Fears and Dreams

Summary: A part of my 'Not My Sammy' series. When Dean goes to retrieve his stuff from Lisa's house, Sam's left on his own at Bobby's. Soon both boys are confronted by not only their worst fears but also their dreams as Dean fights to find his brother before it's too late.

Disclaimer: I don't own the boys or anything related to the world that Supernatural is. Any original characters belong to me.

Warnings: Some violence, nothing graphic Will have mention of abuse in later chapters.

Ratings: T for language and violence.

Pairings: No slash.

Tags: Nothing definite but spoilers for early Season 6 and mentions of past episodes.



Chapter 1

"Twelve deaths in six weeks, all in a three hundred mile radius," Bobby Singer grunted as he drove his ancient car back toward his salvage yard. "Yep, no doubt that there's something wrong with that picture."

The old grizzled hunter had been in town both checking out something with the local Sheriff and getting more supplies…again.

Bobby was certain that he hadn't been packing in this many provisions in years. He was sure the locals at the grocery store were also talking about it since he normally only bought supplies once a month but since he's had…guests, those trips have increased.

"Doesn't help that those two boys can eat a guy outta house and home," he muttered, eyeing the files on the seat next to him.

He'd been planning on looking into the deaths himself but after doing some minor digging and deciding it was probably just a low level fear spirit or something in those lines, he'd decided to pass this one on to the boys once Dean got back…if that dang idjit ever left that is.

Bobby had been concerned ever since the Winchester brothers decided to camp at his place after rescuing Sam from the shape shifter that had been holding him since shortly after his still confusing return from the Cage.

The older hunter had been patching people up for a while and he could tell that Sam was getting along physically pretty well these days though he was still an emotional wreck at times. It was actually Sam's older brother that worried Bobby the most.

Dean still hovered over the boy like no one's business and barely let him out of his sight though the older man understood that Sam still felt uneasy if his older brother wasn't close for long periods. Which in his opinion, should make the next few days interesting since Dean was supposed to be going to Indiana to pick up the rest of his stuff which left Bobby the job of both distracting Sam and keeping the kid outta trouble.

Which is why Bobby had decided to approach Sam with this new case. Getting him back in the research chair would keep him from getting too antsy about being on his own for the first time since Dean found him again and hopefully it would give both hunters a nice simple job to tackle.

"If I can get Dean outta my house in the first place," he growled, swearing he was about ready to knock the boy in the head and have that Angel who's been hanging around more zap his ass to Indiana. "Damn fool idjits are going to give me a stroke or…"

Slamming on the brakes just as he hit the straight away to the house, Bobby leaned forward to stare out the windshield in open shock before it turned to abject horror and finally to downright anger. "I'm gonna kill both of those damn idjits," he growled, driving up to his house more slowly to take in the changes that had occurred in the mere three hours that he'd been gone.

As Bobby slowly got out of the car, the first thing that caught his attention was the full Santa sleigh with eight…no make that nine reindeer on the very top of the roof and that last little critter had a blinking red bulb where his nose should've been. Behind it was a sign that was blinking 'Merry Christmas'.

He narrowed his gaze to take in the large 8 foot blow up snow ball with a penguin chasing a…he took a closer look to see that the penguin was indeed chasing a Wendigo and shuddered at how he accomplished that feat.

Growling the closer he got to the front door, Bobby nearly shot the large sound activated Saint Bernard on the porch by the door that began barking a Christmas song but when the mirrored Christmas ornament dropped from the ceiling and hit him in the head that did it and his temper hit the roof.

"Dean!" the older man had no doubt which Winchester had been responsible for this mess though even Bobby had to be impressed with how the boy had done so much so quickly. Not that he was stupid enough to think that he hadn't had help because there was very little that Dean Winchester did that he couldn't get his brother to help him with. "Boy, I am so gonna take a layer or three off your hide when I find you for…" he was shouting when he entered the house to find that the interior of his house was about as decorated as the exterior, only the inside was a lot more garish. "Dean, where the hell are…"

"Bobby!" Sam quickly stepped from the library at the irate voice of the man who was like a surrogate father to them, being careful to pull the pocket doors closed behind him and keep a hand on them. "Umm, what're you doin' back so soon?"

Giving the younger man a hard look, Bobby was sure by the overly bright expression and too innocent look on his flushed face that while Dean was more than likely the main instigator that Sam had more than likely lent an idea or two if not an actual hand.

"Where's your brother, boy?" he demanded, seeing a blinking elf sitting on his kitchen drainboard while a blowup vampire was dressed like Santa. "All that yellin' at Castiel make him brain dead or what to think I wouldn't notice that mess outside?" he paused as something seemed to drop inside the library and Sam cringed. "Sam?" drawing out the name like he'd do when the boys had been younger, Bobby stared hard. "I thought I said no decorations?"

Taking a deep breath, Sam had known this plan was going to backfire in their faces but had gone along with brother's holiday plan for Bobby's house anyway. Now, it was just a matter to keep them both from getting skinned…or killed. "Bobby, I'm sorry. Y'know my memory's still a little shaky at times and I must have misunderstood you and you know how Dean used to love this time or year and…"

Leaning against the wall next to the door, Bobby watched the boy talk rapidly and wasn't sure what he admired more. Sam's ability to still think on his feet or his devotion and loyalty to his big brother. Both if he had to pick but it wasn't like he planned on admitting that.

"Sam, you may still have little issues but that memory of yours sure as hell ain't one of them," he countered arching a brow. "Now, what's that idjit brother of yours up to in my library?"

"What? Oh, no, Dean's not…I mean…" Sam tried to think of something to stall until he heard the sound of a drill, a crash and his brother's voice and he groaned. "That didn't sound good."

Carefully moving Sam aside, Bobby jerked the doors open and felt his migraine explode again. "Dean, what in the Sam hill are you doing to that wreath and for that matter, why is it over my fireplace to begin with?" he demanded, snatching hold of the older Winchester's belt before he could topple off the ladder he was standing on. "Which one of you chuckleheads climbed on the roof and put that sleigh up there?"

"Bobby, we weren't expectin' you back this…" Dean muttered a curse under his brother, stepping down and catching Sam's hazel eyes. "I guess you saw the yard?"

Taking a step closer, Bobby looked ready to hit the older boy with the fireplace poker that was too close at hand. "You could say that, genuis," he growled, sliding a gaze between the brothers. "You let Sam up on my roof, boy?"

"Please, he hardly lets me out the front door much less on a ladder to climb the roof," Sam scoffed, wincing at the slap he felt on the back of the head. "Sorry, Dean,"

Vowing to remind Sam that little brothers are often better seen and not heard, Dean handed him the drill and then reached for his usual overshirt. Anything to buy time to think of an answer. "Bobby, I know you said no decorations and normally you know that I'd never go against your wishes…"

"Yeah, and pink pigs fly," Bobby rolled his eyes, taking in the gawdy purple three foot tree on a corner table before pinning a dagger like stare on Dean.

"*Cough*, Right, well, anyway, it's just that it might be better to put a positive spin on the place for the town's sake. Y'know, let people see that you're more than the town drunk…especially after you chucked that thing in your neighbors wood chipper and all," Dean covered the smirk with a hand and shot his brother a warning look.

"Uh-huh," Bobby laid the files down on the desk and picked up a small angel figure in a trench coat and hoped for the best. "Dean? This isn't…Castiel, is it?"

Sam snickered at Dean's blank look. "Uh, no. It's just…just, no. It's not." he finally sighed, seeing that the older hunter wasn't giving in Dean fell back on his ace in the hole and prayed his little brother went along with it.

"Bobby, alright. I admit that I went against your orders and decorated the house but…" taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, Dean glanced meaningfully toward his brother and dropped his voice. "The last Christmas Sam and I spent together was the one before I went to Hell. He's had such a bad time of it the past couple years, especially the last, that I just wanted to give him a good holiday. Y'know how he loved this time of year when he was a kid. The lights, the decorations, and all the cheesy stuff that I thought I'd give him some of that again," he made a careful show of using an expression that he only brought out when he seriously needed to apply the charm. "Bobby, you should've seen his face when the first lawn decoration lit. Do you want to deny Sammy of the most simple enjoyment? After what he's gone through, how can we not give him this little thing?"

Remembering why Dean always seemed to get what he wanted out of life no matter who he had to talk to, Bobby silently was impressed with the deep soulful green eyes that stared at him. John had always said that Sam was the master of the puppy dog look but the boy had learned from the master because Dean could turn the damn things on and off at will. By throwing Sam's recent traumas at him Bobby struggled to keep the stern look up but one look over at Sam and, yep, there it was, another set of puppy eyes complete with open and full emotional Sammy face and he felt the resolve buckling.

"Dean, it's fine. This is Bobby's place and we should've really taken into account what he wanted," Sam had dropped his eyes and fingered the angel figure lightly as if deep in thought. "They'll be plenty of times for us to celebrate Christmas…unless of course something should happen to one of us or…"

"Oh, put a sock in it the two of ya," Bobby growled, rolling his eyes and shooting both Winchesters a look that they both recognized from their youth. "You know, I don't see how either Angels or demons ever got a word in around the two of you. All you would've had to do was turn on the damn guilt and puppy dog eyes and that should have been better than rock salt or Devil's traps," sitting down rather forcefully in his chair he eyed them both. "Fine all this crap stays but the shiny vamp blowup in the hall gets gone and you swear to salt and burn the rest the second of January."

"Deal," Dean grinned, knowing when to cut his losses and besides, he'd basically had up all that Sam had wanted before Bobby got home. He could sneak in the little things at various times. "What's in the files?"

Slapping his hand away before he could touch one, Bobby tossed the folders in the desk. "You can look when you get back," he declared, lifting a brow. "Speaking of which, shouldn't you have been gone to Indiana already? How long are you going to put this off, Dean?"

A brief shadow flit over Sam's face but not before his brother saw it and held out the drill case. "Sammy, bury this before Bobby tries to take down Santa or something?" he suggested, waiting until his brother was out of the room to sit down on the edge of the desk. "I'm not putting it off, Bobby. I'm just thinking it might be best to wait for a little while longer before leaving him…"

"Dean, you ain't leavin' Sam on his own. I'll be here and I'm sure Rufus will be stopping by probably with some form of authority hot on his ass," Bobby reminded, knowing it wasn't all Sam that was making Dean hesitate. "You don't have to tell the girl anything you don't want but you owe her the truth, especially if you really aren't planning on going back. Your brother can help me reorganize the books, make some new hex bags, work on the truck and…"

"Sam had better not step foot outta this house and if he does you had damn well better be two steps behind him," Dean growled, waving the smirk away. "Don't start, old man," he warned. "I know you think I'm coddling him, Bobby and I might be but there's this feeling in my gut that just says to keep him close. Especially until I know what the Campbell clan is up to."

That made more sense than Bobby liked and so kept quiet as he followed Dean out, seeing the small bag by the door that had his denim jacket over it. "You won't be gone more than a couple days, boy. I'll keep him busy and outta mischief…well, at least as outta mischief as you Winchesters can stay out of."

"Funny, you're hilarious," Dean snorted, stepping outside to toss his bag into the Impala when he saw Sam sitting on the front steps petting the pudgy stray puppy that was mysteriously dropped off by the gate…or so Bobby said when he showed up with the little guy. "Sammy."

Looking up from scratching the pup's head, Dean caught the brief hesitance in his brother's eyes before sitting down next to him. "I'll be back by week's end," he promised, seeing the nod. "Tell me what's buggin' you? You know I'm comin' back, right?"

"Yeah, it's just…" Sam sat the puppy down to turn his attention the snowball. "Dean, I know you're going to take this as me just being paranoid after what's happened with Lucifer and then that 'shifter, but…I just don't think you should go. Call it a…gut feeling."

Laying a hand on a tense shoulder, Dean was slightly surprised to feel it shaking it a way that he hadn't since Sam had first woken up. "I'm the paranoid one, Sammy," he chuckled, squeezing the opposite shoulder lightly before reaching over to turn a pale face toward him. "I don't want to leave until I've figured out all the loose ends but we need some of the stuff that I left at Lisa's so you stay, let Bobby think he's babysitting you and when I get back we'll find a tree farm and get the biggest tree that will fit in this place."

Forgetting for a moment his uneasiness, Sam turned to watch his brother. He sensed his tension but could also see that Dean was putting up a brave front. "A real tree?" he wondered how Bobby would take that one but something leftover from his once innocent childhood tingled. "A real live tree, Dean?"

"Sammy, didn't I promise that one year we'd have a real tree for Christmas?" Dean grinned, deciding to put the trouble of talking Bobby into it later. "Just make sure this mutt doesn't tear it down."

"Boo's not a mutt, Dean," Sam argued but smiled, standing as his brother did and shoved the rest of his fears down, figuring it was just the idea of not having Dean with him like he'd gotten used to that was making him nervous. "He'll be a great watch dog for Bobby once he…gets over a few little quirks."

"Damn mutt ran from a cricket the other day, Sammy," Dean reminded him lightly, seeing the puppy watching with eyes that reminded him of his brother at times. "Great, you two are just a perfect match. I'll call tonight and every couple hours," he assured him.

Nodding, Sam walked to the Impala while the puppy decided to investigate the singing dog statue on the porch. "I'll be fine, Dean, just take care of yourself and if anything happens, call us," he urged, holding something out. "Don't forget this."

Hand on the driver's door, Dean saw his leather jacket being held out and considered it for a brief moment. "Nah, you hang onto it for me," he shrugged, motioning around them. "It gets colder here than it is where I'm going so you wear it when you take that so-called fierce mutt out for a walk."

Sam looked from the jacket in his hands to his older brother. Dean had been allowing him to use the jacket since Thanksgiving but that was because they hadn't gotten around to shopping for winter clothes yet. Now even with a new heavy coat, his brother was still allowing him to use the worn leather jacket that had always been in their lives, first as their father's and then as Dean's. He suspected he knew why but didn't want to call his brother on it. "You sure? I mean, Indiana can be cold and…"

"Sam, put the jacket on and keep it on when you're outside," Dean rolled his eyes, trying to keep the tone gruff but figured by now Sam knew why he wasn't using the jacket himself. "Bobby's doctor pal said your immunity is still low and that you can come down with anything so just wear my jacket and shut up about it."

Smiling a little and finally slipping the jacket on before Dean decided to do it for him, Sam still felt the same feeling of security the jacket had been offering and figured that was why his brother was letting him use it. "Thanks."

"Just listen to Bobby, avoid neighbors bearing gifts, don't stay up all night reading or messing in the library and call me if you even get a feeling that something's off," Dean ordered firmly, seeing the eyeroll that his little brother was famous for and smirking. "Get back in the house and I'll call," he added, pausing before he stuck his head out the window. "Sammy?"

"Yeah?" he knew what was coming and just waited for it.

Coughing slightly to cover his own unease about leaving his brother alone for an extended time, Dean shot him his usual gruff big brother smirk. "Stay outta trouble, bitch."

"Try not to barbecue anymore gnomes…jerk," Sam replied, locking and holding his brother's eyes and understanding the real meaning behind the words. "I'll miss you too, Dean."

Bobby waited on the porch until the Impala was out of sight before finally speaking. "He'll be fine, Sam. It's a simple pick up job. Even your brother should manage that without hassle."

"Yeah, that's not what worries me, Bobby," Sam sighed, pulling the jacket tighter around himself even though the chilly South Dakota air wasn't bothering him. "Have you ever had that feeling in the pit of your stomach that just screamed that something bad was coming?"

"Hell, boy. I've had that feeling from the first night I met your Daddy," Bobby snorted, jerking his head to the door. "Get back inside before Dean has reason to hover again and take that dog with you," he growled, seeing the boy's grin as he whistled for the puppy. "Sam? How'd Dean get a Wendigo in that snow thing?"

A broken laugh and something that sounded like 'don't ask' was heard and the grizzled hunter shook his head. Stepping back inside, he ignored the sudden cold burst of air that blew past and on instinct checked the Devil's Trap inside the door but missed the brief flitting image of a shadow deep within the junkyard when he followed the sound of the pup's barking and Sam's sudden laugh.

Waiting a long while after the black classic car left the ground, the shadowy figure stepped from between two rows of cars to gaze at the house with seeming hostility. "You should've listened to those feelings, boys. The old saying, 'stronger together than apart' really does apply in your case," he pulled a phone out. "They're apart, Samuel. Let 'er loose and we'll see just how strong the Winchesters are these days."

A/N: I have a basic idea where this is going and the next chapters will pick up. This one had to set up the rest. Sorry if it rambled.