with two other men. One was clearly another doctor, his white coat giving him away; the other was dressed more as if he was a cop.

'Fucking great,' He thought as he turned around to go the way he came. There was no way that he was going to make his presents known when there was a cop around. He didn't have anything to hide; he just didn't want to make any new 'friends'.

Turning around the corner, he had to pull himself back as he almost ran into the red headed admen of the hospital. He could feel her cold stare on him, and knew that she wasn't all that happy that he was here.

"Is there anything I can do for you?" She asked in a cold voice as she kept looking him over.

"Na, just wanted to check in on the girl." He told her, trying to keep his dislike for the women hidden. Clay had told all the Sons that they had to play nice with her, that she was allowing Tara to do some things for the club without reporting them, and that they needed to stay on her 'good' side.

"Then you know that she is awake." Margaret said in a 'matter of fact' tone.

That surprised him, he didn't think anyone knew she had woken up.

"I'm sure Tara was on her way to inform you, when her knew guest arrived." She said and walked passed him down the hall a little farther. Looking over her shoulder to see that he hadn't moved, she called out to him. "Well are you coming or not?"

Not sure what was really going on, Juice turned around and followed her down the same way he had been leaving from. They walked past Tara and the two men, and he could only smile and nod at her as they passed. He didn't want to stop and talk, he did want to know who she was talking to though. He could always find out that latter.

He followed the smaller women down the hall and past a few more doors until they come to a stop at a large glass window. Looking in he could see the room on the other side, and the young women who they had found laying on the bed, resting.

"She woke up a few hours ago. From what I understand, she will make a recovery, but she doesn't recall anything that happened to her. No name, age, or where she came from. I'm sure that she would enjoy talking to someone who wasn't trying to poke and prod at her." She said, and then continued to walk down the hall to the nurse station.

He wasn't entirely sure what had just happened, but he was sure that she had just given him permission to go in and see her.

He didn't know what he was going to say to her, but he had come here to do a job, and he wasn't going to leave until he had that photo.

Turning the door, he walked in and stood in the door way as she turned her head to look at him.

"Um, Hi." He said with a smile. Walking in a bit further, he closed the door behind him. "I'm Juice; I was one of the guys who found you. Do you mind if I come in?" He asked. He didn't want to do anything that would cause her to freak out.

When she didn't deny him and just kept looking him over, he walked in and took a seat in the only chair on the side of the bed. He didn't want to stand and make her uncomfortable; he needed her to trust him, to a point.

"Your voice," She said, pulling her eyes off him and looking down to her hands. "I know your voice."

"Yeah, I was one of the four that found you. We were on our way home when we ran across you, not that we really ran across you, we would never run over anyone," He said, knowing that he was sounding like a retard at the moment.

"Thank you." She said with a small smile.

Juice couldn't help but give her his best, wide, 'light up the room' smile, and found that it was a lot easy to talk to her then he had thought. Remembering why he had come to see her, he pulled out his camera and held it up. When he saw the confused look on her face he told her what he would like to do.

"Um, I know that they have been having a hard time… "

"Finding out who I am?" She finished for him. It was clear to see that he didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable, and that he was trying to help her.

"Yeah, well I have a program that may help. All I need is a picture of you. If that's okay?" He asked.

"You have a program that the police don't have? What can you do that they can't?" She asked, looking down to her hand again.

She was unsure how this young, rough looking, though friendly, bicker could help her. She didn't want to get her hopes up. When they had told her, and when she realized, that she couldn't remember anything, that they had no clue to her identity, she had a panic attack. Since then, she kept trying to tell herself that someone would find her; someone would come looking for her. Now it seemed that this tattooed smiling guy sitting beside her was willing to do something more.

With a heartfelt laugh, he told her that he would do a lot of things that the police couldn't do.

"You really think that you can find me, find my life, my family, with only a picture?" She asked. She didn't want to get her hopes up, but it sounded like it may work.

"Trust me, if your face is out there, I'll find it." Juice said, again with a smile.

After taking the picture and saying his goodbyes he left the room to head back to the club house to start working on the search. On his way out however, he stopped at the gift shop.

"May I help you?" The women behind the desk asked.

"Yeah, could you send the biggest and most colorful balloons up to the girl who come in last night, the one who was shot?" He asked. He couldn't help but take note how plane and boring the room was with all the white walls. The large vase of flowers did well to make the room smell better, but they didn't brighten up the room much.

"Um, sure, how many would you like to send?" She asked pulling out a card to write his order down.

"How many do you have?" He asked with a smile.


Lucky sat in her bed, watching half heartedly, what was on the TV when there was another knock on the door. Looking over, she saw one of the volunteers walk in with a large bouquet of brightly colored balloons, only to be followed by another, and another.

Sitting up more, she could only look on as they sat them down around the room, some having to go on the floor. She took the small card from one of the volunteers and waited till they left to open and read it.

Thought that you could use some color in the room.

Your new friend


PS: maybe it'll help you remember your favorite color.

Her eyes stung as she looked over and saw that all the balloons were indeed different colors. Taking a deep breath, she couldn't help but have a little more faith that Juice would be able to help her.

End Chapter

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