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Chapter Seven: Say What?!

"Daddies what's wrong? You two still have the same goofy faces for the past two days." Adrianna climbed onto Dean's lap.

"Yeah, is it 'cause of what the doctor said?" Tristan agreed as he sat in between his fathers.

It was true; Sam and Dean had the same stunned faces ever since Sam's appointment two days prior. Tristan and Adrianna didn't know what to make of their fathers' reactions. They still could function, but would still get lost in thought after a while, Sam more than Dean.


"Hey Sam, what can I help you with today?" Ashley happily walked over to Sam and Dean.

"Well I took a pregnancy test the other day and it was positive so here I am." Sam looked at her shyly.

She smiled brightly, "We'll definitely find out today. Follow me boys. Sam you know the drill."

"I know." Both boys followed Ashley to the examination room.

After the usual tests Ashley confirmed to Sam and Dean what they already knew. It didn't stop them from grinning like maniacs though. Right now all they wanted was to see their new addition on the monitor.

"Okay boys are ya' ready?" Ashley prepared to spread on Sam's abdomen the cold jelly.

"Of course." Dean replied for the both of them.

Even after two pregnancies Sam still wasn't used to the cool gel on his stomach. He winced every single time. Ashley chuckled, she always tried her best to warm it up.

Once Ashley got to work, the guys waited for her to show them their baby. She took longer this time, she even frowned at the monitor. That worried both Sam and Dean. It couldn't be good if she was frowning. They hoped nothing was wrong with their baby.

"Ashley is everything okay?" Sam spoke up.

After a minute she looked at the Winchesters, "Everything is perfect. You're seven weeks along and…" She looked at the screen to make sure that she had seen right.

"And what?" Dean looked scared. He didn't understand why the doctor was taking so long to tell them about their baby.

"And congratulations, you're going to be parents to triplets!" Ashley broke out into a huge toothy smile.

Sam and Dean's jaws dropped. Their eyes looked like they were going to pop out of their sockets, "I'm carrying what?"

She pointed to the screen, "See right here? That's three babies guys."

"Three babies Sammy…" Dean was stunned.

Sam swallowed thickly, "Yeah I can see that…"

"You boys really got to work this time." Ashley laughed.

"That's how it looks like…"

"I can see that the two of ya' are in shock. Has there been another case of multiples in your family history on either side?"

Dean shook his head, "Not that we've known of, right Sammy?"

Sam nodded, "We really don't know much about our family. I was a baby when I lost mine."

"Oh okay. Well you might have had some family members that had multiples. Either way, congratulations guys! Wait till ya' tell your kids."

"Yeah they'll definitely be excited to have three siblings." Dean looked at the screen where Ashley had taken a picture of his babies. "Those are our babies Sammy."

Sam had tears rolling down his cheeks, "We're going to need a bigger car De."

Dean nodded in agreement, "Not a mini-van though." He wiped away Sam's tears and the gel off his stomach.

After they got over their initial shock, Ashley explained to Sam and Dean what to expect being pregnant with multiples. She also gave them a card with Sam's next appointment.

Later that day the guys told their children the news. Tristan and Adrianna were even more excited. Now they were going to have three little brothers or sisters.

-End Flashback-

Dean looked over at his children, "Yeah, I mean we were expecting only one baby. It's a huge surprise that we're having three. We are excited though." He smiled at them.

"Ohh okay. We'll help with the babies." Tristan smiled proudly. Adrianna nodded.

"Thank you munchkins." Dean knew he had the best kids.

Sam looked over at Dean with a mischievous glint in his eyes, "And guess who's going to be cleaning all the dirty diapers?"

"Me?! Why me?!" Dean looked at Sam wide-eyed.

He glared at his husband, "You did this to me." He pointed at his stomach.

"You're gonna start that now, this early in the pregnancy?" He crossed his arms.

"Yup. Remember, three kids Dean! I have to push them out."

Dean swallowed thickly, "Please don't break my hand."

Sam laughed, "Just like Ash?"

"Yeah! I can't help with the kids with a broken hand…"

"I won't break your hand De, but I will yell at you. I can't believe your overachievers went above and beyond." He looked at Dean's crotch then at his face.

"Hey I didn't know we could have multiples!"

"Me either. This is crazy! Three babies De, can you believe it?" Sam looked in awe.

"It seems that every pregnancy has been full of surprises." Dean smiled.

"Definitely, I'm guessing it's safe to say that this'll be the last one?"

"Oh yeah, I think five children are enough. Bobby kinda lost his room now, unless we have Tris and Adri share."

"We'll figure it out." Sam assured.


It was early afternoon and Dean was still in his pajamas, enjoying being a couch potato when Mike decided to come over for a visit. He groaned, he didn't want to get up from his comfortable spot on the couch. He wondered who it could be.

Dean opened the door and was surprised to see Mike, "Hey man."

"Hey Dean, can we talk?" Mike looked a bit disheveled.

"Yeah, of course. Come on in." Dean wondered what was going on. He had never seen Mike look that upset.

"Thanks." Mike said as he followed Dean inside.

"Is there something wrong? Did something happen?" Dean sat on the recliner while Mike took a seat on the couch.

Mike sighed as he ran his hands down his face, "I don't even know anymore."

"Tell me what's going on. Maybe I can help." Dean was worried for his friend.

Mike looked at Dean with tear-filled eyes, "Things with Alex have gotten worse. I don't know what to do anymore. He won't talk to me. He's been at the garage more than at home. When he's at home he just stays in bed. He ignores me half the time unless I start the conversation. It never used to be that way between us. This baby thing is ruining us!"

Dean moved from the recliner to sit next to Mike, "I'm so sorry to hear that Mike. Is there anything we can do to help?"

"I don't know Dean, I feel so helpless. How am I going to be able to fix my marriage? I've tried taking to him out, we even went to that cabin that you and Sam let us stay in."

"Sammy talked to Alex a few days ago. He said he can't keep food down."

"Yeah, he rarely eats unless I force him to. Alex is usually such a ball of energy, you know that. Now…"

"I've noticed that he's been much more quiet at work…We'll help you out man. We'll get Alex out of his funk and get you out of yours. You've been quiet too. Sammy's noticed."

"I just need help. I don't think I can do it on my own anymore." Mike pleaded.

Dean wrapped an arm around Mike's shoulder, "We'll help, I promise. I can watch over him at work, talk to him, make sure he eats on break."

Mike sighed in relief, "Thank you Dean. It means a lot to me."

"You don't need to thank me, you're my friend."

Dean spent the rest of Mike's visit distracting him of his problems at home. The two watched a game on TV and had a couple of beers with some delivered pizza. Mike had calmed down and started to enjoy himself. He really needed a day like that. Just get away from his problems, even if only for a little while. He was glad he had Dean's support in taking care of Alex. He was extremely worried about his husband, but he could breathe easier now that Dean was going to keep an eye on him.


Kendall was excited, today him and Sam were going out for dinner and then the movies. He decided he was going to up his game a little. He figured he could get to Sam easier than Dean. He would start his seduction with Sam and then with Dean. Only he would be less obvious so Dean wouldn't get suspicious or their annoying friend Ash.

"Hmm, what should I wear?" Kendall looked inside his closet till he picked out what he wanted. "Sam will definitely like this." He smiled as he went to take a shower.


"Hey Alex wanna go out for some drinks after work? Sam's going out with Kendall and the kids are having dinner with your hubby." Dean asked a quiet Alex on their break.

"Uh I don't know…" Alex tried to come up with an excuse.

Dean knew what he was trying to do, "C'mon dude, it's been a while since we've hung out. I'm sure Mike won't mind."


Dean gave him a bright smile, "Awesome. Now eat something before you pass out under the hood of one of these cars." He pushed Alex's untouched sandwich closer to him.

Alex rewarded Dean with a small smile, "I'm not really hungry Dean."

"Tough, you need to eat." He looked pointedly at the sandwich.

"Let me guess, Mike put you up to this." Alex narrowed his eyes at Dean.

He shrugged, "Maybe, but I care about you too. I've noticed your new non-eating habits and I'm not liking it."

"It's just that I haven't been hungry. I did have a protein bar this morning." He insisted.

"Well that was breakfast. Now eat your lunch. Tonight we're going out for dinner and drinks. You can't back out now, you already said yes."

"Wow, now I see what Sam means about you being the biggest mother hen." Alex huffed playfully.

Dean grinned, "Get used to it. I'm gonna be watching you."

He rolled his eyes, "Oh God, I'll be good I promise."

"We'll see."

Dean entertained Alex for the rest of their lunch break. Dean made sure Alex ate his entire sandwich before they went back to work. He didn't want his friend to get sick or hurt if he could prevent it.


"So, Dean and Alex are going out after work. Did you rent some movies to watch with the kids?" Sam asked Mike when they had a small break from the customers.

"Yeah, he called me earlier." He smiled at Sam, glad that his husband was going out to distract himself. "I can't wait to have a movie night with the munchkins. I'm bringing popcorn and sweets."

"Don't go overboard with the sweets or they won't go to bed." Sam looked at Mike pointedly.

Mike raised his hands in defense, "I don't go overboard."


Mike blew him a raspberry, "It's between me and the kids."

"Well when they're still wide at eleven at night you're gonna stay with them till they fall asleep." Sam warned.

"They'll be in bed and asleep by the time you and Dean are back home."

"We'll see Mike, we'll see." Sam knew the kids were going to be hyper when he got back from the movies.


"You're lookin' nice Sam." Kendall greeted Sam as he walked out of the house.

Sam smiled, "You look nice too Ken."

"Thanks! So I was thinking that we would go eat first and then go see the movie."

"Sounds good to me. What are we going to see? You never told me."

"You'll see. It's a funny one."


"So how's Dean? I haven't seen him in a few days."

"He's working today. He's had a couple of days off this week."

"Ohh okay. Tell him we should go out for a few drinks. It's been a while since we've hung out." Kendall pouted playfully.

Sam laughed at him, "I'll make sure to tell him. He's going out with Alex tonight."

"So that's why Mike is on kiddie duty." He grinned.

"Yeah he rented a movie for them to watch. He's such a little kid when he's with them. They're all gonna have a sugar high. Mike's going to have his hands full tonight." Sam chuckled.

"That I gotta see." Kendall drove them to the diner so they could eat first.

Kendall and Sam made some small talk as they waited for their dinner. Some of Sam's co-workers stopped by and talked to them. Stacey always the nosy one, wanted to know what they were up to. She wished she could've joined them instead of working.


"C'mon Alex, I'll drive!" Dean looked like a kid on Christmas.

"Okay, can we at least leave my car at my house?" Alex laughed at Dean's antics.

"Sure man."

Dean followed Alex to his house then the two were on their way to have some dinner at their favorite bar. The more he thought about it the more Alex got excited to spend a boys night with his friend.

"Tell me we're not only going to be drinkin' tonight?"

"No, we'll play some pool too. It's fun kicking your ass." Dean smirked playfully.

Alex glared at him, "I've gotten better! You're just a cheater." He blew Dean a raspberry.

"How can I cheat? That's impossible."

"Uh huh. We'll see who wins tonight." He crossed his arms.

Dean planned on letting him win. He still was going to give him a hard time, "We'll see."


"So munchkins what are we watchin' tonight?" Mike asked Tristan and Adrianna as he prepared their dinner.

"We don't know you pick!" Adrianna bounced next to him.

"How about you guys help me with dinner and then we can all pick out a movie. Deal?"

"Deal!" Both little Winchesters responded.

Mike assigned each sibling a task to do while he worked on the stove. He was preparing his special cheesy chicken and rice. Everyone in town loved whenever he made it. The dish never lasted more than an hour when he brought it into work.

"Okay while we wait for this to cook…" He placed the cheesy meal in the stove. "Let's go pick out a movie or two." He herded the kids to the shelf where all their movies were located at.


"Are you boys goin' to have some dessert?" Stacey took the guys' empty plates.

"No we're gonna get some snacks at the theatre."

"What?! You're gonna spend over thirty dollars on itty bitty snacks when you can just sneak some inside from the store."

"Uh Stace, we're not girls. We don't have big handbags where we can hide a whole world inside." Sam looked at her pointedly.

"Ha ha ha. You're so funny."

"Don't worry about it Stacey, our wallets will be just fine." Kendall insisted.

"If you boys say so." Stacey sighed.

Kendall paid for their dinner though Sam argued that he could pay for his own. When Stacey took Kendall's card Sam made sure to tell him that he would be paying for their movie tickets and snacks. Kendall smirked and said we'll see.

"You're impossible." Sam glared at him.

Kendall smirked at him, "I always get my way."


"You eat everything that's in that plate and maybe I'll let you play pool." Dean looked at Alex like he would his children.

Alex groaned, "Are you kidding me. You are not giving me the 'Dad' voice and ordering me around."

"Well if you would eat like you're supposed to I wouldn't have to go all parental on ya'." Dean raised a brow.

"I'm eating dude, you can see that." He already had eaten half of his plate.

"Finish all of it then."

After the two finished their dinner, Alex looked smug as he shoved his empty plate towards Dean. Dean was glad his friend had eaten every bite. He already acted like he had more energy than the past few days.

"C'mon let's play some pool Dean. The food has been eaten and now I want to play." Alex was ready to beat Dean in a game of pool.

"Okay, okay. You're acting like a kid on Christmas." Dean followed his friend to one of the empty tables.

Alex shrugged, "It's been a while since we've gone out together."

"I know, things have been crazy lately."

"That and we have all been busy."

"See! We needed this." Dean racked up the balls. "And you didn't want to come with me."

Alex rolled his eyes, "Yeah, yeah, I'm never gonna hear the end of it."

"Yup, especially if you lose this game." Dean grinned.

"I'm winning today, you'll see. Your winning streak is over."

As the night went on Alex loosened up. The sadness that showed on his face slowly disappeared. Dean did a great job in cheering his friend up. Alex forgot his worries for the rest of the night. He even won a round of pool, which he gloated about a lot. He just didn't know that Dean let him win. It didn't matter, they were both happy. That was a win in Dean's book.


"Hurry up Uncle Mike the movie's gonna start!" Tristan called out from his spot on the couch.

"I'm comin' guys! I'm just waitin' for the popcorn." Once Mike had the bowl ready he joined his niece and nephew on the couch.

The three of them cuddled on the couch while they watched How To Train Your Dragon. The kids immediately fell in love with Toothless the dragon.

"I want a Toothless plushie!" Adrianna tugged on Mike's arm.


"Don't tell me to shush Peanut!" Adrianna glared at her brother.

"It's on a good part." Tristan glared right back.

"Hmph." She crossed her arms and pouted as she watched the movie.

Mike wrapped his arm around her, "We'll look for one later Jellybean."

"Thank you Uncle Mikey."

"Okay now let's keep watchin' the movie." He smiled at her.

After watching the dragon movie, the three watched another. The two young Winchesters were still wide awake. They didn't even look tired. Usually by the second movie the two were dozing off. Mike's first thought was, 'Sam and Dean are gonna kill me.'

"So…Are you kiddies feeling sleepy?"

Tristan and Adrianna looked up at their Uncle, "No!"

Mike winced, "Not even a little?"

The two Winchesters shook their heads then began to jump around the living room. They didn't feel tired; all the candy they had eaten gave them a big sugar rush. They felt they could stay awake for hours.

"But you two have to go to bed soon. So after the movie you guys will go take a bath and then I'll tuck you in." Mike hoped it would be that easy.


"C'mon movie date! Let's go get some good seats." Kendall walked ahead of Sam, arms full of snacks.

Sam chuckled as he followed, "No need to run Kendall. I promise we'll find seats."

"The best seats are right in the middle and they're always taken first so we're getting them."

"Whatever you say." Sam sighed.

Pretty soon Sam and Kendall were settled in their seats. Kendall looked smug at the fact that he got the seats that he wanted. Sam just shook his head and let his friend gloat.

"Want some skittles?" Kendall offered his bag to Sam.

"Nah I'm good with my twizzlers. You want some?"

Kendall shook his head, "It's okay, I don't like those."

"I wish they were drizzled in chocolate though."

"Yuck Sam, twizzlers and chocolate don't mix." Kendall gagged.

Sam shrugged, "It's something that stayed with me since I was pregnant with Tristan. I guess some cravings are permanent." He lied.

"To each his own."

Throughout the movie Kendall felt confident enough to try to touch Sam playfully. Sam frowned at him. He wasn't used to Kendall touching him so much.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable Sam." Kendall whispered.

"It's okay; I just didn't see you as a touchy feely guy." Sam whispered back.

"Yeah, I hold back until I get to know you." That didn't go as well as he had expected.

After a minute or two of awkwardness the two were comfortably watching the movie again. Luckily they didn't miss anything important.

"Well I personally think the movie could've been funnier." Kendall griped as they walked out of the theatre.

"It wasn't that bad, but yeah it could've been better." Sam agreed.

"I guess I should get you home or Dean'll send out the armada." He nudged Sam.

Sam laughed, "Oh yeah."

"Damn not even a, 'he isn't like that.' Dean's really overprotective of you."

He smiled shyly, "He's always been that way. It makes me love him even more."

"You don't get tired of it? I would."

"Sometimes it is a bit much, but I'm used to it and so are the kids. I kinda like that he's that way." Sam blushed.

Kendall grinned, "Mhmm, kinky."

"Oh hush." Sam turned even redder.

Kendall mimed zipping his lips. "My lips are sealed."

He blew him a raspberry, "You suck."

"Tonight was fun; we should do it again sometime. I usually only ever go out with Dean and Alex."

"Yeah it was. Maybe you can also find a cute guy to date and we can double."

Kendall gave a small smile, "We'll see."

"If anything I can find you a date."

"Cool." He lied.

Sam caught his tone, "Not like you need any help. You have the guys here going crazy. They wanna date the newbie."

Kendall laughed, "Maybe I'll ask one of them out. I haven't been looking." He lied. The one he wanted was sitting right next to him.


During the ride home Sam told Kendall the names and described some of his single friends from work. A few sounded interesting, but Kendall still didn't really want them. He'll probably just go out with one just so everyone would leave him alone.

"So, I'll be seein' ya'." Kendall leaned over to give Sam a hug.

"G'night Ken." Sam returned the hug.

As Sam neared the front door he could hear his children. He knew his husband must be having a hard time putting them to bed. Mike was a dead man when he next saw him.

Kendall watched Sam as he walked to the door. He thought their night went perfectly. The only thing that would've made it even better was if their night had ended with a kiss.