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Summary: A couple of years have passed since Adrianna was born. Everything has been peaceful, the kids are growing. Until one day a new guy blows into town. He sets his eyes on the Winchesters, not caring that they're married or have children. He always gets what he wants, even if by force.

Warnings: Wincest! No like, don't read. MPREG, Sexual Assault

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Every Fairytale Has Its Troubles

Chapter 1. New In Town

Kendall Townsend was new to the small town of Regent. He wanted to get away from the big city life for a while. A friend told him of some nice towns and after checking those out he decided to move to Regent, North Dakota. He hadn't really met anyone except for his new boss Ernie who owned the auto shop. Kendall's first day was coming up soon, Ernie was letting him get settled first. He hoped there were some good looking guys that worked there. That's the only thing he would miss from the city.


"Guys breakfast!" Sam called from the bottom of the stairs.

Sam placed everyone's full plates on the table. He knew Tristan was up and ready by now, but Dean and Adrianna always took longer. He had a feeling he was going to have to go wake his daughter.

"Morning Dad." Tristan was the first at the breakfast table as usual.

"Mornin' baby." Sam smiled as he placed a glass of juice in front of him. "Is your sister awake yet?"

Tristan shook his head, "She's hiding under the covers."

He sighed, "She's more like your father every day." He covered his daughter's plate. "I'll go get the sleepyheads.

Sam was glad that Dean was up and getting ready. He had threatened to dump a bucket of water on him last time; he figured his brother had remembered. As he walked into Adrianna's room he smiled. His little girl was curled up into a little ball under her Disney Princesses comforter.

He gently shook her, "Time to wake up sweetheart."

"Nuh uh." Adrianna curled up even tighter.

Sam chuckled, "Yeah huh. You have to get ready for school and eat breakfast."

"No, no school."

He easily took the covers off of her, "Auntie Stacey and your cousins are comin' to pick you up soon."

"But I don't wanna go to school. I wanna stay with you and Daddy De." She held on tightly to her fairy.

Sam lifted his six year old daughter into his arms and walked to the kids' bathroom, "You have to go to school Jellybean. Daddy De and I have to go to work so we won't be home. Anyways you'll be with Peanut, Mik, and Chase."

She laid her head on his shoulder, "But it's too early." She whined.

Sam kissed the top of her head then set her on the floor, "You'll get used to it baby. You can sleep-in on the weekends."

"No I won't." She pouted. One of the things she had inherited from her younger father, along with the big puppy eyes. The color was all Dean though.

He smiled, "Yes you will. Now c'mon brush your teeth and stuff while I set out your clothes." He walked out of the bathroom and headed back to Adrianna's room.

Sam and Adrianna finally joined Dean and Tristan for breakfast fifteen minutes later. The two guys were practically finished. Dean smiled at the brunettes. He remembered acting like his daughter whenever his dad would wake him up for school. He hated mornings, he preferred to sleep-in even when he was a hunter. He didn't know how his husband and son could be up at the crack of dawn looking happy and awake.

"Ready for school baby girl?" Dean twirled one his daughter's brown pigtails.

Adrianna shook her head, "I don't wanna go. Mrs. Levy always makes us sing and trace stuff."

Dean chuckled, "You'll get used to it honey. Remember you said the same thing about kindergarten and then ended up loving it."

She looked at her older father, a skeptical look on her face, "O-kay…" She slowly dug into her food.

Sam looked at his brother and grinned, "Like father, like daughter."

"Oh please, not all of us are school geeks." Dean mock glared at him.

"You didn't call me that when I did your homework for you." Sam raised a brow.

"True." He shrugged. "I can see that happening again." He looked at both of his children, a smile on his face.

"Papa why did Dad do your homework?" Tristan placed his dish in the sink once he was done.

Dean's eyes widened at the unexpected question, "Umm well because your dad loved school so much that he would finish his own work quickly and be so bored that he would just take mine and finish it." He lied.

Tristan giggled, "You're lyin'."

"No I'm not, ask your dad." Dean pointed to Sam.

Sam shook his head, "Uh uh keep me outta this."

"I knew it, you lied." Tristan kept giggling, Adrianna joining in.

"Some husband you are. You're being the annoying little brother right now." Dean glared.

Sam chuckled as he leaned over and planted a kiss on his brother's pouty lips, "That's my job and you love me for it."

Dean hid a smile, "You're lucky that I do."

"Yes you are lucky." He smirked. "Now go or you'll be late for work."

He nodded, "We finally get to meet the new guy. None of us have seen him yet and he's already been living here for a week."

"He must've been ordering take-out everyday because I haven't seen anybody new at the diner." Sam shrugged.

"Yeah, well anyways I'll see ya'll later." Dean gave his family kisses before heading out to the shop.

"Go get your jackets and backpacks, Stacey will be here any minute." Sam sent his kids upstairs while he tidied up the kitchen and quickly prepared their lunches.


"Guys I'd like to introduce you to Kendall Townsend. He's new to our town." Ernie stood next to an awkward Kendall.

The guys greeted and welcomed Kendall. After everyone introduced themselves Kendall had begun to relax. A big smile appeared on his face when Dean shook his hand. 'It won't be so bad here after all.' He thought.

"You'll be working with Alex today. He'll show you the ropes." Ernie patted Kendall on the shoulder then walked off.

Alex led Kendall to his work area, "Okay today we're just doing a tune up. You good with cars?"

He nodded, "Yeah, I was always helping my dad when I was a kid."

"Cool, then you'll be workin' on your own cars in no time." Alex smiled.

The two worked diligently till lunch, getting to know each other as they worked. In the break-room Kendall asked Alex about everyone in town. In turn Alex asked about his city life and why he had left. Dean walked in mid-conversation and sat down across from them with his own lunch.

"Hey you two, what's up?" Dean took a bite of his sandwich.

"This is Dean, the jokester and youngest of the bunch." Alex grinned as he inclined his head towards him.

Dean kicked him under the table, "You're only older than me by a week."

Kendall laughed at the two friends, "How old are you guys?"

Dean looked over at him, "We're thirty-eight, but Alex here acts like he's five."

"You know you're talkin' about yourself too."

"You don't look thirty-eight. I thought you guys were in your late twenties."

Alex and Dean laughed, "Thanks."

"Well I should get back to work, I wanna head out early today." Dean drank the last bit of his soda and walked out.

Kendall stared till he was gone, "So…what's his story?"

Alex didn't like where this was going, "He's married, with two kids. His husband works at the diner."

"Oh." Kendall was a bit disappointed. "It'll be cool to meet everyone else in this town. I don't like being a newbie." He changed the subject.

"We don't single anyone out here and everyone's nice. You'll make friends quickly. There's also other single guys, I'll introduce ya' to them sometime." Alex smiled. "Hey, I'll be back and then we can keep workin' on that car." He walked out of the room.

Kendall crossed his arms and smirked, "Dean's too hot not to try."

He threw away his trash and went to wait for Alex. For the rest of the day he kept looking over to where Dean was at.


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